Sunday, September 28, 2008

of japanese food and shopping and sungei wang

Pesta Tanglung held once again at UKM Bangi! Get your tickets for RM8 each! I went last year and was amazed by the creativity of the performances
Also, Happy Belated 21st Birthday to Stephanie!!!

On Tuesday, the blogger met up with who else, but the busy wooying herself, for lunch and a little shopping.

We had lunch at Sushi station due to our love for the Asian cuisine, particularly our fondness for the Japanese kind.

My third time having the buffet here. Oh, the joy of indulging ourselves in numerous sushi, unagi, barbeque meat, ice-cream, there are just not enough words to express how I feel.

Our steamboat cum barbeque platter

The wooying herself who like me, just cannot detach ourselves from these far eastern delicacies

As many sushi as I like! About RM30.80++, if I am not mistaken;)

Us barbequing chicken and beef meat, surrounded by a steamboat of other stuff

Too full, resting our stomachs before continuing again...lolz...we also burned the pot black...hahaha

Cam-whoring while effect, cool no?

Slow shutter effect of the miniature train bearing sushi

The blogger, in coloured flesh and non-coloured. Like the second one better;)

Lurve the nostalgic effect of this pic, wooying also cam-whoring herself

Our menu that allows us to select as many times as we want

After spending close to 3 hours there (and 3 types of ice-cream for the blogger), we did a little shopping. Well, mostly wooying coz I had done mine previously with Suz M. She bought bday presents for her Mom and her uni friend, along with stuff that I had already forgotten...(=.=!!)

I just grabbed some more earrings. What? I got more holes in my ears to accomodate my fetish for earrings mah. *sweat*

Decided to take this pic of my outfit, lolz, so narcissistic no? Sorry lor, new blouse and new the only pair of skinny pants that I have (and adore). Bag from Cambodia and coloured bangles from Sg wang. Forgive the face, it is a mess and the plastic bag containing my dinner (-.-)

On Saturday, went out with me Mom to get both my laptop and mp3 player fixed. Ya lar, so sad. But luckily the laptop had just some minor hardware problem so the guy fixed it there and then (yay now can watch my gossip girl!again!)

Had lunch at Teppanyaki @ Sg Wang. First time here although this place had been established for a while. Like my beef teppanyaki but me mom did not enjoy much her noodles.

One thing about a teppanyaki place is the fact that you will come out smelling like oil from head to toe...nope, not very attractive smell

Shopping at Parkson for some "neccessities" (*ahemlingerieahem*) which then came out with RM20 worth of vouchers...

...which just give us another excuse to shop some more!

At first, wanted to get a pair of denim shorts from Diesel but when I went upstairs to the cashier counter, these colourful sneakers from BUM EQUIP. caught my eyes!

So I grabbed them instead. Minus the vouchers, they only come up to RM19.90, not bad hor? And I absolutely lurve them!!!

Took those pics to show my clothes again, lolz, I dunno why but these days I am kinda obssessing over my stockings *sweat*

Update: This morning at flea market, bought a really cute knit layer dress, denim shorts (deja vu no?) and pair of beige-coloured pants for classes...

Feeling: Contendly happy but guilty...haih...

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