Thursday, August 18, 2011

counting down the days

Happy 24th birthday to my dear friend, Gary. It has been two years since his demise. I miss him dearly.


I have finally decided.

Next Monday I am going to report myself at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to undergo my one-year training as a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) under Ministry of Health. 

Quite psyched to work at HKL. It was after all, my second choice in my application. HKL is the largest hospital in Malaysia and receives the most number of patients than any other hospitals in Malaysia.

I have my work cut out for me, I know. HKL is not exactly the best place to undergo PRP training but with the numerous departments and clinical cases, undoubtedly I am sure I will learn lots of things there.

My biggest fear is that I do not seem to be well-prepared at all. Maybe I am still feeling a little traumatised from my previous training at Guardian, whereby the pharmacists there were really stern and constantly looked down on students. I hope the staff at HKL will be more forgiving and willing to teach us. People make mistakes, and perhaps myself more than others. 

My batch coursemates, Stephanie from Kuching and Carrie from Malacca will be joining me at HKL. Plus, my former Form 6 classmates who studied Pharmacy at IMU, Len Yi and Li Ling also received posting at HKL. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

crazy little thing called love

So I called KKM already...and they said I got HKL...ecstatic at the news but I am still waiting for the official letter =)

I have been watching Gossip Girl online, as well as Korean variety shows like 2PM show and We Got Married until I came across this little movie called, "Crazy Thing Called Love" or also known as "First Love". It is a Thai movie, actually, and I have been reading about these great reviews by bloggers online. Their phrase of "Everyone's love story", really got everyone liking it.

So, wondering about all the buzz about this Thai movie, I decided to give it a try. Google-ed it and I found a site hosting this movie in English subtitles. The subs are not that great but it did gave me a gist of the whole movie.

Normally, I would not go all-out and become fangirl over love movies because they can get cliche sometimes and we all know, they are not real (I am a pessimist, bite me). This movie may have a run-of-the-mill storyline but somehow it really got me captivated. 

It stars Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol as Nam, the main character who started out in this movie as a dark-skinned face, geeky and klutzy freshman. She harbors a secret crush on her senior, the charming sweet gentleman, Chone (played by this handsome actor, Mario Maurer). 

He likes photography a lot and is hardly ever seen without his camera

I have been seeing a lot of film cameras lately - Ben's and Mel's in Kenyir and my cousin, JJ's in Bangkok. I am so tempted to play around with one now.

He is just so handsome:)
The movie chronicles through every year of Nam's life as she remains secretly in love with Chone for 3 years. Her best friends, who are just as awkward-looking as she is, helps her to be pretty and to drop hints to Chone through the 9 Recipes for love book. 

Eventually Nam becomes from an ugly duckling to a lovely swan and yet Chone still did not make any moves on her. Instead, his best friend, Top, fell for Nam and pursues her. Nam felt bad as she didn't want to jeopardize Chone's friendship with Top but she cannot hide her feelings for Chone. 

This is my favourite scene from the movie. So beautiful right?
So, she finally breaks it up with Top. Top, upset, tells Chone to not pursue Nam. Now, alone, without her best buddies by her side, Nam studies hard to get first in her class so she can go to U.S. to see her dad. When she gets the courage to confess to Chone, she finds out that he is already seeing someone else and was leaving for Bangkok to train in elite football team.

After that, comes the surprising twist that is slightly hard to believe, in my opinion, but still I am touched by it.

I won't reveal it, you just have to watch the movie.

I think the fact that most will like this movie is because they feel they can relate to it. I know I can, back in my younger years, throughout primary school and a little in secondary school, I remember having this huge crush on a schoolmate for close to 5 years. And the funny thing was, I never even spoken to him before. But I remember just being really happy to see him in class everyday. Later on did I find out that he also felt the same way as I did through a friend of ours. However, regretfully, nothing ever happened between us. Maybe due to the bad decisions I made in my adolescent years. But hey, we all live and learn right?

I can go on and on, writing about this movie but I am so sleepy now. I swear, I am feeling so unhealthy since coming back from Bangkok. I need to rev myself up. I am starting work next month, need to get my brain cells active again after such a dormant lifestyle:)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

when the waiting gets tougher

I am now back from my Bangkok trip. Pattaya is bad but Bangkok was a blast! Simply a city I would want to go back again, minus all the traffic jam of course.

I am having the flu. Crap. I attribute it to my mom, who had it in Thailand. Advised her to see a doctor but refused to listen to me. Now, she generously gave me the germ. I feel like shit now, sore throat and runny nose. Hopefully things will be normal soon...

Anyway, I am here to share more depressing news. The placement for my posting is out. The letters have yet to arrive but apparently we can call KKM and ask them now. Fear got the better of me and I have yet to call and ask them. But I know, sooner or later I will have to know. And if they are going to send me to some faraway place, it's better to know soon so I can settle my accommodation, transport, etc.

I guess there are pros and cons to this. Pro is I don't have to go out searching for a job like some of fresh graduates friends do but the con is I have no control whatsoever on the place I want to work in. I mean, KL is after all, land of opportunities. It would be much easier for me to look for a job here but now I have to place my fate in the hands of KKM. 

I am going to call them tomorrow morning and fingers crossed that they will send me back to my hometown. But after looking at facebook on my friends' updates, I have my doubts. Please, let my prayers be answered. I not only prayed in Malaysia but in Taiwan and Bangkok too. Sounds kiasu hor.

Thought this post would look better with a picture so here is the latest pic of me. Taken on Sunday, the day after I came back from Bangkok. Seriously, you cannot imagine how much I have been eating in my travels =( TT__________TT

Dress: Sg Wang; Blazer: market; Leggings, shoes, bag: Bangkok;
Skinny belt: Times Square; Earrings, ring: Forever 21
 I don't know if you can see but I looked really tired in the pic, even had swollen eyes. After arriving at KLIA, my uncle whisked us away for a family dinner at Zui Mao (literally "Drunken Cat"). The very next day, I went out for lunch with my former roommates and housemate at "The Ship". On top of that, I was having cold. So yeah, I was pretty exhausted.

BB's bf, BB, Suzane, Ngiik Ling and me
My former roommate, Beng Beng, was in KL with her bf. We had lunch with Suzane (my other roommate) and Ngiik Ling (now Suzane's roommate) who are working in KL now. 

Sorry for the crappy pic. Iphone does no wonder at all in dark, dimly-lit setting. And no pics of food because I was horrendously late for lunch (like 1 hour late *paiseh*) but now The Ship is offering Ramadhan offer sets, around RM30.90++ per set, comes with soup, bread and drinks too!

Tomorrow is D-Day...keeping an open mind on the whole matter *zen*...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hello from bangkok


Right now I am at Bangkok, staying at relatives' house. My mother's cousin's family has been very gracious and hospitable to us. Tomorrow we are going to Pattaya and then it's time to go back to the real world, KL...

But for now just enjoying time here before starting prp soon:)



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