Monday, June 06, 2011

sarawak part IV: the final compilation

So my "surat pelantikan" (offer letter for my service in the government) arrived during my absence in Taiwan...and boy, can it be any complicating? It gives me so much stress just going through it...@_@


So finally, my last post on my Sarawak trip. I know, I am behind in my posts but it's just so tiring to keep up. Lol. Btw, I am also getting sick of flying already. I cannot believe how much I have been flying in just this 1

Anyway, this is a combined post of my 3 days 2 nights at Kuching. Didn't take as many photos because I have been to half of these places before:)

-day 4-

Our boarding passes for our flights to Kuching from Sibu
At Kuching, we stayed with Clara's friend, a very friendly girl called Linda and also Linda's bf, Davidson. They were very kind to drive us around whenever they were free. But because both of them have job obligations, so the three of us took taxis to some places.

Our first meal in Kuching - kolo mee for breakfast
We decided to watch a movie at The Spring Shopping Mall - "Fast & Furious 5". Super awesome movie, comparable with the first of the F&F franchise.

We had dim sum for lunch
I was mesmerized by the vintage movie posters display at MBO cinema
Love all these kind of vintage stuff
After that, we went to Waterfront Kuching but we got lost trying to get to Fort Margherita on the other side of the river. Apparently, we took the wrong water taxi so we just dropped off the whole idea. Lol.

Having rojak by the waterfront
It was sunset when we took the water taxi across the river
Took back another water taxi to get back to the other side
Admiring the unique architecture of ADUN building
Sunset by the Waterfront
Which quickly turned to night with bright colourful lights
-day 6-

Day 5 was the day we visited Sarawak Cultural Village that I posted before previously *here*

On our last day in Sarawak, we didn't have much time before our flight back to KL so we just went to one attraction, i.e. the Cat Museum. Fortunately, it was Davidson's day off so he was able to drive us there and then send us to the airport after that:)

breakfast on day 5 - mee kampua and lots of side orders
In front of the hall where the museum is located
Yes, the cat museum is located inside the North Kuching City Hall and no, I didn't take any photos because apparently, I have to pay to use my camera inside. Not worth it, considering I have been there before the last time where I paid to use my camera then.

The girl in the pink shirt is Linda, our nice hostess in Kuching
Me at the airport awaiting for our flight back to KL
Map of city of Kuching
Yes, that ends my brief trip to Sarawak. Glad that it all turned out well. Now I am going to sleep because I am still very much exhausted from my trip to Taiwan (I just got home last night).

I realized now the consequences of going on too many trips. Suddenly it does not feel very exciting anymore to go to Kuala Terengganu and Kota Kinabalu. Maybe I just need some personal rest time right now. 

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