Sunday, January 22, 2012

one year ago #cny

As I was going through my CNY archives, I realized I did not blog about last year's CNY. Or did I? Surprisingly, since I thought I blogged about lots of things.

It has been some busy couple of weeks for me lately since I was stationed at Ward Supply, which supplies medicines to wards =.=! duh! HKL has about 32 wards and 28 medicine trolleys so it was total madness in the morning. Not to mentioned each PRP has to be in charge of dangerous drugs (DD) for 1 week. All the recordings and worries that they will not tally kept me in a stressful mood whole week. But that is all done for now because after CNY when I go back, I will be in a new station already. 

So before I want to start blogging about CNY2012, here are some recap of photos taken during CNY2011. My CNY week is usually pretty quiet since my hometown is in KL and my family members are not that many. I only visit my mom's side of the family. My late grandfather's siblings left are just his sister and his brother. Even that, my grand aunt's children are in Bangkok and they don't usually come back for CNY. So the only busy side is my late grandmother's siblings. 

my cousin's rabbit year inspired nails
Last year, on first day of CNY I did not know what to wear because out of all the things I bought, this was the only red item - the jacket. I know! How can I be so blur? #fail. My biggest splurges was this pair of black wedges and heart-shaped bag. My mom was very against me buying those shoes since she knew what I a klutz I am but I still bought them. #rebel.

CNY feast day one

Sunday, January 01, 2012

new year, new resolutions 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

This is my first post for the new year. I wondered how did everyone celebrated their NYE? Usually, I just prefer staying at home, away from the sweaty crowds. But this year, I received an invitation for dinner at a friend's house. It was so much fun chit-chatting with my Form 6 classmates all night. Will post up the pics soon!


Here is a short update on my activities in the last month of 2011. Not much actually, I think I have grown old in the sense that I prefer spending my free time relaxing in the comfort of my own home rather than facing the crowds at the shopping mall. I was really tempted to join in the rush for the year-end sales but when I think about the crowd, the queues, the parking, etc. Maybe I am just getting old.

Just sometime last week, all the PRPs and also new FRPs were asked to attend orientation course at HKL. It was a full day event, with short talks given about each department. It is really interesting, the introductions each FRP gave about their respective departments. My only wish is for their talks to be longer and also, I wished they had given us this orientation sooner, instead of giving us after 4 months of work.

Joanne, a PRP friend was "distracted" during the talks. She sketched this and had each sea creature represent us. I thought it was kinda cute and funny;)



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