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kenyir lake story 1


I finally watched Transformers 3 yesterday....

Love all the action, and of course Shia...!!!

P.S. I skipped my Taiwan trip by blogging about this - will blog about it after =P


-day 1-

I went to Terengganu via Air Asia on June 15th. Since our flight was around 7am, I have to wake up before the crack of dawn and we all assembled at Phon's house for our transport to LCCT. The flight to Kuala Terengganu (KT) was quite short actually, around 40mins, which meant that I had no time to catch my 40 winks although I was really tired.

Upon arrival at Sultan Mahmood airport, I was pleasantly surprised by how well-looking and clean the airport is wtf. Btw, I was not the only one who had the same thoughts ok?

Since our houseboat would only be arriving in the afternoon, we asked our driver to drop us off for some brunch - some KT local food.

Our first meal in Terengganu
Which was some coloured rice, eaten together with curry fish, chicken, etc.

After that, we head on to the jetty awaiting the arrival of our houseboat. This boat was going to be our home for the next 4 days and 3 nights, taking us on a tour across Tasik Kenyir. We eat on the boat, sleep on the boat, talk on the boat, do "business" on the boat, yabba yabba you get it.

WL playing with LL's hat and sunglasses

Our lunch - we had plenty of fish in this trip
On the first day, we went to herbal park first to take a look at herbal plants grown there. I felt like pharmaconogsy class all over again with all the scientific names of plants. Argh, the nightmare. We also were given treats of trying their "tongkat ali" tea (for guys) and "kacip fatimah" (for girls). Anyway, the "tongkat ali" jokes among the guys started then and never ended lol.

After that, the boat took us to Soak waterfalls. We took a short hike and then started to dip ourselves in the cold water. And it was seriously very cold.

Soak waterfalls
Besides playing in the waterfalls, the guys also did some fishing. By fishing, I meant Wai Loon lol. But over time, some guys did get hooked on fishing. Whenever I think about fishing, I remember a funny incident between Phon and Phak Hoe, 2 amateurs when it came to fishing. One night, they decided to cast the fishing line like what Wai Loon did in the afternoon. Because it was in the dark, they saw their bait, a little fish, flew really far. Even further than the distance Wai Loon casted in the afternoon. And then they realized something - the fishing line never left the rod. Instead, they threw their bait flying across the lake unattached to the fishing rod. Lol. 

I am not so good at describing that funny moment. But trust me, I was ROFL when I heard that XD.

Fishing is a favourite pastime
-day 2-
The place where we docked for the night
There is not much to do when you are in the boat since you cannot move to many places. Most of the time, we hang out at the verandah sunbathing and looking out at the waters. Yes, it might sound boring for some but for me, it was a good time to just relax, especially since I was doing my training at Guardian then. It was so relaxing that you can just end up falling asleep under the sun and get roasted by the sun =)

yes, this is usually what we did whole day, so relaxing 
On the 2nd day, we went to another waterfalls - Lasir Waterfalls. This one took some hiking to do and the waters were a lot more fierce than previous one. If you did not hold on to the rocks properly, you can get swept away by the current.
Lasir waterfalls
the hanging bridge over the waterfalls
So that was the end of day 2. More pics are on Facebook =)

good night =)
This is how us girls slept. The boys slept in another room inside, blocked by the wood partition. It can get really cold at night and super hot in the afternoon because of the zinc roof. We have a generator that the crew will on when evening approaches. So we basically have no electricity during the day.

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