Monday, November 14, 2011

forensic exam is finally over...

So exhausted today. Finally my Pharmacy Jurisprudence aka Forensic Law exam is over. I have spend 2 sleepless nights going through the Malaysian Law books hoping that I can pass the exam the first time around. Despite it being an open book exam, it is still so tough and oh well, I will just leave it to fate now to decide if I pass it or whether I will repeat it again next year.

Some few pics to update this boring blog. Lol. There really is nothing much to blog about since I don't go out much during my weekends. My weekends are either my rest days or my work days. But I have been shopping way too much. Must control my spending. I cannot wait to take snapshots of all my favourite shopping buys. #Shopaholic. 

Belle & Stephanie during on-call at OPD
Last weekends, I did my OPD on-call with Belle and Stephanie was the Shift 1 PRP that same day. It was fun doing on-call with friends and an added bonus was that they both had attached to OPD before so I learned so much things from them since I have yet to attach to this super busy department. 

This picture basically summed up what we do during on-call. OPD on-call usually is doing dispensing whilst Shift 1 PRP is in charge of calling regarding Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). I absolutely detest the TDM part because I has such a nightmare with it the first time around.

Wai Yin driving and her little gift for me
On that same weekend, I went out with dear old friend who survived sitting next to me for 1 and a half years during Form 6. I am so glad to see her again. She is finally graduating and is starting work already! So fast, lol. Had so much fun shopping (but my purse did not have much fun wtf). She also gave me a little doll with handphone pouch. Now I have 2 dolls for my collection. #Super cute.

At Ben's @ Pavilion KL
Fridays are the best days ever. #TGIF that it's the end of the week but best of all, our lunch hour, which is for 2 hours 30 mins. On that particular Friday, I went to Pavilion with Len Yi, Li Ling and Stephanie. We tried Ben's, which was packed with people during lunch. 

But my pasta was too sour for my liking so I was a little disappointed. But the ambience is nice and it was so cute that they have little cards placed in the middle called, "table topics" or something like that. Definitely will give this place another chance next time.

Char Siew Rice and Shio ramen

Roasted pork cheek
Last Friday, my Mom and I went to Tokyo Street @ Pavilion to try one of the Japanese restaurants there. It was a place my mom read in the newspaper earlier, called Hokkaido Ramen. The reviews were not bad and since we always run out of ideas on places to eat after work, we decided to give it a try.

The food is actually quite nice or maybe it was the hunger talking. The rice with char siew was fragrant and so delicious. The noodles were actually so-so but the soup is very good. Apparently, it was their signature soup. We ordered 2 side dishes, i.e. roasted pork cheek (very yummy, love eating it with rice but needed some sauce though) and chicken cutlet (which I am not a fan of, since it has some tinge of ginger taste). 

The prices are pretty reasonable though but next time, we want to try the other Japanese restaurants in the same area :)


Okay, way too tired to continue typing. A short update on my life in HKL would be that today is my 1st day in a new department - Pharmacy Store. I am not sure as to what my work here is since I clocked in at 4pm today (because of my exams in the morning, added with lunch and traffic jam afterwards) but I hope I can gained much experience here. I miss Gallenicals a little though, the people there are so nice. I am going to miss having morning break with the trainees and listening to the PPFs teasing each other. I am also slightly missing Orthopedic Clinic. The work there is a lot and difficult but the people are also nice and I learned so much there. 

But life goes on, and I am just praying and hoping that I will only encounter good things in the Store. Gonna be here for one month before moving on to a busy and super strict department in December:) 

P.S. there is this new stall called Planet Popcorn in Times Square and omg, I am so addicted to their popcorns - especially their cheese popcorn! So freakin' orgasmic...I can eat the whole packet in one go. SO must-try!!!


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