Thursday, December 08, 2011

can the truth really set me free? (december)

Can you believe it took me 1 week just to finish this post?


Yes, I am blogging finally.

Just completed my one month at the Pharmacy Store. Not too offend anyone but I felt like it is the place I learned the least from. 

Yesterday I had on-call at outpatient Pharmacy (on a Saturday T_________T). If possible, I don't ever want to do Saturday on-calls anymore. Omg, I have never seen so many patients ever since I started on-call. I was trying to help with filling (which I am awful at) and every time I tried to motivate myself to finish one pile of prescriptions, another pile will come and another and another. Finally I gave up and went to eat lunch. However, fortunately by evening, less people were coming already. Thank goodness.

After an exhausting day, I went to Sg Wang to have lunch with my extended family. The occasion? Relatives from Bangkok were in KL so we had a nice dinner at Esquire Kitchen. But that will be for another post.

Here are some pics from my phone:

#1: Xmas at Pavillion

Seriously, I think Pavilion has really outdone themselves with the Xmas decorations this time around. The place looks like a gorgeous Winter Wonderland. However, with the throngs of Xmas shoppers, it was tricky to get good shots of the decor without getting people inside the shots.

Hate my hunchback of notre dame pose in this pic, but it's the best I got. Must teach mom how to use iphone camera more often;)
If you have read my previous post, maybe you would have guessed which birthday present I went for ;P

#2: Dinner at Carmen's

Last Friday, there was an awful traffic jam at KL (as usual). So for dinner, Mom and I just went to Carmen's @ Wisma Lim Foo Yong, which is just opposite my mom's office. I have never been there before. Mom ordered the healthier choice of Salmon Teriyaki Japanese set. Myself instead opted for beef sirloin with potato wedges and steamed veggies. 

The beef actually looked raw when I cut into it but surprisingly when you taste it, it tasted really good. So I assumed they marinated the meat in something red? I know, I have 

#3: Outing at PavilionKL

On the first week of December, Suz M came down to KL for her training and of course, we took this opportunity to eat and shop. 

First destination of the day: Cafe Takahashi @ Tokyo Street for some Italian and Japanese fusion dishes. I must say, really like the pastas, especially mine:) Nice to meet up with Ngiik Ling and Huan Ching too:)

After lots of window shopping later (coz we are all so broke T.T), we dropped by Godiva to try their chocolate cake and also drink their hot chocolate since we were all such sweet tooth fanatics.

Lovely chocolate cake
Decorated box for RM5!!!
I didn't really buy much that day. Well, I did buy stuff just not as much as I normally would. Got myself 2 skirts, ring, box and beauty products.

Printed blouse: Mom's; mesh leggings and flats: flea market; colourblock bag: sg wang;
marilyn monroe earrings: jaya one; necklace: sg wang 
#4: Random

During breakfast one morning at HKL cafe/canteen, we sat at the outside balcony since it was cooler. The view was none other than my alma mater, UKM KKL. It feels weird that I am now working at the building right next to the place I studied 4 years in. #storyofmylife

A belated birthday present that came by post. It was from my buddy, did not expect it although he did tell me beforehand. Want to thank him for remembering and for the kind thoughts ^.^

So much has been happening this week. I am now in a new department, my 4th station - Ward Supply that is also known as inpatient pharmacy. The workload is a lot more here compared to my other stations and my stress level is through the roof. I try really hard to not make any mistakes but I just cannot escape from it.  Sometimes, I wonder if there is such a perfect person who exist in this world that makes zero mistakes and is 100% efficient and accurate in his/her job. But no matter what, I am determined to do just that! 



SimianD said...

Is that UKM or UUM?

Merry Christmas!

FIFIONA said...

I can see why you said that. Actually UUM is the building behind UKM. UKM is too "short" >.<

Merry Xmas to you too:) Hope you can forgive my grammar mistakes. It has been a while since I last wrote compositions:(



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