Thursday, September 01, 2011

starting work and bad food

This week I start work.

Yes, work. A word I have been dreading. Some of my friends (who never work before, obviously) do not understand the reason I detest this word. Now they do. Lol.

But, everyone grows up. And eventually, we must enter the real world and start earning our own living.

I went to report to HKL on Tuesday and it was so so tiring running around from one department to another. Official documents, forms, cops and signatures.

I was assigned to the Pediatrics unit. The work is not much, but due to my lack of experience working in a hospital environment, I find myself struggling and making mistakes. Thankfully, the people have been great and cut me some slack since I am new but I really wished I can learn things faster and hopefully, not make any critical mistakes that can harm the patients.

Unfortunately, being in Peads also mean I have to walk quite the distance as the building is pretty isolated than the main block, where most of my PRP friends are. It is difficult during lunch hour as we only get an hour break and I find it hard to reach back Peads on time because I have to take 20 minutes to walk to and fro from Peads to the main block. This is a challenge that I must learn to adapt and work on during my 10 weeks attachment here.

I am learning lots of things, although I wish I had more work to do. I am a little worried because it is the 2nd week already and I have not yet started filling in my log book. But I have not been working with enough prescriptions to have anything to fill in. Sigh. How come working life has got to be this stressful as well? T________T

I am so so so so happy that we have this 3 days break in conjunction with the Raya and Merdeka holidays. How awesome is that? I wish every week we only have 2 working days. Lol. It feels so great to wake up late and not having to face the awful traffic jam awaiting for me. And then not having to wait around for work at OPD. And not having to walk under the hot sun for lunch. And not having to face another awful x 10 traffic jam when I drive back home. 

Although I complained so much, I am, in fact, really glad and thankful to get the hospital of my choice for training and to be able to stay in my home sweet home. Just wanted to voice out some stuff. I guess all those prayers I did in both Taiwan and Bangkok really paid. I am so going to pray at Bangkok again after my PRP ends. So I am superstitious. Lol.

On my first day of break, my Mom and I had some cravings for lamb (must be those damn Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef series, gets everyone so hungry after watching them lol). After reading a review on them in the papers, we went to Athena's @ Pavilion KL. This is my 2nd time there actually, first time was lunch with my uni mates. The food was actually quite good when I went there the first time, so I had high expectations again.

Sadly, Athena's fail me this time. Not only the food was bad, the service was even horrible. Honestly, I think they have better service for the tourists / foreigners than us locals. The bill came out so expensive and it was so not worth it. So disappointed, not sure if I ever will go back there again. 

This was the only thing that was delicious. Green peas cream soup. 
My beef with black pepper sauce and mashed potatoes. 
The potatoes were delicious but I ordered my beef medium, and they gave me well-done, so I was quite annoyed as I had to chew precariously. It amazes me they can make simple mistakes when only less than half of the restaurant is occupied by patrons.

Mom's lamb shank
Initially, my mom ordered the pasta Aglio Olio but it was way too salty, and too much olive oil dressing. The pasta was supposed to be slightly oily but it was practically drenched with all the dressing. Wait, more like drowned. 

So, my mom complained and ordered the lamb shank dish instead. Actually, this dish was quite delicious but since we were both full from the previous entreés already, somehow we were no longer excited by it.

And the stupid waiter. Ugh. I asked him for an extra clean plate so I can share the lamb with my mother. Waited. Waited. Waited. Try to eat the lamb off my mom's plate. Had sauce dripped on me. Waited. Waited. Waited. Ate more of the lamb. Waited. Waited. Waited.

After giving up hope that the plate will ever reach me, I just ate the lamb, making a mess on the table. And then the stupid waiter came with the plate. By that time, I had already finish eating and didn't need the plate anymore. I could have been a nice customer and just returned the clean plate to him. But I was so annoyed with his inefficiency (despite so few patrons that day!), I tossed my dirty cutlery on the plate. 

Going back in time, last Saturday I met up with Suz M again for lunch. Too bad we did not get much time to hang out since she had to come late (she was working in the morning) and I had to leave early (because my Mom was giving me a ride). 

cupcakes dress: Girl About Town (online); cardi: jusco; bags and shoes: bangkok; rings: cotton on; bracelet: online 
Finally debuted my Cupcakes-printed dress. Despite the childishness, I find it extremely cute dress. I think I am hooked on quirky printed pieces now. 

We had lunch at Xian Ding Wei @ Sg Wang, one of my favourite hangouts with my uni mates. Food was horrible, despite it being acceptable back then. The meat was cold and full of fats. I feel like all I was eating was fats. Ugh. Ew. Horrible. Disappointed.

I have more stories of bad food. Will post them up next time. Time to sleep now. I have been in the habit of sleeping early ever since I start work.

Oh, one more thing. I. Have. A. Crush. On.....DAMIAN McGINTY, JR.!!!!!!!

Go Glee Project!!!!!

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