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*strictly for gossip girl fans*
I am sorry
...for losing my temper the night you told me Louie proposed to you
I am sorry
...for not waiting longer at the Empire State building
I am sorry
...for treating you like property
I am sorry
...I didn't tell you I love you when I knew I did
Most of all, I am sorry I gave up on us
...and you never did...
I am still such a fan of this series although some of the episodes from last season have been yawn. But when I heard this excerpt from the script of last week's episode, my heart started fluttering again. I was so touched by how Chuck apologized to Blair, especially when he said he knew he loved her all along.

Don't you just love awesome writers? ^.^


A short update. Still having busy on-calls but fret not, since a whole new batch of PRPs arrived 2 weeks ago, ready to start on-call in January.

Right now, I am at my 3rd station - Pharmacy Store. Apparently, I am supposed to learn about procurement of medicine, invoices, etc. here but thanks to the influx of PRPs in the store, most of the time I have nothing to do. Nothing to do also means nothing to learn. Yes, I absolutely detest this kind of working environment. Now I am just praying that my time in Store finishes quickly. 

I complained a lot, don't I? I was just telling my mom the other day how we should try to just go one week without complaining anything at all.

A really cute "customized" speaker I saw when I was touring the store the other day

On a brighter note, if you didn't know (shame on you lol wtf), 22nd November was my birthday and it also marks the 4th anniversary of this blog. Yes, it has been 4 years blogging now and I am still enjoying every moment of it. This may actually be the only hobby that has stuck with me for the longest time ever wtf.

The weekend before that, my aunt treated me to dinner. Initially, we planned to go to a place called "nine-to-five" or something, a restaurant serving grilled meat and fish. Unfortunately, when we reached there, turns out the restaurant had moved its premise elsewhere. Instead of wasting time searching for its new premise, we decided to settle with one of the restaurants within the vicinity of that area. Lucky for me, I finally saw the place I have been wanting to go all this while - Food Foundry at PJ. The reason? My cravings for Mille crepe cake that I had for the first time at Nadeje, Malacca. Since they also served main courses besides the specialty desserts, we decided to have our dinner here instead.

Thanks to me aunt for dinner;)
My cordon bleu chicken; my mom's grilled sea bass; and my lovely strawberry mille crepe cake! 

A very belated picture(s) taken of my postcard from Hong Kong courtesy of Suzane. Actually, I asked her to send me a postcard since I like collecting postcards that bore stamp marks from overseas. Its a really cute postcard that has a picture of Agatha Christie's (one of my all-time favourite authors) book on it. 

Thanks Suzy:)

My postcard from Hong Kong:)
On the actual day of my birthday, I took half-day leave from work so I can enjoy free lunch buffet at Saisaki Japanese Buffet. Yes, free! So awesome right? It only applies on your birthday and you must have at least one paying customer. Since my mom gets the senior citizen's special price, all in all our lunch buffet only costs RM31.50, which is approximately RM16 per person. Great deal right? LOL.

But the stupid parking costs RM10 wtf. KL parking are so damn cutthroat.

Saisaki raw fish and sushi
This is my 2nd time here so my goal was to try not to over-eat like the first time and to try things I did not have the chance to tried before. I was a little disappointed, however, because since we came a little late, some of the sushis were gone and some of the food were cold, with no one topping up. I guess this is a good lesson to arrive early at buffets next time:)

My outfit to work and play afterwards lol:

Mustard scallop blouse, black cropped cardi: flea market; Green pleated skirt: early bday present from WH (thank q); Leather bag: BKK; Blue wedges: Clarks BKK; Audrey Hepburn earrings: Jaya33; Cupcake ring: WooAai @ Times Sq
After lunch, we went shopping at KLCC for my birthday present from Mom. Went to Topshop, Zara and MNG but found nothing nice. 
Since that was last week, I found something really nice already! But it deserves a whole post since I absolutely love it! Thanks to me mom!
Today, I followed my aunt and mom to visit my grand-aunt who is now staying at a nursing home following her hip surgery. Every time I go to a nursing home, I am constantly reminded that there are people out there who needs our help and contribution. I will try to blog a better post next time but I admired the lady running the place. It is no easy task and words are simply not enough to describe the deeds she had done.

On an entirely different note, after the visit we went to Mid Valley where we had lunch at The Han Room, Gardens because dim sum is one of my most favourite food in the world. The dim sum here, however still pale in comparison to the sister restaurant, Noble House. But I still enjoyed my hearty lunch very much:) Thanks again to my aunt for the treat!

All the dim sum we ordered at The Han Room
Outfit of the day (I looked and feel so tired nowadays, I don't know why):
Purple dress: Platinum @ BKK; Sharp shoulder blazer: flea market; Heart shape bag: Sg Wang;
Blue wedges: Clarks BKK
On Sunday, I also had a meet-up with my primary school friends (Jagdeesh, Stephanie, Raveena, Alice and Mallvina) and afterwards seafood dinner with BF Classmates. I did not take any pics but I am very happy to meet all of them. Thanks to them, I laughed like nobody's business and I really needed all those laughter seeing what horrible weeks I have been having lately...


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