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Happy New Year 2012!

This is my first post for the new year. I wondered how did everyone celebrated their NYE? Usually, I just prefer staying at home, away from the sweaty crowds. But this year, I received an invitation for dinner at a friend's house. It was so much fun chit-chatting with my Form 6 classmates all night. Will post up the pics soon!


Here is a short update on my activities in the last month of 2011. Not much actually, I think I have grown old in the sense that I prefer spending my free time relaxing in the comfort of my own home rather than facing the crowds at the shopping mall. I was really tempted to join in the rush for the year-end sales but when I think about the crowd, the queues, the parking, etc. Maybe I am just getting old.

Just sometime last week, all the PRPs and also new FRPs were asked to attend orientation course at HKL. It was a full day event, with short talks given about each department. It is really interesting, the introductions each FRP gave about their respective departments. My only wish is for their talks to be longer and also, I wished they had given us this orientation sooner, instead of giving us after 4 months of work.

Joanne, a PRP friend was "distracted" during the talks. She sketched this and had each sea creature represent us. I thought it was kinda cute and funny;)

This was a really old pic taken at Great Eastern Mall where Anna and I had lunch. I thought it was a really good idea to make this snowman from office waste. Kudos for going green.

Btw, HKL is also going green. Please bring your own recycle bag when you go to the pharmacy to collect your own medicine. Thank you:)

Actually, we had pizzas beforehand. But to celebrate our last day at Pharmacy Store, we decided to have awesome cakes @Alexis. I had Nutty Choc Meringue whilst Anna had Pavlova.

This was taken when my relatives from Bangkok came to KL to visit my grand aunt who just had a hip surgery. We had dinner at Esquire Kitchen, with all their favourite Chinese food.

Friday lunch is when we take the opportunity to go out and enjoy our long break (although most of the time, we are always rushing and late afterwards). On that particular Friday, we had lunch at Tony Roma's Pavilion to commemorate all of us passing our forensic exam...and our first try too!

Well, all of us in the pic except Ai Ling who already sat for it before us and Bernice who has yet to sit for one;)

Bijan Restaurant at Jalan Ceylon is one of the places my mom read about in the papers. After having an enjoyable dinner there, I would highly recommend everyone to try their delicious Malay cuisine. It is pricier for local dishes but the food was simply amazing. Sorry no pics of food because it was too dark inside that the pics came out really dark.

Went for another grand aunt's birthday recently. There were so much food. But half of the night I was really preoccupied with this - Ipad 2! It actually belongs to my aunt's boss but she sometimes take it home for work. My cousin and I spend our time loading our favourite Kpop singers videos on youtube lol.

Happy Winter Solstice! Tong yuen @ Tang yuan @ Glutinous balls Festival marked the last day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. I am really grateful to be spending that day with lots of wonderful home-cooked meals courtesy of my "chef" uncle. The tong yuen was especially delicious with gula melaka as filling. And to top it off, red wine as well:)

After that, we all had the chance to skype with my uncle who lives in Australia:)

How did everyone spend their Xmas this year? Usually I always travel around this time of the year but due to work commitments, I am unable to do it this time around. Instead I attended a small dinner function at my primary school friend - Stephanie's house. It was great meeting up with another old friend, Jessy, as well as meeting a bunch of other new friends. 

Yup, so that was how I spend my December of year two-oh-one-one:)

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