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Hong Kong July 2013 Itinerary: Second Day

Day 2 starts with a HK-style breakkie - Dim Sum!

But before that I want to give thumbs-up to this awesome hotel we stayed at HK - Cityview Hotel. Not only were the rooms spacious for Hong Kong style, but it was super near a MTR station. One would think distance doesn't matter but after walking for one whole day, we were never happier that the hotel is so near. Also, great when during rainy season especially in summer.

So, back again to our breakfast. We didn't think HK people would be up so early for dim sum so we arrived quite late and almost all the dim sum finished.

A meh dim sum breakfast. Probably because there were really not much options left.

Lin Heung Tea House - it took us a long time hunting this place down.

There is something about these small green stalls that I find quaint and nostalgic.

Next, we decided to go visit some shopping malls. First up is Times Square at Causeway Bay.

Nothing much to shop here but when we left, we noticed a Monsters Inc. exhibition outside the mall.

Tee-hee. Love how Yi Won colour-coordinated with the character.

Self-potrait tee: Hua Hin, Bangkok; Houndstooth skirt: Bangkok; Wedge shoes: Adidas; Red bag: Longchamp
A chance to show off my #ootd. Lols. Since I just came back from Bangkok then, I brought mostly newly-bought clothes from Bangkok. 

 #3: Eating authentic Hong Kong street food

Yes, how can I miss the opportunity to try Hong Kong's famous street food? We tried a few - siu mai, french fries, some round round waffle-like thingy (sorry!), cheong fun and of course my favourite has to be curry fish balls! Every time I see a stall selling one, I just cannot resist buying it. It is so spicy, unlike those back home in KL.

#5: Mongkok

Visiting Mongkok is also on my list as I didn't get to visit it the last time. 

We walked around Mongkok shopping mostly for cosmetics and beauty care products. There were some clothing shops too. And sports shoes street. 

The unfortunate thing was there were just too many people that made it hard to shop comfortably without being pushed around. Sigh.

#6: Watching Symphony of Lights Show

This was a definite must-have on my list. I was grateful to Li Ling for agreeing to go despite the fact she has watched the 5 minutes show before. 

The Symphony of Lights Show starts at 8pm and can be watched from vantage points at either side of the harbour - Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade along Avenue Of Stars and Golden Bauhinia Square / Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at Wan Chai. We chose the former.

Nearby is the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour to take the Star Ferry. This was on my to-do list too but we didn't take it because our hotel was nearer to Tsim Sha Tsui.

The famous Clock Tower at Tsim Sha Tsui.

The show started at 8pm but so sad, it started raining so the photos taken were really blurry and cloudy. The lights show were still obvious but not captured well :(

Langham 1881 Heritage Mall. It houses high-end brands but has a pretty architecture. It used to be a former police station.

-End Of Day 2-

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