Sunday, January 22, 2012

one year ago #cny

As I was going through my CNY archives, I realized I did not blog about last year's CNY. Or did I? Surprisingly, since I thought I blogged about lots of things.

It has been some busy couple of weeks for me lately since I was stationed at Ward Supply, which supplies medicines to wards =.=! duh! HKL has about 32 wards and 28 medicine trolleys so it was total madness in the morning. Not to mentioned each PRP has to be in charge of dangerous drugs (DD) for 1 week. All the recordings and worries that they will not tally kept me in a stressful mood whole week. But that is all done for now because after CNY when I go back, I will be in a new station already. 

So before I want to start blogging about CNY2012, here are some recap of photos taken during CNY2011. My CNY week is usually pretty quiet since my hometown is in KL and my family members are not that many. I only visit my mom's side of the family. My late grandfather's siblings left are just his sister and his brother. Even that, my grand aunt's children are in Bangkok and they don't usually come back for CNY. So the only busy side is my late grandmother's siblings. 

my cousin's rabbit year inspired nails
Last year, on first day of CNY I did not know what to wear because out of all the things I bought, this was the only red item - the jacket. I know! How can I be so blur? #fail. My biggest splurges was this pair of black wedges and heart-shaped bag. My mom was very against me buying those shoes since she knew what I a klutz I am but I still bought them. #rebel.

CNY feast day one

Cousins having fun with my iPhone
 I had an iPhone for 1 year already but it's not the same one. Yes, there were ups and downs in 2011. Someone stole my iPhone and I had to get a new one. Pains my heart when I thought about it. Hope that person burns in hell.

Me cousins all clad in red/pink

Siblings all clad in red/pink too!

outfit day 2 - floral dress: market; white jacket: times sq; bow headband: forever21 

playing around with leme leme app

CNY feast day 2

outfit day 3 - green blouse, denims shorts: market; vintage look bag: times sq
On day 3, had lunch with mom and aunt at Purple Cane Tea House. Awesome tasting food but this was my least favourite outfit of all wtf.

outfit day 4 - romper: market; blazer: online
This was one of my favourite outfits. I love this blazer so much since it kinda reminded me of gossip girl wtf. Got it from a preloved shop online and real cheap too. Only RM25 because the badge came out. But I actually like it better without the badge. 

Had the 7 dwarves came over to my house for CNY since it was my final year. Really nice of them considering that I live pretty far from setapak

too lazy to remember where I bought everything from wtf
This is one of my most favourite cardigans because it had little hearts print all over. Saw one selling in SEED few months back and I was like, I already wore it for CNY and now only you selling it? 

Finally, want to wish anyone who is reading this a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2012! Hope the Dragon year brings lots of wealth and blessings to all of us~~!! Have fun everyone!!!

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