Saturday, July 10, 2010

delicious old town

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Wow, I have not been updating my blog for almost a month now. In my defense, there is really nothing exciting written in my books right now. I have three weeks break after my LI before classes start. During this three weeks, I spend most of my time in HUKM, trying to collect sample data for my research project.

On the first weekend, Mom and I went to Mid Valley to catch the movie, “SEX AND THE CITY II” and afterwards we had lunch at DELICIOUS.

On the 2nd weekend, besides having dinner with extended family members, I went to a primary school reunion at OLD TOWN LEISURE MALL.

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Date: June 27th 2010 (Len Yi’s 23rd Bday~!)

Venue: Delicious Mid Valley

The movie is not actually bad. Well, the story is not much to boast about but I love the sense of humor and of course, the sense of style in the movie. Samantha is so funny with her dirty jokes. Maybe the movie will relate better to married women, I think. After the movie, we had lunch at Delicious. This is my 2nd time there.


Mom had the Eastern dish – Green Curry Chicken


I had the Western alternative – Beef Lasagna (I love love love it~~~~!!!!)


Dessert was Peppermint Cupcake

Date: July 4th 2010 (Soo Ee’s 22nd Bday~~!!!)

Venue: Old Town Leisure Mall

Event: SKTC 10 years’ reunion

Yes, it has been 10 years since I last saw any of my primary school classmates. I graduated from Sekolah Kebangsaaan Taman Cuepacs (SKTC) in 1999. A few of these friends I still meet, though not as often. So when I heard an old friend, Jagdeesh is back from Kursk for her summer holidays, I decided to go to the reunion to meet her as well as some of our oldest friends. Thank you to Stephanie who planned this reunion. It is definitely not easy trying to get hold of people you have not met in years. But before that, here are some photos of the past, back in the good ol’ days of SKTC. Thanks again to Stephanie who uploaded them on facebook. Back then I didn’t have a camera so I don’t really have many photos of my school days…anyway, try to see if you can spot me in these vintage photos:)


Standard 3 Tulip. Hehe, I was in the first class:)


My friends and I took pic with our Standard 4 Selasih class teacher


My Standard 5 Selasih class. Gosh, Gary looks so small in this pic. He was always one of the smallest size boys. He is the one sitting on the extreme right. I hope you are at peace wherever you are, my friend. I miss you~


Standard 5 Prefects. Yes, I was a prefect for 3 years.

And now we shall flash forward to present day - 2010~~~!!! ----------------->


The 10 of us who made it to our little reunion;)


The girls – Alice, Me, Xiu Ching (her nickname was Kucing in school), Stephanie, Zurina and Jagdeesh~


The boys – Calvin (his father was KFC boss…lol), Daniel (Mr. MAS pilot), Kar Wei and Ihsan (another medic student)~

c Jagdeesh, my primary school best friend. I have known her since Standard 1. She is now studying Medicine at Kursk Medical University at Russia.


Stephanie the organiser. Also one of my oldest friends. The funny thing about her and me is that she is now close friends and coursemates with Suzanne Cheng, who is also one of my good friends and classmate in Form 6 at VI. They are both majoring in Biology at UKM. Gosh, what a small world~~

j Sweet sweet Alice. I went to her graduation dinner last year at her home. She is now working.

l The Science majors


I like this candid shot taken by Steph

*all photos courtesy of my camera, Stephanie’s camera and Xiu Ching’s camera* (for more pics, there is always the well-known site called “Facebook”)

I am so glad I went. I almost didn’t. I had fun talking and chatting about the good ol’ times. Hopefully, there will be another reunion like this in the near future. It would be funny to see how we all turned out.


cLaRa said...

wah... girls really chg a lot.. haha.. i shud hv my reunion as well.. but owes couldn't find a suitable time.. :(

yS said...

so clara sia, who is the ugliest? :p

FIFIONA said...

girls change? as in change for better? kekeke...esp me right?? hehehehe, they all could not recognize me....yalor, reunions very hard to plan if u r not around in kapit...

cLaRa said...

yS, her frens all leng lui d.. ask her to introduce u 1 la.. haha..
fiona, u r so nerd when u was a kid.. haha

FIFIONA said...

dun wan intro to ys...i dun wanna betray my frens...kekeke...ya lor last time mmg still a bit bit nerd la....:)



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