Friday, June 11, 2010

vivir para comer

Today I stayed at home instead of going to work because I have a really bad sore throat. I guess eating so much spicy food has really caught up to me.

I actually should be writing my report but I really feel like blogging more so when the inspiration comes, there is no stopping it.

Last weekend, my Mom brought me to have lunch at La Bodega @ Pavilion.

FYI, Suzane & Beng2, if the name sounded familiar, that’s because we went to La Bodega 2 years ago at Bangsar Telawi. At that time, we just randomly walked in there for lunch and didn’t think much of it when we left afterwards.

My mom is not the type that go for any kind of Spanish or Italian type of food but so happens her colleague brought her to this same restaurant a few days ago that she wanted me to try it too.

01 At the entrance to the restaurant. Lots of "mat salleh" there.


The menu. I honestly didn’t know what to choose from their menu. It was so confusing but luckily my mom ordered everything for me, with a little memory jog help from the waiter.

03 My mom absolutely loves salad. I am serious. Everywhere she goes, she wants to try their salad. This is their Cæsar salad : “crisp romaine lettuce tossed in classic cæsar dressing with toasted croutons and beef bacon bits. the cæsar dressing contains anchovies.” The smoked salmon is added for extra charge.


Spaghetti Frutti de mare:with seafood in garlic, chilli and olive oil.” My mom is not crazy about tomato-based pasta. But the olive oil is really good. This pasta was so delicious;)


La Bodega is well-known for their tapas. They are sort of like appetizers, served with bread. We ordered Champiñones al ajillo : “button mushrooms sautéed with olive oil and garlic”. Very creamy and good.


And finally, Chuletas de cordero a la parrilla : “grilled lamb cutlets gratinated with garlic mayonnaise”. Seriously good this one. The meat was so tender and finely grilled.

Anyway, it is pretty expensive for students like me. Not sure if my friends are willing to fork out so much money but the food is good, must go there again next time:)


Pavilion decorated with so much fun and colour, reminded me of a circus. Love the myriad of colours here.


For dinner, we had it at my uncle’s house where he whipped out a delicious dinner of grilled dory fish with creamy cheese dressing (the dressing is not in the pic). Served with vegetables, fruit salad and curly fries. Also had mashed potato but it was a bit too watery. All homemade. Looks good no? I think my uncle and his wife can open up a restaurant.

02 03

Another happy thing that happened that day is I finally bought a dress from Forever21~~!!! It has been on my wishlist since, forever. My mom totally disapprove of me buying such a pricey dress but I really want it. The rose prints are so pretty and the cutting is superb. I really am so so so happy I bought it:)

Finally, to end this accidentally Spanish-inspired post, this is the music video to Lady Gaga’s latest song, “Alejandro”.

I don’t listen much to English songs nowadays as my friends know I am quite inclined to the whole kpop scene more. But one got to admit, Lady Gaga’s songs are real gems. I know many haters will say things about her crazy appearance and looks but I have got to respect her for trying to be original and breaking from all those “pretty” stereotypes out there. Her videos and songs are always fresh and interesting too, I am never bored of it.

However, WARNING: this music video is NOT for my “innocent” friends out there. As one can expect from Lady Gaga herself, many scenes of clantily-clad Lady Gaga dancing with even more skimpily dressed guys.


Suzane Mah said...

ya i knw i knw..i still keep d matches hahaha la bodega...

FIFIONA said...

ya when my mom said the name, i tot it sounded familiar...

cLaRa said...

i wan i wan i wan to eat~!! treat me la~~ sexy pink leopard lady!

FIFIONA said...

u wan means i gt money meh? u chia me la, u kan bank accounts byk...apa pink? its purple lar...u colourblind ke? kekekekeke~~



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