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i return to malacca again (part 1)

Having the flu now...crap. Been feeling unwell since the last few days at Kuching and then after coming back to KL, continued my unhealthy lifestyle of going out and not drinking enough water as well as sleeping late. Hopefully I will get better before my trip to Taiwan next week...

P.S. Love that I have time to blog again. Yeah!


This is a really long overdue post about my trip back to Malacca again. I have been there twice in my childhood (as long as I can remember), once with my BF Classmates, and this time with the 7 dwarves.

Because Clara is such a frequent visitor to Malacca, and myself has also been to Malacca before, we both did not join the others at A Famosa Theme Park. Both of us took the bus to Malacca the day after - spending 2 days and 1 night at Malacca town.

We all met up at Malacca Sentral, the bus terminal and took taxis to Aldy Hotel, our accommodation. Actually, we did not know which hotel to stay and since it was the Thaipusam weekend break, many hotels were already booked full. The previous time I went to Malacca, I stayed at Aldy with BF people, so we booked this hotel again. I like Aldy because it is really close to many tourist attractions, good for those of us who have no transport to bring us around.

Lunch of Malacca Rice Balls
We have 3 coursemates who reside in Malacca and we met up with 2 of them - Ganby and Ys. But we also have another 3 coursemates who also took the weekend trip to Malacca - May Yin, Gim Hui and Yong Xin. So we met up with the whole entourage at Stadhuys.

Christ Church with the fiery red flowers
The majestic fountain that one always take photos of in Malacca

Once we met up with them, so begun our sightseeing in Malacca. First stop is the Stadhuys and also the buildings around it, remnants of our brief invasion by the Dutch. I always like the red painted buildings, very pretty and reminded me a lot of St. Johns Boys School, KL.  
Group pic near the entrance to the Museum
With one of our tour guides, Ys
4 out of 7 dwarves are from East Malaysia, btw:)

A short walk uphill later and we reach the famous A Famosa on St. Paul's Hill. This is also one of my favourite spots in Malacca. I am a sucker for historical ruins and architecture. There is just something mysterious about them.

Having fun at the A Famosa remains
I was the photographer (yeah!)...I like this jumping shot a lot but poor Jane lost her timing here haha
Tombstones resting on the walls, engraved with Portugese words
After that, we walked downhill and took more photos at the fort, together with the cannons.

7 dwarves - myself, Ai Li, Jia Ying, Janice, Mei Chieng, Tze Im and Wei Wei
The weather in Malacca never changes, still as hot as ever. The last time I went to Malacca it was the same. The sun shining so brightly, burning us. So this time I am smart enough to wear my fedora, at least it saved me from getting headache. And of course, my staple outfit whenever I go travel - a light cotton white shirt (Cotton On), shorts, a large bag to put my necessities lol (Bangkok) and my comfy sandals (Scholl). 

Wanting a break from the heat, we went to nearby air-conditioned mall - Dataran Pahlawan where I was introduced to this really cute dessert.

Mille crepe cakes - so delicious;)
Since everyone was pretty exhausted by that time, we retired back to the hotel to refresh ourselves and change our clothes before going for dinner. The other 5 went to the new shopping mall, Hatten Square.

But on the way walking to Hatten Square to meet the others, we found lots of opportunities to take photos. Hehe.

Beast Airlines shot haha
Btw, Ai Li is wearing my T-shirt haha since she did not bring any extra ones:)

One of my favourite shots haha
It was close to CNY that time - Gong Xi Fa Cai...
We had a really scrumptious Baba & Nyonya dinner but I don't really know where it was since I just followed the others. Lol.

Another nice group shot outside the restaurant where we had dinner
At night, the 12 of us split with our own activities before meeting up at Jonker Walk later. One of the new places I went was the Gyro Tower at Taming Sari where the aerial view of Malacca at night was amazing.

Gyro tower Taming Sari
Bird eye's view of Malacca...love this shot...
Finally, we went to Jonker Walk for the long night market. Hehe I also like coming here because it is a shopping street and also there are so many eccentricities there that make Malacca unique. I mean the stuff that they sell and foods to eat. If you really want to experience the sights and sounds of Malacca, must come here at night although it is really crowded.

Geographer's Cafe, a place I went with my Form 6 classmates 4 years ago
Since we wanted to try all kinds of Malacca food, we then took a long walk to eat the famous Satay Celup (somewhere near Majestic). I never tried Satay Celup in Malacca as well so we venture off for our supper.

View of the quiet Malacca river at night
Satay Celup for supper very delicious:)
Last and part 2 coming up:)

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