Thursday, June 30, 2011

a prelude to a sweet escapade

So, it is close to 1am now and I am supposed to wake up bright and early at 7am tomorrow because I need to settle my letters to Pharmacy Board at faculty tomorrow. Damn, all these government stuff are so cumbersome. What happened to the good old-fashioned way of looking for a job? Y'know, with resume, CV and interview, etc. And I am such a blur when it comes to regulations and formalities that I somehow feel that I might forget some important procedures along the way :(


I have been wanting to post about my Kenyir Lake trip on June 15th - 18th 2011 with my ex-Form 6 classmates. I am trying to hold back on the number of photos that I want to post in the blog here. I know I tend to post a lot of photos but I simply cannot resist it. Every photo, to me, tells a story and I just feel like sharing it.

I have been going through some of the Kenyir photos that have been published on Facebook by my friends and I just want to share some of my favourites that they took. I hope they are not big on the whole copyright thing. But hey, I did credit the photos to them lol. So, as a prelude to my Kenyir trip, here is the "summary" of it all, as seen from the eyes of my friends, the photographers themselves. 

taken via iPhone
On the last day of the trip, I came up with the idea of making a montage of all the people that went on the trip. I had some fun playing with the Leme Leme app on my iPhone and I like the whole vintage effect of pictures. The effect is called Fallen Angel, btw. But we are no angels, that is for sure.

L-R, top to bottom: Val, WL, LiLing, Len Yi, Pui Pui; Soo Ee, Kian Ti, Mel, Phak Hoe, Phon; Ben, Tsu Wern, and me =)

credit: Wai Loon
About half of the people who went brought along their trusty companions: their DSLRs or "bazookas" as Kian Ti calls them. I always want to have one but hesitate as I feel I don't have the photography skills that should accompany a fancy camera like that. Perhaps one day, when I feel that I am ready? Lol.

I believe this photo above was taken by Mel using Wai Loon's camera. Our hairs are in a mess as we just finish bathing. Water was quite scarce when it came to bath time. The guys were extremely gentlemen to let us  girls bathe first, rendering them to not have enough water to bathe on the first night.

credit: Mel
Taken on the last day at Batu Buruk Beach, Kuala Terengganu. I like the beach a lot actually (well, minus the hot sun). I like the sound of the waves, they tend to soothe me a lot. On this particular day, it was also windy so we decided to fly kite, literally. This was my favourite photo from Mel's collection.

credit: Phak Hoe
Phak Hoe was another one who also had iPhone and he told me many useful things during our transport ride from Pengkalan Gawi to Kuala Terengganu. Things about jailbreaking iPhone, restoring them, etc. I am such a technology illiterate person. After seeing Phak Hoe's jailbreak iPhone and all the apps that he had, I am so tempted to do it too. Should I? Hmmm...

credit: Benjamin Ong
Ben is the photographer who doesn't have Facebook so I took this photo from the BF Classmates blog. Yes, he is like the only person I know who doesn't have fb. He is also the first person I know who ever owns a DSLR. He would often bring it to school back in those Form 6 days. You can say, he is like the sifu when it comes to photography. I don't how but he managed to capture the sunlight glimmering at the crystal clear water of the lake. This was the view we wake up to every morning and the view we had whole day. It was indeed, a very relaxing trip as compared to the hustle-bustle of KL city life.

credit: Phon
credit: Phon 
I did not really take many group photos as Phon was always camera-ready. As in preparing the camera for group pics, not posing. The first one taken at aforementioned beach. Instead of a banner, we improvised by writing it on the sands depicting our annual cum graduation trip (since most of us are graduating this year). Second photo was taken at the verandah deck of our houseboat where we had fun playing Twister. I laughed like mad watching them play, especially the guys. They really take no hostages when it comes to playing.

credit: Soo Ee
Another flying kite photo, this time taken by Little Miss Soo Ee. I was too busy looking at the waves to actually fly the kite actually lol. Soo Ee took this using her camera phone, which proves that you don't really need a bulky camera to capture those special moments. 

Btw, this reminded me of a nice caption quoted by Mel about flying kites. I am not going to reveal it here, you will have to read her blog post to know. Ah, the words of a journalist~

credit: Val
Finally, Val and her photo, which was also taken using her mobile phone. Ben the explorer brought his trusty Kelantan/Terengganu map and compass. The 5 guys slash comedians decided to pose like they were finding directions. Having these 5 guys around meant endless laughter and jokes and plenty of nonsense. It is truly enjoyable when you have company like them:)

But of course, 5 people will not cut it. It is the company of these 12 people that have made this whole trip very enjoyable for me. Not being a rough and tough traveler, I have my doubts as to whether I can acclimatized to living on a houseboat and going on nature activities. But at the end of the day, I realized, with the right kind of friends and people, anything is indeed possible:)

*more pics and posts up soon*


Mel said...

Looking forward to more, Ms Tong :) And thanks for the compliments on the kite quote - I have to tell you the story of how I got it - next time, when we meet - I shall not burst my own bubble here ;)

How's your internship coming along?

lenyiphon said...

Nice post..Indeed brought back lots memories as i was reading it.. Hope we will have another trip some time later?

Just wondering, why ur personal photo is missing from the first photo???

All the best for posting result..Would wish u getting a place with good environment and nice people..Best is if we are posted to the same hospital..ngek ngek..=P

-Len yi-

FIFIONA said...

mel> yes, tell me when we do see each other. Hopefully you will not forget =P I just finished it this week, exhausting but I have learned a lot =)

len> Yes, let's make it an annual's missing because I didn't take any lol =P Yes, all the best to you would be so so so awesome if I get the same place as you or anyone that I know =)



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