Sunday, September 18, 2011

second week of september

I am starting to get into the habit of blogging on a weekly basis now. Yay for me. Just feel like venting out anyway.

So another week in Pediatrics Outpatient. The best thing this week, was the fact that Li Ling came to joined me! Yay, at least I have someone I know around. I became sort of like a "teacher", telling her the ropes of how the department ran. Not that I am any more experienced. 

This week I also started to learn more about dispensing and counselling. The former, they don't really let me do much as it can be a bit tricky if you don't know how the medicine works. I only did it for one day when there were many patients. I had fun but I was also wary because I am afraid I missed some things or tell things wrongly to patients. 

As for counselling, I finally tried it last Friday. It was a Malay couple, with 2 young boys. The 3-year-old son was my target. I was supposed to teach the parents how to use the aerochamber for their son. I slipped up in the beginning, teaching them how to use the inhaler instead (stupid of me), before finally the pharmacist monitoring me corrected my mistake. And that was just the beginning of my disaster. When I tried to demonstrate placing the aerochamber onto the boy, he started bawling. He cried non-stop throughout the whole counselling. I panicked, unsure what to do next. Finally, the pharmacist had to take over for me. Sigh...T________T.


Anyway, back on a happier note. Have been micro-blogging more often on Twitter now. So this is just a summary of my Twitter updates lol. Mostly are snapshots of my latest outing with my former roommate, Suzane (her blog is RIP so no point linking wtf). She finally quit her MUNDANE job in a insurance company and venture back to her hometown of the hill below the wind (geddit?) for a better higher-paying job in a bank.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fangirl mode: I need a life:(

Finally I am awake enough to blog. Been feeling super tired this week but I felt good last Friday since I made less mistakes than usual, albeit I still do the most silliest things.

I have been using Twitter more often than ever now, all thanks to my current obsession with Damian McGinty from The Glee Project. I am hoping he will retweet me but my chances are slim since he has about 165,000++ followers and gawd knows how many mentions a day. But still, I won't give up. Lol, I am in such a fangirl mode right now. I would ask you to follow me on twitter but if you don't want to get spammed by my DM tweets...well, you know *shy*.

Nothing much happening right now. I am still in Pediatrics unit, had my first lunch call on Thursday, where I had to work all through lunch. Other than that day, I usually have lunch with the girls - all the new PRPs. I feel really thankful because here in HKL, I have 2 friends from UKM (my uni); my 2 old friends whom I studied Form 6 with and part of the BF family; and finally my new PRP friends from IMU. Not forgetting the PRPs who are about to finish soon - they are all really nice:) But I wished I can feel less awkward around strangers :(

Been spending lots of time on youtube watching videos on The Glee Project. Some of the videos they made were super awesome. Few of my favourites and those you MUST-SEE are: The Only Exception (Paramore cover), Damian's cover of Beyond the Sea, and Cameron's Blackbird. There are many more but these are the few I can remember off my head right now. 

So now my photo spam begins:

Saturday, September 03, 2011

light blue eyes and baritone voice

the bad food streak never stops...went to Kenny Rogers for lunch and their side dishes were so tasteless! Yesterday we ordered Pizza Hut delivery and for the first time ever, our delivery was late! Came like 40 mins later and our pizza was all cold, tasted horrible. Called them to complain since their policy was 30 mins delivery...I had to call twice before anyone listened. Ugh, hate bad customer service!!!


Something totally random to cheer myself up. Had a rough day at work yesterday. Kept making mistakes and I am just so upset with myself. Luckily, the people were nice but I wonder how long can their patience lasts. I wished I can be less "blur" and focus more on my work. But I tend to panic especially when they expect me to do the work really fast. My mind operates really slow. Just so upsetting...

Go youtube and watch 2PM's necktie dance for "I'm Your Man", their Japanese single. I think it is one of their best choreographies ever. I hope they make a Korean version of that song so they can perform at Korean music public shows. Seriously, love the mv :)

Taecyeon, Junho, Junsu, Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Chansung
Have a huge crush on Damian McGinty, Jr. as mentioned in my previous post. I have finally been catching up on some episodes of "The Glee Project" and the talents on that show are enormous. Seriously, I don't know how they can eliminate anyone. My favourites are definitely Cameron, Damian and Samuel. 

Damian's blue eyes are gorgeous and his voice is unique, the deep kind that I like. Probably because I have always had a soft spot for swingers music, like Micheal Buble and Frank Sinatra. Like his accent too although half the time I seriously have no clue what he is saying. And his humour. Cameron and him are besties. Google CDTV and you can find videos of them together.

Damian McGinty
Damian and Cameron, another huge talent:)
I absolutely love Super Junior's comeback of "Mr. Simple" and finally, after all this while, I have a favourite SuJu member. It's Lee Donghae! Although Eunhyuk came quite close, lol. I like his hair in this comeback and he can dance so well! Lol, I am being such a fangirl. Anyway, he got injured recently, poor thing. I was watching bromance videos between him and funny but cute;)

Lee Donghae
Some days I feel so lazy to blog. It seems like my thoughts are all in a mess and it is hard to convey them through words. Having to face difficulties at work and at home, I look to the web for inspirational words to keep me going. I don't want to quit but when things can really hard, I feel depressed. 

This is one of my favourite quotes, reminding myself (and maybe some friends out there) to not be "desperate" when it comes to relationships. I know, I talk like I am such an expert but I am not okay? ;)

My convocation is on 27th Sept 2011. Finally I am graduating =)

yours truly

Thursday, September 01, 2011

starting work and bad food

This week I start work.

Yes, work. A word I have been dreading. Some of my friends (who never work before, obviously) do not understand the reason I detest this word. Now they do. Lol.

But, everyone grows up. And eventually, we must enter the real world and start earning our own living.

I went to report to HKL on Tuesday and it was so so tiring running around from one department to another. Official documents, forms, cops and signatures.

I was assigned to the Pediatrics unit. The work is not much, but due to my lack of experience working in a hospital environment, I find myself struggling and making mistakes. Thankfully, the people have been great and cut me some slack since I am new but I really wished I can learn things faster and hopefully, not make any critical mistakes that can harm the patients.

Unfortunately, being in Peads also mean I have to walk quite the distance as the building is pretty isolated than the main block, where most of my PRP friends are. It is difficult during lunch hour as we only get an hour break and I find it hard to reach back Peads on time because I have to take 20 minutes to walk to and fro from Peads to the main block. This is a challenge that I must learn to adapt and work on during my 10 weeks attachment here.

I am learning lots of things, although I wish I had more work to do. I am a little worried because it is the 2nd week already and I have not yet started filling in my log book. But I have not been working with enough prescriptions to have anything to fill in. Sigh. How come working life has got to be this stressful as well? T________T

I am so so so so happy that we have this 3 days break in conjunction with the Raya and Merdeka holidays. How awesome is that? I wish every week we only have 2 working days. Lol. It feels so great to wake up late and not having to face the awful traffic jam awaiting for me. And then not having to wait around for work at OPD. And not having to walk under the hot sun for lunch. And not having to face another awful x 10 traffic jam when I drive back home. 

Although I complained so much, I am, in fact, really glad and thankful to get the hospital of my choice for training and to be able to stay in my home sweet home. Just wanted to voice out some stuff. I guess all those prayers I did in both Taiwan and Bangkok really paid. I am so going to pray at Bangkok again after my PRP ends. So I am superstitious. Lol.



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