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blissful day @ jusco wangsa maju

I don't read the newspapers when I am Setapak but from what I read on, the Ahmad situation does seem ridiculous. People can be so immature sometimes. And I quote again, "There is no hope for this country."

"You know it doesn't matter where you go, sometimes it is the company that
Wednesday was a rare day when us second-years had no class. Yes, very rare. The only class on that day, Immunology, had been brought forward so finally for once, I don't have to wake up so early. Sorry but I am not a morning person, no matter what time I sleep at night.

As usual, a well-planned day of studying and revision is disrupted when I fell into the temptations of shopping. My roommate, the-not-always-so-busy-one, Suz M finished class at noon so we decided to go to what I believed to be the nearest shopping mall at Setapak, Jusco Wangsa Maju.

Roomie and I both loved to shop, but we are also sadly broke, so have to hit bargain shops and reasonable prices shop lor. Sad hor?

First off, we were famished by the time we reached Jusco so before any shopping could be carried out, lunch is a necessity.

Had lunch at Nando's since Suz M had never tried it before. She says KK doesn't have one. Really? Or is she just a little tad ignorant?

Camwhoring before lunch arrives

My roommate wearing her new Body Glove T-shirt

This spot was reserved but we likey the interior inside so we snucked in and took some pics

Hehe. I likey the mural:)

Our lunch that arrived soon afterwards and the Mango smoothie that we both shared

Suz M is a whiz when it comes to using knife and fork. I should have taken a shot of her plate after eating. It was spotless. Literally.

Lunch candid shot #1

Lunch candid shot #2 - I likey myself better now that my braces are gone

"Not so brave" - she could not eat spicy food so she ordered the "Lemon and Herb" flavour

"Gets you in the mood" - I am not that bad when it comes to spicy food, took the "Hot Peri-peri" flavour

Lunch was great except the fact that it was too much. We should have shared the set and ordered separate drinks coz the smoothie was yummylicious!!!

After that, it was on with the shopping!!! (and cam-whoring around)

Go Green people! Recycle! A miniature KLCC made from recycled items

Mid-Autumm Festival is dawning upon us (tomorrow)

Whoever said that there is nothing much to see in Jusco obviously never shopped with me and Suz M. We entered almost every shop in Jusco, from the supermarket to the swimsuit to card shops and gawd knows how many. It came to a point I thought the soles of my shoes were going to wear out any moment.

Finally, we took a short break to enjoy some shake at McD's. (stupid shake gave me stomachache much later)

Before this, she was known as the "Vacuum", now lemme present the "Blender".

Paparazzi shot. Lolz wtf

Ta-daaaa!!! I had some new piercings, 4 to be exact

LOLZ, no lah, was just having some fun playing with some cute magnetic earrings that we just purchased

I looked like I am going to steal this negligee-lingerie-vintage purse wth. It costs RM129 btw if anyone is interested

I told Suz M that the 3 little pigs reminded me of us - myself, BB and Suz M. I wanna be the cute one in the middle. ROFL

Anyway, remember the piercings camwhoring pics in McD's? It was totally a spur of the moment but Suz M and myself decided to pierced our ears. So random and unexpected but I guessed that was for the best. No over-thinking. No analysing. No hesitations. Just do it.

This is me, shortly after piercing my ears...again. I pierced my ears for the second time. Last time I did it when I was 12. Now I am 21. Lolz...

Closer look at my double-pierced earlobe.

Actually, I have been wanting to do it for a very long time. Just never found the time and guts to do it. I am such a wuss when it comes to pain. But after doing it, I felt so happy, like getting over a fear. It was sort of a revolutionary thing for me, I guess. Looks like I am not as clean-cut as some people thought I was (or not). But I liked to be like that, unpredictable. Not be stereotyped by others.

Before piercing - the very much freaked out Suz M

Here is my accomplice who braved herself to finally pierced her ears for the first time. I am glad I convinced her to do it. At least with two people, it is not such a scary situation.

Her new piercing. Don't let the face fooled you. She was very much in pain even a few hours after piercing. But she is damn happy lor now. Wants to borrow my earrings somemore.

Exhausted, we finally had dinner at Secret Recipe. But since we were still stuffed from lunch, decided to share instead. And also because our wallets was getting dangerously light and empty already.

Yummy yummy hot chocolate. Sweeeettt;)

Just spaghetti but tasted great;p
Dinner with a very fatigue blogger

Dinner candid shot #1

Dinner candid shot #2 - the slutty Suz M

Dinner candid shot #3 - the shot that tak jadi coz the food was missing

Dinner candid shot #4 - another tak jadi shot, no need to explain why, faham-faham lor

Dinner candid shot #5 - like, finally!

And now here are all my blissful (and guilty) buys, oh and plus Suz M's too.

I am such a freakin' shopaholic.

Bling-bling sandals at 50% off

Suz M's silver flats

Suz M's super super comfortable sandals. Macam bantal only the base. Super nicceee lor:)

Musical cute cute bag

Hearts cute cute watch

Roald Dahl, one of my fave authors since young. I actually read this book before, ages ago in my secondary school library but super like it so bought it anyways. Only RM26 mah.

Miscellanous hair accessories and earrings

Still stoked at how much shopping I done that day and also my new piercings! But so sad ok coz of all the money I spend. No more shopping anymore.

I hope.

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