Wednesday, September 24, 2008

how I spend my last week before break (part I): eat and shop only, like usual...lolz

There is a new guy in TV town and he is hawt!!! The main reason I am now watching "Lipstick Jungle";) *Sigh*

I give up on my assignments. This is how I planned my two weeks break: Eat, sleep and breathe everything about my studies but haih...I failed miserably. Now is already the 5th day into my hols and I cannot even complete reading anything. So what do I do? I blog. See see, I told you I failed miserably.

How was my last week in UKM just before the break? Nothing much going on actually but I don't even know how it passed by so quickly...

Monday: Watch "Money No Enough II" with Hanson at Times Square

Kesian, after cancelling on him twice, finally able to go watch movie with one of my best friends. First time I cancel coz went out with coursemates and juniors whilst second time had to pick up me Mom from Gleneagles.

Now that I am driving myself and a couple of friends to campus, I feel obliged to send them back home as well. Yup, I know. It is sort of inconvenient for me but on a bright note, at least I will go out shopping less often and save more money from my already depleting bank account.

So after sending the girls back to Setapak, met up with Hanson and then we took a bus (later monorail) to Times Square.

Sad thing was, I was sick that day. Came down with flu and sore throat because of weather+drink not enough water (people drink more water ok??).

Hanson got himself an ear infection and finally had the pus removed with a blade when he went to HKL. Poor thing...not really. Lolz. And, oh ya, he got new wheels...woohoo...

Kanye West-wannabe. Seriously, this pair of glasses was cool till you find them in almost any lala shops around

Before the movie I enjoyed myself with a nice warm cup of Vanilla Latte @ Starbucks. Took this pic bcoz I-am-not-a-rich-girl-and-very-rarely-spend-so-much-money-on-a-cup-of-coffee-at-Starbucks

Tuesday: No pics but I had dinner to commemorate my Grandbuddy, Eng Wee's belated birthday. Others present were 4th years Julie and Sam, as well as my buddy line of Cherh Yun and Chye Teck. Turns out Eng Wee's sister owns the Ice World place below Plaza Prima.

Wednesday: Dinner at Xiaodongfang / Little Eastern (again. lolz)

Fiona: Spaghetti & Hot Tea
Ah Wei: Claypot tofu and seafood with rice

Thursday: Dinner at Cannes Tea House

Fiona: Tom Yam Fried Rice & Kiwi drinks (rice is nice but drinks too sweet
Hanson: Pork chop rice & Honey Lemon

Friday: Shopping at Jusco Wangsa Maju with Ah Wei, AiLi, Janice and MeiChieng

After exhausting Pathology classes that ended at 4pm on our last day, we went shopping at Jusco. First time drove there (and probably last time too...lolz) coz we got lost and stuck in really non-moving jam in front of KTAR. Everyone was pretty sleepy actually because of a long day. But no girl will ever object to shopping!

The two look-alikes goofing with hats in Jusco departmental store

Doughnuts @ Big Apple

You know what was the sad thing? Everything seemed to go wrong that day. We were so hungry but there was nowhere to go to eat because everywhere was reserved. So sad ok? Literally, everywhere was reserved. No places to sit at all. So we got ourselves some doughnuts to reduce our pangs of hunger, then continue shopping again. Only when it was close to 8.30, we indulge ourselves in McD's.

Ya lah, another sad thing was the fact that my handphone ran out of battery. My fault lor, I thought we would go back to Setapak first before going Jusco but turned out didn't have enough time so I did not charge my handphone, which explains the lack of pics here. Did not bring my camera and hp no battery. All photos courtesy of Ah Wei's hp.

So I spend RM1.50 to try out this new device on charging handphones. Cool huh?

LMAO. I luv this pic. So cuteee;) The other two "more mature" ones did not want to join in

The Kapit girl who thinks she looks like a porcupine...wth?

Ah Nis look so sleepy...lolz...and so do

All Pinks here, and no, did not buy anything here...not that girly ok?
Very cute building model

Cool huh? They have eiffel tower, buckingham palace, leaning tower of pisa, white house and taj mahal

Actually the reason we came Jusco is because we wanted to do piercings again. After seeing my second piercings, MeiChieng and AiLi decided they wanted to do as well. So MC and I did one each whilst AiLi finally pierce both her ears for the first time (Revolusi Sabah. ROFL)

AiLi was superb wei. She was so afraid at first but once the girl pierce the first ear, she just threw both Janice's and Ah Wei's hands away...Not pain also, she said. Walauwoeh, that girl memang geng.

Ah Wei emerged as the shopping queen of the day, buying handbag for her sis, shirt for bro, two pairs of shoes, earrings and dunno what else...lolz

I only bought earrings. Hehe. No money lar. I need money people!!!



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chu chun got a new car! he looks super lala with the kayne west specs

FIFIONA said...

yup his new car is proton saga new version, tak habis2 wanna show off...he mmg lala mah...lolz



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