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pattaya 2011: days 5 and 6

I purposely skipped Day 4 in Bangkok because it was shopping day. Will blog about it later as there were not many pics.

On Day 5 and 6, we made a short excursion to Pattaya, which was a 2 hours journey by van. My aunt hooked us up with a local travel tour because her friend works there. But we just stayed one night there.

Anyway, Pattaya is nothing much to shout about. It will be a good place for beach lovers I guess but I am not much of a beach person. The weather in Pattaya was so unbelievably hot that although the photos turned out great, it made it harder to walk and tour Pattaya.

One of my favourite places is definitely Nongnooch Garden because of the beautiful sculptured plants and bushes. Being here reminded me of those vast gardens in beautiful mansions, like those one imagined when reading classic books and stuff.

34/1 Moo 7 Na Jomtien, 
Sattahip, Chonburi 20250,

Near the entrance
Going with my mom and aunt

Watching the elephant show
and its masterpiece

This is one of the most breathtaking sceneries ever
Miniature version of Stonehenge
My favourite series of photos
The Pattaya trip was quite frustrating from the start because of the heat dampening our moods and us having trouble communicating with our guide. I saw the picture of the stonehenge garden from the brochure and I really wanted to go there but the guide did not seem to understand so we walked a great distance to find it. Btw, there is actually a shuttle ride to this place.

Despite all that, I was so satisfied because we finally found the place and it is simply amazing looking down at the bird eye's view from the upper floors of the pavilion.

Obscene T-shirts, a norm here since the sex industry is pretty rampant
Alcazar show
At night, we were brought to watch "ladyboy" show, which is a musical dance show featuring Thailand's own transvestities. In all honesty, they really look like women, I think the only difference is they cannot masked their voices.

Alcazar is not as popular as Tiffany's show but it is quite entertaining. Towards the end, I got a little bored of all the dancing but the show was packed with many spectators.

After the show, you can take pics with them but beware they charged you 20baht for this service
***DAY 6***

Today would be the day we depart from Pattaya to Bangkok. There is nothing much we did today. Mom and I took a walk along Pattaya roads overlooking the sea. There is a Ripley's Believe it of Not Museum in one of the malls we came across. However, since it was too early, it was not open.

The view from our hotel
Along the journey from Pattaya to Bangkok, our guide brought us to Sriracha Tiger Zoo, kind of like a safari as they have all kinds of animals, not just tigers.

I did not take many photos because I absent-mindedly left my camera charger at Bangkok. But since animals were not really my kind of thing, this place is quite okay.

Nong Kham, Si Racha, 
Chon Buri 20110, Thailand

Besides watching the famous tiger show, there are also elephant shows, crocodile shows and even pig racing that was quite funny. For a small fee, you can feed tiger cubs with milk bottles (so cute!). There is also a mini zoo so the place is quite big.

After arriving at Bangkok, I was so dead tired I slept and only woke up for dinner with our host family.

Since it was our last dinner at Bangkok, they treated us to a scrumptious dinner at Novotel Bangkok.

One of my favourite sinful dishes - peking crispy duck skin wrap
A group photo to end the night!

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