Saturday, March 15, 2008

i hate...

...when people ask me not to speak English when conversing with my Chinese friends. WTH? I like lah! What is your problem? Kononnya, Chinese must speak Chinese. Ya lah, just because your English not that good, so you think whoever can speak fluent English is a show-off. Ceh, I don't give shit about that ok? I can speak good English and I will speak English whenever I want and to whoever I like! I don't understand why people like this want to cari pasal with me. Just because I look so goody-two-shoes does not mean I am all sugar and spice ok? I have a temper as well. People just don't get that.

...I also hate people comparing me to someone else. "Why you cannot be more like her?" Hell, if I want to be EXACTLY like her, I will go and spend thousands on plastic surgery and then ask her to be my tutor on 101 classes on "how to be like ______". I am ME and SHE is SHE. You can either accept me for who I am or just freakin' get out of my face. Darn, why people can be so dumb sometimes? You have a brain, USE it before you open your damn mouth!

...and I really do not like people repeating things over and over again! Ok, I know you are sad. Your stuff got lost, your friends do something bad. You want to talk to me about it, that is fine. I will listen, just don't keep telling me the SAME DAMN THING EVERYDAY!!! I have a life, ok? And my life is not listening to your complains and your moanings. If you want your life to suck, that is fine, just don't pull me into your shit ok?

...Shit, I am so in a freakin' bad mood today.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

it's about time [edited]

So in case one doesn't know, BN won only by a minor majority, losing Penang, Perak, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor to the opposition (correct me if I have the wrong info)'s about time, I tell you!

People want a CHANGE and they got it.

Now let us see how the opposition will run these states, i.e. if they will practice what they preached.

...and let us see what the govt will do to win back these states in the next general election.

Note: I am not interested in politics at all, just in the hype and excitement of receiving these shocking results!!!

Since M'sia is experiencing a change, so am I!!!

Yup, I have my haircut bangs now...and you know what? I did not even ask for it...

All I told the hairstylist was that I wanted a shorter length and a shorter fringe...

...and VOILA!

*addition* new haircut!

Taken in my hostel's a bit dark because my lamp is busted and I kept forgetting to report it

A clearer pic of my haircut with the asymmetrical bangs:)

Friday, March 07, 2008

enchanting RX night


Why I was not able to attend Li Ling's 21st Birthday gathering?

Yup...I had to attend my Pharmacy (RX) Night at Crown Princess Hotel...

Everyone...and I really meant EVERYONE connected to Pharmacy UKM were invited. Not only from all first-years to fourth-years but also all Pharmacy lecturers. Heck, our VIP is none other than the Dean of our Faculty of Allied Health Sciences herself.

Now is when the words become lesser...and more pics appear...haha

Yours Truly at the entrance to the hall

I just wore a simple LBD matched with MNG bolero and wedges. No makeup this time around (except lip gloss) but I did straighten my hair with a straightening hair iron. But it is not obvious, tho'.

The boys in their best behaviour....

...and in their worst behaviour!

Janice and I got bored, so we took a walk around the hotel area. And guess who we saw?

Amin, our Pharmacy 1st Year Class Rep!

A funny guy but we cannot resist striking a serious pose with him!

We also saw a Chinese restaurant and took pics with...

Ebson and Walter! This kinda reminds me of a Chinese wedding...LOL

Then, we decided to take some pics at the hotel's pool area...

Moi trying not to fall in the slippery area

Mei Chieng

" Tah jie" Jia Yin

With the gang

The childish of the bunch - Moi, Wei Wei and Janice

As we walked back to the hall, we saw even more of our coursemates taking pics at the foyer outside the hall so we all just crashed in!

Our table...It is the one nearest to the salad buffet table!!! Haha:D

Lucky No.30!!!

Anyway, Pharmacy students of every year must do a performance or presentation on Pharmacy Night. So, wanting to escape from Hari Interaksi Farmasi, we volunteered ourselves for the choir performance that night. Second-years and third-years did multimedia presentation whilst the fourth-years did a drama...

We sang "Melodi" by Rynn Lin Yu Zhong & Sheila Majid as well as "My Love" by Westlife:)

Needless to say, due to lack of practice and many last-minute changes as well absentees, our performance was pretty messy with some of us not even following to the music...hehe...oh well, it was still fun tho'.

Aun Ni

Wei Ping and Wai Kuan

Vannessa, Fidelia and Huey Pin

Ok, I bet you are wondering how was the food right? So here I am presenting our table covered in all the glory of buffet food...

We had lamb, curry chicken, meehoon, pudding, cake, soup, "sotong", "kuih", etc.

We took a freakin' lot of food ok? Starving after our performance, we just grabbed and grabbed food...*sigh*...we are so Malaysian...taking freakin' lot than we can handle...

Jebarius, Wai Kuan, and Hamidi. The boys put in blonde hair extensions ok? Damn cool:)

Physical Pharmacy lab partners - Tze Im and Shasha

Stephanie and Lie Jin

Zhi Yun

Xin Wei, Suet Yin and Nani

The girl in pink is Yan Ying, who was in charge of our choir performance. Kudos for all her hard work!

Hock Peng

Kah Hang

Wei Han

My roommate, Raymelta

My great grandbuddy - Lan Ying
And then we finally called it a night at around 11.30 pm...

Took pic at the entrance to Crown Princess but cannot really see the sign tho'

And I end this post a group pic with Prof Thomas!!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

of random thoughts and lil ing's bday

I had just finish my ZT individual assignment paper and my public speaking speech. Honestly, I loathe all ZT subjects and I basically see English as an unnecessary subject that forces me to take the earliest bus to my fac every Friday morning.

But surprisingly, through these two assignments, I have gained much insight. My ZT paper is about the attidudes and thinkings of HAPPINESS whilst my public speaking speech is "Can Men and Women be Friends?"

Needless to say, I gained more understanding about being happy and cross-sex friendship now:)

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me something that I had already known all this while. Makes me wonder, is it the environment of being in a uni life and staying hostel makes people more vulnerable to one another? Or is it we all, deep inside, desperately needs the emotional rewards that we all craved so much?

Be going off to Setapak tonight to look at some prospective apartments for next sem with my future housemates and then later eating dinner with Wai Yin! I missed Li Ling's birthday last week so Happy Turning 21 ONG LI LING!!!!



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