Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 1: last day to absorb the rest of macau

Of course, if one were to go to Macau, one cannot miss going to St. Paul's @ San Paulo Ruins. It is definitely a must-visit place. The only downside is that everyone also thinks this way. It was very difficult to take nice photos of the wall because there are just too many heads bobbling around blocking my angles. Yes, that happens commonly at well-known tourist attractions.

I must admit, this place kind of reminded me of A Famosa in Malacca. Haha, slight resemblance? But of course, this one is much nicer. All the sculptures and design on the wall are so intricate, so detailed, they all have a story behind them. But I don't know what the story is because the tour guide's Mandarin description is too complicated. =.= Lol. My Mandarin not that "powerful".

So many people there that day. The worst thing is you cannot stand very long in one spot because people will chase you away for blocking them. Haih...sad reality...

Walking through what remains of the earliest and biggest church in Macau. It survived two fires and all that still stands now is just the great wall.

Looking at it closer, I am quite in awe of the design. It strike to me that everything ancient always have a design that holds so many stories, unlike modern buildings.

There is basically nothing behind the St Paul's Ruins. A stone throw's away however, is an old Chinese temple. Ironic isn't it? Especially since the tour guide said that it was the Chinese who tried to burn down the Church (foreigners) way back when.

The streets nearby. I could not capture the angle well but actually this road is very very steep downwards. In fact, most of the roads in Macau are either downhill/uphill (depending on your direction). I find that very interesting ;)

The official languages here are either Chinese or Portugese. I actually like all the Portugese words here. Lol. Feels like one is in an European country or something...

After dinner, all of us decided to take a walk around Macau city (although we were all so so tired).

Macau city of lights (but all the lights mainly come from the Casinos)

There are so many casinos here (and also hotels!) You turn right, you see one. You turn left, there is another one which is even more grand than the previous.

But I have no interests in gambling so in the end, we decided to just go back to the hotel and get some rest.

Day 2 in Macau. An unfortunate thing happened because our tour guide was unable to get us tickets for the early morning ride to Hong Kong. So, we had quite ample time before our afternoon hovercraft ride. It was unfortunate to me, because that means our time in HK is now reduced and besides, there are not as much things to see in Macau than in HK.

With so much free time, we all went to Hotel/Casino nearby to watch two shows. No pics of the show since I took videos of them instead.

Last pic in Macau before heading to the Macau jetty terminal~

P.S. Btw, I don't know who is the sculpture because the description is all in Portugese.


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