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rainbow waterfall is breathtaking

Omg, I am like evolving into a super lazy pig at home. Right after my trip to Lembing River, I had a few days break before my trip to Sarawak...I made a to-do list because I had so many things I wanted to do that previously I never found time to do (or make excuses or procrastinate over). Now, it seems that I only managed to cross one thing off that list. Sad, pathetic I know. All day I just eat, sleep, go online, sleep, watch tv, sleep >.<


This is the second and last post on my 3 days 2 nights farewell trip to Sg Lembing, Pahang with my Chinese Pharmacy coursemates. As mentioned in previous post, it was a really tiring first day for me, what with the tough hike up the hill and the endless walking under the hot sun, I slept like a baby that night. Since our room was the outermost, I could hear few of my kaki mahjong coursemates playing mahjong all night. Lol~

The next day, we woke up before the break of dawn. After breakfast, we got into these pick-up trucks (sorry I have no idea what exactly are they called, I am not really well-versed in vehicle language). 

This was the truck I meant, exposed and have cushion seats
It was so cool riding in one of these. In the early morning, any speed will send a gush of cold freezing wind blowing across our faces or any exposed uncovered skin area. Haha. It was refreshing and at times, freezing, for me but I think some of my skinny coursemates were having goosebumps during the whole ride (really!). 

The trucks took us for a one-hour ride, near the jungle trail leading to the waterfall. Why trucks? For one thing, the trail there initially was alright but as we move into the jungle terrain, the trail became really bumpy and also muddy, the aftermath of yesterday's rain. Alone, I would be scared but when it comes to the combination of bumpy roads and a group of chatty loud talkative young girls, I had nothing but fun laughing at their jokes. To entertain ourselves for one hour on the road, we sang (haha) and talk and joke until I literally lost my voice.

In the early morning, we could see the mist clouding the mountains

Most of the time, we were shaded from the sun by a canopy of jungle flora, trees of every species imagined
The sun began to rose as we move along the path
When we reach a narrow trail that could no longer be reached by the trucks, we have to resort to walking on foot. It took another 30 - 45 minutes of jungle trekking to reach the "hidden" waterfall. 

Before starting our trekking however, we had to cross the river.

Nothing like walking hand-in-hand for a great shot
Although the trekking path is not as tedious and strenuous as the day before, nonetheless it was still a challenge. Muddy paths, fallen trunks, going uphill (and downhill) and leeches as our "predators" (lol). Slippery rocks were also another obstacle as we inched closer towards the falls.
And when we finally reach the very much secluded hidden gem of a waterfall, I was absolutely mesmerized. It was high, like ten-storeys high or something. When it came splashing down, it created a mist of water droplets all over, drizzling upon us like light rain. The water was crystal clear, untouched by any hints of pollution.


The end of the rainbow (?)

The highlight? Definitely the pretty rainbow we were all so eager to see. Best still, there were actually a double rainbow but my camera could not capture the other rainbow as it was more faint in comparison. 

Watching this breathtaking view made my difficult trek worthwhile. Truly, a view one cannot experience in KL city, or anywhere else for that matter. I contemplated if I should bring my iPhone to the waterfalls initially but I am really glad I did because God forbid, without it I would never have captured such a beautiful scenery that will forever leave a lasting memory in me.

Of course, a proof that I was there. That I made it through that hellish trek!
The All-Blacks
And what better way to take photos, than with your fellow compatriots who survive the trek and are able to enjoy the wonderful rainbow view with you!
Nothing like eating a cup of Maggi Mee noodles added with the extra ingredient of  waterfall water splashing at your face
My Group 4 clinical group that so loves to take photos - Wilson where were you?
Venturing beyond

Initially, the idea was to just enjoy the view, not to get INSIDE the view. Haha. But hell, we were already there so why not go further? Some of us got into the freezing water and right into where the waterfall hits. It was exhilarating to have the cold and strong stream of water splashing hard on you, and screaming at the top of your lungs. Actually, the view inside was even more amazing. We could see a ring of rainbow reflected in the waters. But for hazard concerns, I did not bring my iPhone inside.

Freezing after our venture
I like this photo despite I closed my eyes. It was not just my camera, but in all my friends' cameras too. "The photo is perfect, but Fiona was closing her eyes". Guess who just earn herself a new nickname? =.=!!

After that, what goes up should come down. The rocky terrain really provided a FOC reflexology session for my feet as we were all wearing flat slippers. The terrain also claimed 3 casualties - 3 of my friends damaged their slippers/sandals, rendering them barefooted. 

The ride back to our accommodation was terrible afterwards as it was late afternoon, and the sun shine ever so brightly, burning our skins as we sat in the exposed seats. One hour exposed to scorching sun caused my legs to have dual-tone colours. Lucky for towel which still managed to protect my face and arms.

Packing, buying coconut biscuits and we were off, back to good ol' KL again.

Not before I take this shot of sleeping pig Clara Sia hehehe
For more photos, Facebook is available (but only to my friends)~~~~

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