Sunday, September 28, 2008

of japanese food and shopping and sungei wang

Pesta Tanglung held once again at UKM Bangi! Get your tickets for RM8 each! I went last year and was amazed by the creativity of the performances
Also, Happy Belated 21st Birthday to Stephanie!!!

On Tuesday, the blogger met up with who else, but the busy wooying herself, for lunch and a little shopping.

We had lunch at Sushi station due to our love for the Asian cuisine, particularly our fondness for the Japanese kind.

My third time having the buffet here. Oh, the joy of indulging ourselves in numerous sushi, unagi, barbeque meat, ice-cream, there are just not enough words to express how I feel.

Our steamboat cum barbeque platter

The wooying herself who like me, just cannot detach ourselves from these far eastern delicacies

As many sushi as I like! About RM30.80++, if I am not mistaken;)

Us barbequing chicken and beef meat, surrounded by a steamboat of other stuff

Too full, resting our stomachs before continuing again...lolz...we also burned the pot black...hahaha

Cam-whoring while effect, cool no?

Slow shutter effect of the miniature train bearing sushi

The blogger, in coloured flesh and non-coloured. Like the second one better;)

Lurve the nostalgic effect of this pic, wooying also cam-whoring herself

Our menu that allows us to select as many times as we want

After spending close to 3 hours there (and 3 types of ice-cream for the blogger), we did a little shopping. Well, mostly wooying coz I had done mine previously with Suz M. She bought bday presents for her Mom and her uni friend, along with stuff that I had already forgotten...(=.=!!)

I just grabbed some more earrings. What? I got more holes in my ears to accomodate my fetish for earrings mah. *sweat*

Decided to take this pic of my outfit, lolz, so narcissistic no? Sorry lor, new blouse and new the only pair of skinny pants that I have (and adore). Bag from Cambodia and coloured bangles from Sg wang. Forgive the face, it is a mess and the plastic bag containing my dinner (-.-)

On Saturday, went out with me Mom to get both my laptop and mp3 player fixed. Ya lar, so sad. But luckily the laptop had just some minor hardware problem so the guy fixed it there and then (yay now can watch my gossip girl!again!)

Had lunch at Teppanyaki @ Sg Wang. First time here although this place had been established for a while. Like my beef teppanyaki but me mom did not enjoy much her noodles.

One thing about a teppanyaki place is the fact that you will come out smelling like oil from head to toe...nope, not very attractive smell

Shopping at Parkson for some "neccessities" (*ahemlingerieahem*) which then came out with RM20 worth of vouchers...

...which just give us another excuse to shop some more!

At first, wanted to get a pair of denim shorts from Diesel but when I went upstairs to the cashier counter, these colourful sneakers from BUM EQUIP. caught my eyes!

So I grabbed them instead. Minus the vouchers, they only come up to RM19.90, not bad hor? And I absolutely lurve them!!!

Took those pics to show my clothes again, lolz, I dunno why but these days I am kinda obssessing over my stockings *sweat*

Update: This morning at flea market, bought a really cute knit layer dress, denim shorts (deja vu no?) and pair of beige-coloured pants for classes...

Feeling: Contendly happy but guilty...haih...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

travelling to four shopping malls in five hours (part II)

First look at my new pierced ears...the score is waiYin (6), fiona(5) and Suz C(4)...muahahaha...

So this is the second and concluding part to how the blogger spend last week.

Last Saturday, the blogger felt like a jetsetter. Except that, instead of flying around the world, she explored around Bukit Bintang and instead of sitting on an airplane, she err...walked. And instead of travelling to countries, she travelled to shopping malls! Ok, dunno where she came up with the lame analogy. Gawd, her English is the pits nowadays. Note to herself: Must read more books once hols come (fiction ones, of course).

So first stop is Times Square and from there the blogger and roomie walked to Sg Wang and then to Pavilion.

First time roommate Suz M explore Pavilion so she was so hype up about it. How about the blogger? She just wanted to go there to change the lousy VCD at Speedy. Ya lar, original VCD also so freakin' lousy.

First off, brunch at Carl's Jr. Suz M said it is her first time here, so she will not settle for the food court. Likewise, the blogger is bored of the food court already

Yours Truly - cannot really see in this pic but the blogger is wearing her new earrings...Lolz

This is how Carl's Jr looks like when fiona & suzane came...they were the first customers...(-.-!!)

The humongous cheese beef chilli fries (or something like that...*sweat*)

Roomie with her burger...blogger's other roommate went back to hometown on Thurs already

The burger is so absurdly huge that it is just not funny ok

The blogger with her burger...the blogger are just calling them burgers coz the blogger forgot their names already

Next mission: why the blogger came to Pavilion in the first place - Speedy store with the Simpsons

This really cool vintage skincare shop called Kiehl's

Pavilion all decked out for Raya

Roomie aka poser aka model and the blogger aka photographer

Next stop: Lot 10...up up the elevator

Not where they intended to go but this caught their attention at the toys section

Roomie showing off her new bag...(^^)...

Even the pic at the bottom is so freakin' cute!

"Look mummy we have barbeque in our house" so so freakin' cute!!!

Another stop: Sungei Wang...took a break from all the walking here

After that, the blogger and roomie went to Times Sq but no pics coz Suz M had to rush to the airport for her flight home

Another outing post next...blogger had lunch with the wooying!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

guilt is a five letter word

我不知道什么想 ... 我愿望生活可能是一批更简单的 ... 或许它是因为女孩太多想...

I feel...


I guess hols means a time of reflection for yours truly as well.

Yesterday I went through my friends' list on friendster to delete off some people that I do not know (yes I have lots of time and I am lame like that). As I went through some of these "friends" profiles, it occurred to me that these people used to be my classmates but I simply have no recollection of them at all.

Desiree sms-ed me yesterday. As some probably know, I lost my handphone back in February so anyone who did not keep in touch with me after that, I do not have your number. Sorry but don't blame me, blame the bloody thief. Anyways, she called me Chicken and I was wondering who in the world would call me that. Yes, Desiree and me sat together back in Form 2 and she is one of the funniest girls I have ever known. Chicken is the nickname she gave me because I used to call her Cow. Get it? Cow&Chicken, as in that stupid cartoon on Cartoon Network?

But back to the point, what I am trying to say is that all these years, I have never tried to keep in touch with anyone from my past, especially in SKTC (my primary school) and SMK Perimbun, where I studied for two years.

In fact, eventhough my time in Perimbun had been short, I had a blast there. Friends were plenty and I had never been more active than I had been during those two years. Prefect, choir, choral speaking and yet still juggling my studies. Crap, I do miss those times.

I know they say times change and people change too. I never kept in touch with them because I thought they probably moved on too. New friends, new places, new environment. I too, wonder if they even remember me. What with their new social circle of friends, will I still be able to fit in?

All these thoughts came in because she invited me to her 21st bday bash. Gosh, I have not seen these ex-classmates of mine for years. Do I really want to go?...

On another topic regarding friendster, I envy the juniors. Here they are, all so "tuan jie", taking lots of pics together and it made me reflect on my own relationships with my coursemates. Not that I hate them or I don't get along with them, it's just that I wish we could know each other a lot more, rather than always hanging out in gangs and groups and cliques.

And yet another thing I am guilty results for mid-sem exams suck. Not that I did not expect it to. I am proud to have 2As but the rest yeah, kinda extreme grades. Did not fail although almost did for Pharmaco. It is time for me to "fan sing" and bertaubat already. Must stop messing around.

But some things are easier said than done. Whoever said life is a bed of roses seriously gone freakin' whack in the head.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

how I spend my last week before break (part I): eat and shop only, like usual...lolz

There is a new guy in TV town and he is hawt!!! The main reason I am now watching "Lipstick Jungle";) *Sigh*

I give up on my assignments. This is how I planned my two weeks break: Eat, sleep and breathe everything about my studies but haih...I failed miserably. Now is already the 5th day into my hols and I cannot even complete reading anything. So what do I do? I blog. See see, I told you I failed miserably.

How was my last week in UKM just before the break? Nothing much going on actually but I don't even know how it passed by so quickly...

Monday: Watch "Money No Enough II" with Hanson at Times Square

Kesian, after cancelling on him twice, finally able to go watch movie with one of my best friends. First time I cancel coz went out with coursemates and juniors whilst second time had to pick up me Mom from Gleneagles.

Now that I am driving myself and a couple of friends to campus, I feel obliged to send them back home as well. Yup, I know. It is sort of inconvenient for me but on a bright note, at least I will go out shopping less often and save more money from my already depleting bank account.

So after sending the girls back to Setapak, met up with Hanson and then we took a bus (later monorail) to Times Square.

Sad thing was, I was sick that day. Came down with flu and sore throat because of weather+drink not enough water (people drink more water ok??).

Hanson got himself an ear infection and finally had the pus removed with a blade when he went to HKL. Poor thing...not really. Lolz. And, oh ya, he got new wheels...woohoo...

Kanye West-wannabe. Seriously, this pair of glasses was cool till you find them in almost any lala shops around

Before the movie I enjoyed myself with a nice warm cup of Vanilla Latte @ Starbucks. Took this pic bcoz I-am-not-a-rich-girl-and-very-rarely-spend-so-much-money-on-a-cup-of-coffee-at-Starbucks

Tuesday: No pics but I had dinner to commemorate my Grandbuddy, Eng Wee's belated birthday. Others present were 4th years Julie and Sam, as well as my buddy line of Cherh Yun and Chye Teck. Turns out Eng Wee's sister owns the Ice World place below Plaza Prima.

Wednesday: Dinner at Xiaodongfang / Little Eastern (again. lolz)

Fiona: Spaghetti & Hot Tea
Ah Wei: Claypot tofu and seafood with rice

Thursday: Dinner at Cannes Tea House

Fiona: Tom Yam Fried Rice & Kiwi drinks (rice is nice but drinks too sweet
Hanson: Pork chop rice & Honey Lemon

Friday: Shopping at Jusco Wangsa Maju with Ah Wei, AiLi, Janice and MeiChieng

After exhausting Pathology classes that ended at 4pm on our last day, we went shopping at Jusco. First time drove there (and probably last time too...lolz) coz we got lost and stuck in really non-moving jam in front of KTAR. Everyone was pretty sleepy actually because of a long day. But no girl will ever object to shopping!

The two look-alikes goofing with hats in Jusco departmental store

Doughnuts @ Big Apple

You know what was the sad thing? Everything seemed to go wrong that day. We were so hungry but there was nowhere to go to eat because everywhere was reserved. So sad ok? Literally, everywhere was reserved. No places to sit at all. So we got ourselves some doughnuts to reduce our pangs of hunger, then continue shopping again. Only when it was close to 8.30, we indulge ourselves in McD's.

Ya lah, another sad thing was the fact that my handphone ran out of battery. My fault lor, I thought we would go back to Setapak first before going Jusco but turned out didn't have enough time so I did not charge my handphone, which explains the lack of pics here. Did not bring my camera and hp no battery. All photos courtesy of Ah Wei's hp.

So I spend RM1.50 to try out this new device on charging handphones. Cool huh?

LMAO. I luv this pic. So cuteee;) The other two "more mature" ones did not want to join in

The Kapit girl who thinks she looks like a porcupine...wth?

Ah Nis look so sleepy...lolz...and so do

All Pinks here, and no, did not buy anything here...not that girly ok?
Very cute building model

Cool huh? They have eiffel tower, buckingham palace, leaning tower of pisa, white house and taj mahal

Actually the reason we came Jusco is because we wanted to do piercings again. After seeing my second piercings, MeiChieng and AiLi decided they wanted to do as well. So MC and I did one each whilst AiLi finally pierce both her ears for the first time (Revolusi Sabah. ROFL)

AiLi was superb wei. She was so afraid at first but once the girl pierce the first ear, she just threw both Janice's and Ah Wei's hands away...Not pain also, she said. Walauwoeh, that girl memang geng.

Ah Wei emerged as the shopping queen of the day, buying handbag for her sis, shirt for bro, two pairs of shoes, earrings and dunno what else...lolz

I only bought earrings. Hehe. No money lar. I need money people!!!



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