Sunday, May 23, 2010

say cheese! random snaps…

Due to the demise of my beloved mp3 player of 3 years, I am forced to use my Nokia handphone as an alternative to fulfill my music cravings. Unfortunately, with only a capacity of 512 MB, I have to constantly delete files in my hp to accommodate all the latest kpop releases. During one of these times, I came across tonnes of pics that I realized I had wanted to blog about but totally forgot.

So here are all these forgotten pics but reeks of good memories of times in UKM. A good closing to the end of my 3rd year here:


Myself, Ai Li and Wei Wei cam-whoring with this huge mirror at TIBE. The huge mirror is actually a dressing table during one of those times they were selling all these wood handcrafted furniture at TIBE. Gawd only knows why they are selling furniture at UKM, but it happens every year so they must be making profit or something.


Sometime before CNY, seven dwarves went to buy meat slices at Jalan Imbi. We walked to the shops from Times Sq and on the way, we saw this dobby called YS (kekekeke...). Now we know our coursemate actually owns a laundry shop at Jalan Imbi. FYI, YS is abbreviation of our friend’s name that he uses so very often.

the month of may – holidays and outings (part I)

so many new kpop songs making a comeback…do check out 4minute, MBLAQ and CN Blue’s latest releases…

American Idol finale coming up…both are my favourites – Crystal and Lee but my bet’s on Lee, just because he reminded me so much of my most favourite idol, David Cook;)


01 This is a very very belated post.

This Mother’s Day, I treated my Mom to lunch at DELICIOUS @ Mid Valley after hearing so many good reviews from my peers. This is my first time here too, yes I was a “Delicious” virgin (that sounded a bit wrong…lol~!). But I must say, I really like the place and the food. Definitely one of those place I have got to go back there again.


My mom and I having our own Mother’s day celebration. Good thing with a family of two I only need to forked out my own cash on two occasions – Mother’s Day and Mom’s birthday. I don’t like buying things as my mom has very specific tastes in material stuff and besides, she can afford to buy anything she desires since she is the one bringing home the bacon (and cooks it too!).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

just a quickie

Sigh, I don’t know why I always feel so tired every day after coming back from my LI attachment. Honestly, I must be really unhealthy nowadays to get lethargic and fatigue so quickly. And it’s not like I even do a lot of work also. I need to feel refreshed soon. Haih…

I actually wanted to post about my Mother’s Day lunch but that post will have to be delayed as I don’t have the mood to edit the pics yet. Yes, hence this picture-less post… We had lunch at Delicious @ Mid Valley and the food really tasted great. Since it was also Mother’s Day, a waitress came over and took pic of both of us, print out the photo and put into a picture frame for us. She also gave my mom some mango-flavored marshmallows as a present. Lol. So cute.

After that, we went to catch a movie. My mom wanted to watch it ever since she read good reviews about this small local movie in the newspaper. It is a really simple movie, not really the type of movie I usually go for, but it is really touching and so sweet. So highly recommended, very good movie, especially for a local production. If you don’t know much about the movie, you can read the synopsis *here*.

So, the reason I wrote the post here is about my LI attachment. I am working at a small factory called “Natural Wellness Industries” at Midah, Cheras for 6 weeks. Good thing is, it is quite nearby. No more going to the city. It takes about 15mins by car for me to go to work, provided there is no traffic jam. Natural Wellness does not manufacture drugs, only OTC products.

ice kacang puppy love

ice kacang puppy love

Over Mother’s Day weekend, I went to watch “Ice Kacang Puppy Love”.

Synopsis of the movie (*spoilers alert***do not read if you are planning to watch the movie***:

It tells about a group of young children growing up in Ipoh and mostly revolves around an old kopitiam where the neighbourhood gets together. The main character is a boy called Botak {A-Niu}, the youngest son of the kopitiam owner. Since young, he had always like a girl called Fighting Fish @ Da Jia Yu {Angelica Lee}. DJY and her mom, Yue Fang, ran away from Yue Fang’s abusive husband, DJY’s father. Because DJY was taken away forcefully, she blames her mother for making her father-less. So, DJY would always constantly bicker with her mother.

Friday, May 07, 2010

euro, pepper, manhattan, shutter and iron…

Today was the last time I go to HUKM for my thesis work before starting my industrial training next week. But I am quite disappointed since I only had few patients this week, lesser than last week. I am more upset at XXX than at the patients.

HUKM pharmacists khen pen bu pang shu sen. Jiao ta pang wo screen prescription, kan you mei you diabetic yao, heng jian tan de se, ke se ta men lan duo. Luong tao wo missed heng duo patients. Wo heng xiang sa kwa, zhang zhe den patients. Jin tian wo heng shen zi, ming ming jiu se diabetic patients, ta bu keng wo jiang. Xin hau wo zhe zi kan, na ke prescription. Wei she me ta men jiang bu pang wo men? Wo mei you jiao ta pang wo interview, just keng wo jiang jiu ke yi. 150 patients le~~~ wo zheng de heng stress, pang wo xiao she ke bu ke yi? Heng tao yeng ta men jin tian. Pharmacy jiang sau patients, hai se jiang lan duo.

I had to write in mandarin pinyin what happened today because I don’t want to get into any trouble. All I am saying is that, from now onwards, I won’t depend on others so much, and no need to care so much about the others. Just do my work, regardless of others. At the end of the day, it is MY thesis, not theirs. It is not their responsibilities, but MINE.


On a lighter note, here are some delayed pics. Sometimes I take pics of so many things that I don’t even remember taking…


On Earth Hour day, my cousin Deric and aunt Wendy belanja (crap, what is the English word for belanja already? My English is getting worse) the family for dinner at Eurodeli, this European-style restaurant at Ampang, right behind Old Town. My first time here, like to try new places. We all had the buffet option since it gave us more varieties of food.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

when you are now officially over your third year in pharmacy…

boo-hoo. i realized so some of my friends are graduating this year. and no, that does not include me. sad, but true. however, i am already done with 75% of my journey, one more year. i wondered how will that time be (?).

thank you for my 3rd year in ukm. first time being part of organizing committee not only for “tung fang zhi ye” (sorry if my pinyin is wrong) and also “night of the venenum”, the only two dinner parties i ever go to every year. also, most memorable this year is the start of our thesis year. really appreciate prof thomas being my supervisor, despite me knowing what a busy man he is and that i really should not bother him with every little detail. also thanks to anyone who have listened to me ‘whine & complain’ about my research project.

anyway, thesis is one big fan nou thing that i won’t speak of here. let’s just say previously i took things too lightly without considering a lot of aspects as well as consequences :(

9 weeks of holidays = 3 weeks of doing work in hukm + 6 weeks of industrial training at natural wellness. haih, and you call this holiday?

well, my post-finals activities ain’t so sweet like previous times anymore due to the burden of THESIS. the only time we are free to go out is evening time, after we come back home from doing our respective work. sad, okay?


my roommate suzane’s bday is approaching soon – 7th May. couldn’t have a nice bday dinner with housemates only due to one go back home, and two busy with work, plus three busy with their own entertainment. this was a present from her lil buddy, lelia.



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