Saturday, July 30, 2011

the difference between a great love and the right love...

As the month of August is approaching, I am getting more and more nervous. Seriously, the waiting and the anticipation is more stressful than I thought.

It has been a wonderful 3 months holiday. Yes, although I realized I should have go look for a job in KL (the city of opportunities wtf), I instead devoted all my time into being a lazy bum. As relax as it sounds, I realized I have been wasting a lot of time. A lot.

So, here I am, wasting my life and time away by catching up on Gossip Girl Season 4 online. I can never get enough of my favourite Upper East Siders. Seriously, everyone is hooking up with every single person. The only two pairs that do not hook up are obviously Dan and Jenny (because they are related) and Chuck and Serena (well, not like he didn't try back in Season 1 but they are technically, step-siblings). Although does anyone else think that it's weird Serena and Dan wanted to hook up? I mean, although they are not blood-related, hello, their parents are married to one another? Admittedly, Season 4 is a little blah compared to its predecessors. But, the fashion is still as fantastic. What I will give for Blair and Serena's closets...:)

I have yet to finish catching up on all the episodes although I already watched the finale. Cannot wait for Season 5 which is supposed to begin in September. Seriously, I am addicted to the fashion and the drama of it all.

Staying on the topic of fashion, I am leaving for Bangkok tonight. I have been feeling a little down lately, because of my nervousness. It's good to get away and enjoy for one last time. But then again, now I am worried as to who will collect my letters for me when I am away. Sigh.

I still have some clothes still brand new and unworn yet. I seriously need to control myself. Anyway, feel like sharing some outfit posts of my new clothes:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

running from Fear

To organize my traveling posts more efficiently, I created a page of all my trips hoping that people might find it useful to plan their travel itineraries. It is under "Travel Chronicles".


I wanted to post something nice initially but I am just feeling nervous to actually type properly here.

The reason? UIA has already received their posting letter and for UKM, the letter will be due anytime in August.

There are still many documents to be sorted out but every time I looked at my file, I just get lots of butterflies in my stomach and feel sick.

I am so worried to death where they will send me. Whether I had made the right choices in my application. Where will I live? How will I go to work? Who am I going to live with? What if my housemates or roommates are rotten?

I realized this is a new chapter in my life now but I am just so afraid to face. So what do I do? I run from it. I keep procrastinating my documents in hope that I do not have to face it.

Feeling like hell right now and so stupid too. Of course, many people have to go through this. I just wish I have the courage to do so.

I have so many fears in life and I just wondered, how long more I am going to run away from them. It would be so much better for me to face those fears, I know, but can I?

I put this quote as my desktop background in hopes it will motivate me. But obviously...

You gain strength, confidence and courage 
By every experience in which you really
Stop to look Fear in the eye
Do the thing you think you cannot do

In happier news, I am keeping myself distracted by planning places to visit in Bangkok. Yes, I will be flying to Bangkok next week via Lufthansa. My first time on Lufthansa wtf. Actually, because it was on such short notice, the tickets to Bangkok via Air Asia became so damn expensive wtf. Even more expensive than my tickets to Taiwan. So, my aunt booked another airline instead, which was only slightly cheaper. I thought my mom will complain about how expensive the tickets were, but surprisingly she didn't say anything. Fortunately.

We will be staying with relatives there. I have not seen them in a decade, I think. My mom's and my aunt's cousin so yeah, distant relatives. Hopefully *crosses fingers* everything goes smoothly. We will also be going to Pattaya as well (sunblock checked...why do I keep visiting hot places? wtf). I am kinda excited as this is my second time to Bangkok and I am itching to do shopping. Not sure how much shopping I can do since my mom tells me I have been using too much money traveling this holidays and also, my mom is not exactly a big fan of my fashion adventures wtf.

But then again, after this trip, I will have to return to reality. My greatest nightmare. I hate you *** for not letting me have a say in my future workplace. This sucks.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

final post: random turkey

So, for my final and last post on Turkey, here are just photos taken throughout my journey there...

A pharmacy in Istanbul

Proton Wira under the tree

Sabah is really famous!

Circus-themed (?)

Interesting place to set up a stall

Ankara railway station

Turkish men in Turkish garments at Hilton Ankara

When he saw me about to snap picture of him, he stopped and posed lol

At the restaurant where we had our last meal in Turkey

part X: shopping in turkey

This is just going to be a photo spam post. As with any typical tour, the guide will bring you to places where you can buy Turkish specialty products. My mom and myself are not so interested when it comes to buying them as firstly, we lack the financial means (everything is either in USD or Euros) and secondly, we lack storage. We don't leave in a six-storey mansion ok. However, when you look on the bright side, you can actually get a slice of Turkish culture with the amazing sights and in some places, they actually show you the origin of them.

At the small shops along the alleyway in Ankara. I like all the lamps in different shapes and sizes.

These are called Baklava, a type of Turkish delight in a shop at Istanbul.

A place near Efes, where a jolly fat man promoted Turkish delights to us. He made me laughed a lot.

part IX: food in turkey

For all food-lovers, food-enthusiasts or just those who are curious what food the Turkish like to is pics galore of some interesting meals I had there. Although they are mostly situated on Asia, their style is very much European. First comes the appetizers - salad and soup (along with bread), followed by main course and lastly dessert.

Day 8 lunch, Ankara. Turkish pudding is a famous dessert here. Most of them are really sweet but this particular one is just captivating with the right amount of sweetness

Day 2 lunch, Istanbul. This is how a typical main course meal in Turkey is like. Rice, mash potatoes and chicken with gravy. Pork is not allowed as it is a Muslim country.

Day 2 lunch, Istanbul. The restaurant that we went to had these jars of colourful preserved pickles. This is one of my favourite photos.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

day VIII: ankara, the capital of old and new

Finally we arrived on Day 8, which is our last day in wonderful exotic Turkey. We arrived at Ankara, the capital of Turkey last night from Cappadocia. They let us stay at Hilton Ankara which is one of the best hotels I ever stayed. I was so sad to leave the hotel when morning arrived. 

Ankara, being the capital is also another sprawling metropolis, but less busier compared to Istanbul. People here still seem more carefree. Our first destination is to Anitkabir which means "memorial tomb" in Turkish, which is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder and first president of Republic of Turkey. 

We stumbled upon large number of schoolchildren on an excursion to Anitkabir. They are so cute and friendly. And stylish too lol.

Changing of the guards ceremony

day VII part 2: Goreme Valley, Cappadocia

Continuing from my previous post, we visited many heritage sites in Cappadocia. One of the famous places you have to visit is Goreme Open Air Museum, which is also on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1984. 

Goreme Village

This is an example of how the buildings in Goreme looks like

These are called frescoes, which are wall paintings usually found in churches. The whole area contains many churches or monasteries like these but most have been vandalized during the Islamic period.

My mom thinks they look scary haha

The Goreme town, some of these places are still inhabited by villagers

Truly an extraordinary sight to behold

day VII part 1: the breathtaking view from the top

On Day 7, we stayed at a town called Kappadokya. This town holds many historical importance as it still houses some of the preserved these cave-like buildings. I can't really describe it, just see the photos wtf.

Kaymakli Underground City. This man-made cave is by far the best I have seen out of all the caves I have been (trust me, China has endless number of caves). It is supposedly use to house many people during emergency times. They have rooms for cooking, meeting and even bedrooms!

One of the best experiences I ever had in life is in Kappadokya where I went on the hot air balloon for the first time ever! It was quite expensive to ride on one. When my mom finally agreed to let me go on one, I was ecstatic. But it meant waking up way before dawn.

It was really cold in the morning and there were so many hot air balloons ready to go up

Finally we were up too!

Looks like lollipops in the sky

Sunrise as we were looking down on the valley

The view was amazing

Our shadow...cute wtf

Tangerine in the sky lol

We flew for quite a distance and I enjoyed so much that I did not want to go down at all lol

With our pilot after we landed. They served us cakes and sparkling juice

The Turkish men handling the hot air balloon carried and threw (literally) myself and another lady in my tour onto the bags. Lol so much fun

And that was just the morning of Day 7.

day VI: cotton castle

Feel like finishing my Turkey travel posts. A long delay, I know, since I went there last December...

On Day 6 of our journey across Turkey, we went to a small town called Denizli. Here lies the famous attraction - Pamukkale, which means "Cotton Castle" in Turkish. It looks like snow, but actually they are calcium salt. There are also hot spring water where we soaked our feet.

This is my mom's favourite place in Turkey and really, the calcium cascades are a great view to behold. Reminds one of Swiss Alps, although it is not as freezing cold as that.

You can walk barefooted on the grounds

The flowing hot spring water

It can get very slippery at times

Besides Pamukkale, Denizli also has Hierapolis which is also known as the Holy City because it contains many ancient temples. The city are in ruins now but still a place worth visiting. I did take pictures of the place but not very nice :(

From Denizli, we then continue on to the famous town of Cappadocia or Kappadokya in Turkish. This is my favourite place. You will see why...



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