Sunday, August 26, 2012

when you get what you want but not what you need

If you recognize the title of my post, it is actually part of the lyrics for Coldplay's song, "Fix You". Not really such a fan of Coldplay but the more I hear this song, the more I am in love with it. Especially the lyrics. Secondhand Serenade did a cover of this song and I preferred that version more probably because not such a fan of falsetto high-pitch voices like Chris Martin (no offense, just my humble comment). 

Procrastinating doing my presentation slides for next week. So not motivated to do my presentation. I really feel like I dug my own grave deciding to go through with it. I seriously do not enjoy this case, how now (brown cow)...

So right now I am again tempted by all the distractions around me, like reading my fiction books (got a haul from KL Bookfest, btw). I have a guilty confession to make - yes, I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now. Oh my, to someone like me, that book is a real eye-opening. I don't think I need to explain further. Just google the books and maybe you can get to read some few explicit excerpts from the book. 

But underneath all those explicit scenes, the main story is about a poor little troubled rich guy who falls for the naive and innocent girl, and he loves her so much he is willing to change his ways and fight his inner demons. Sounds just like the recipe we always see in dramas and movies. That is why girls sometimes fall for the bad boy, because they want to change his ways, they want to be the reason that made the guys change for the better. 

In my opinion, the guys will never change. At least, I have not witnessed any. They will be the same and the girl will just end up with a broken heart. Fact and fiction cannot mix :)

But I guess this is the reason that Fifty Shades is such a good read. I imagined the character Christian Grey as Robert Pattison, probably because of all the Twilight influence lol.

This is all excellent distractions from the fact that I will be receiving my placement letter anytime soon. Yes, I will soon be a fully-registered pharmacist now that I completed my housemanship. The problem is, again the government will control my future by deciding where they would like to dump me. I just need to have an open mind and be ready for the news. Crossing my fingers and praying real hard though.

hanging out with len yi today, just for fun

from a coffee shop in bangkok
took photo of this because Anastasia Steele (from Fifty Shades) likes drinking them
I was the only one among my friends who got the joke
I think I only did no.2
Hot Green Tea Latte and my said book, much of what kept me occupied during my Bangkok trip
Btw, I love traveling but absolutely abhor long-distance flights. What the hell am I going to do for 13 hours in a cramped up seat? The last time I was in a long-hours flight, I watched 3 of the Twilight trilogies movie. Let's hope that they have good movie services in the planes, else I would die of boredom :(

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