Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fangirl mode: I need a life:(

Finally I am awake enough to blog. Been feeling super tired this week but I felt good last Friday since I made less mistakes than usual, albeit I still do the most silliest things.

I have been using Twitter more often than ever now, all thanks to my current obsession with Damian McGinty from The Glee Project. I am hoping he will retweet me but my chances are slim since he has about 165,000++ followers and gawd knows how many mentions a day. But still, I won't give up. Lol, I am in such a fangirl mode right now. I would ask you to follow me on twitter but if you don't want to get spammed by my DM tweets...well, you know *shy*.

Nothing much happening right now. I am still in Pediatrics unit, had my first lunch call on Thursday, where I had to work all through lunch. Other than that day, I usually have lunch with the girls - all the new PRPs. I feel really thankful because here in HKL, I have 2 friends from UKM (my uni); my 2 old friends whom I studied Form 6 with and part of the BF family; and finally my new PRP friends from IMU. Not forgetting the PRPs who are about to finish soon - they are all really nice:) But I wished I can feel less awkward around strangers :(

Been spending lots of time on youtube watching videos on The Glee Project. Some of the videos they made were super awesome. Few of my favourites and those you MUST-SEE are: The Only Exception (Paramore cover), Damian's cover of Beyond the Sea, and Cameron's Blackbird. There are many more but these are the few I can remember off my head right now. 

So now my photo spam begins:

My mom read about this review in the newspaper about this place. Seriously, the place win props for exterior design. From outside, it looks like a sprawling majestic castle. Cannot believe such design can exist in KL lol. Sorry no pics snapped because it was raining the first time I went there, and on the second time (which was Friday), my phone ran out of battery. Btw, they have free wifi too. I wished I have wifi, my ancient cable line is so freakin' annoying sometimes.

Okay, back to the topic. Since it is Lebanese cuisine, which my mom and I have never tried before, we thought we will go there for dinner after work. The first time was sometime during the puasa month, so there were hoards of people there. 

Hummus for appetizer
Sorry don't know what this is called but it's like bread
We had the dish containing mix of grilled meat - chicken and lamb
The pics were from the first time we went. The recent visit, however, we tried the Mandy Chicken with rice and Mandy lamb. And it tasted great! Especially the Mandy lamb that I had. Even the rice was super delish, and I am not even a fan of rice! The chicken, I think was a little too dried. Caution, the portion is pretty huge, IMO, if you get full easily like me (slow metabolism wtf), better to share.

#2: KL Bookfest

It was actually a spur of the moment when we decided to head on to the annual KL Bookfest @ KLCC. We wanted to buy just one book but turns out that book was sold out (since it was so cheap so sad wtf). To "compensate", we ended up buying lots of books lol. They were so cheap! But there were just too many people around and it was so tiring lugging around the basket full of books. The aisles were also pretty congested making it difficult to walk around, IMO. I don't know, maybe I was in a rotten mood that day since I had to missed my ritual afternoon nap to go there.

Super like my new books! Although I seriously don't know if I have the time to read them all.

Finally, to end this post with some random pics of new clothes that I finally wore. Seriously, my shopping needs to be controlled. I went on a shopping frenzy for new clothes for work, when I heard that we had to abide by a skirts-only-no-pants dress code. And the skirts had to be knee-length wtf. So I google-ed "how to wear midi skirts" and if you didn't know by now, midi and maxi skirts trend are kinda huge right now. There were so many inspiring looks by random people rockin' this trend. Honestly, if you can style it well, instead of looking like a frumpy aunty, you can actually look fashionable. It helps that I love vintage looks too. 
Blouse:random; Skirt:random; Sling bag: The Kooky Thing (online); Ring: bazaar
This is only one of numerous midi skirts I bought. Really like the pleats and coral colour. The handbags-printed tee was not actually on my list of workwear outfits to buy. But it was so super cute to resist!

Caged / cut-out asymmetrical blouse: Platinum Bangkok
I wore this to KL Bookfest. I was so sleepy actually I just grabbed the first thing I saw. Like this shirt for all the unique features but best of all, just cost me RM10 only!
Purple vintage flats: Taiwan
This pair of shoes are not the most comfortable things on earth but oh well I still like them wtf. Especially the colours. I am obsessed with the whole pastel palette colours thingy. 

Okay, gotta go work tomorrow but rejoicing the fact that Friday is a holiday! Times like this, I am super glad that Sabah & Sarawak became part of Malaysia on a different day than our Independence Day. If I remembered my history facts correctly (which was eons of years ago wtf), I think they were supposed to officially join on 31st August but something happened that made it get delayed, and thus they only joined on 16th September. Yeah, I know it's kind of vague but I am too lazy to get my facts right lol.

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