Sunday, June 13, 2010

love love love, everybody clap clap clap


I am loving the song “Love” from CN Blue with their ever charismatic leader Yonghwa. Last night I stayed up watching episodes of “We Got Married”. The Adam / Back Hug Couple Jo Kwon + Ga-In as well as YongSeo Couple Yonghwa + Seohyun. Jo Kwon is getting more and more hamsap ever since Ga-In gave him a Chocolate Kiss on his cheek. Kekekekeke….skinship overload lor. As for YongSeo couple, they are still so awkward to watch. But the episode when Seohyun visited the CN Blue boys is really hilarious. The boys are so cute and funny – Minhyuk, Jonghyun and Jungshin:)

But enough about my ramblings on Korean variety shows. I am happy I changed my layout…again~! I actually have been contemplating to change it for a while now but is just so lazy to do it. It is not easy job perusing all the layouts, tweaking it, modifying it, etc. But if you have noticed recently, Blogger has been having a new application – New Template Designer. Makes it so much easier to change my layout.

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I am not really the girly type of girl but I have chosen red roses as my background image. No, it’s not that I chose it because it is romantic or something but because it is kind of rock and gothic. You know, some rock album covers always have that red roses imagery and I think that’s cool. It can be beautiful, yet haunting and mysterious at the same time.

I kept the red + black colour. I really wanted to change it but…there are no other colour combination that I am really crazy about. However, I am still deciding if I should change my page background to black…or white? I mean, I love the red, it is unique since most of my friends’ blogs’ backgrounds are either black or white. But is it time for a change?

Anyway, besides changing the whole layout, I am also updating my blogroll. Are there any more new blogs out there to stalk? I wished more of my friends can start blogging. It will be nice to know more about them and to get their insights on things.

Well, that’s all my ramblings. I have to finish up on my LI report. Just one more week to go until the end of my LI. I think it will be kind of bittersweet. Good thing is, I don’t have to wake up so early and work so hard every day for 8 hours 5 days a week. But on the other hand, once my LI ends is when my research project starts. I still have so many patients to look for so I cannot afford to waste any more time resting at home. Sometimes I get discouraged doing this questionnaire. I wonder after all the work I put into it, will my data be able to give me the results I want? Honestly, sometimes, it is just so stressful thinking about it but I know my other coursemates are worrying about the same thing as well. I am glad Prof. Bahar said that even if I don’t achieve my sample size, it will be okay, just need to achieve at least 70% due to time limitations. But I don’t want to be questioned later and people thinking I am lazy. Haih…that’s my life;)

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