Wednesday, May 18, 2011

melaka bandar bersejarah (part 2)

I am on a roll here...Damn, miss blogging a lot. I have so much to blog about. Now, if only all my blogger friends feel the same way as I do because I also miss blog-stalking. Lol.

I am reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" right now and I am taking forever to finish it. My comprehension skills are slowly deteriorating already. I am aiming to at least read 3 books this holidays. After this is my favourite Agatha Christie and John Grisham.


My final post on my 2 days 1 night weekend trip to Malacca. On the last day, our other 5 friends did not join us as they will be leaving back to KL that day, earlier than us. But luckily myself and Clara already had plans for the day, just strolling Malacca town for more attractions. Duh, what else were we going to do? Haha.

This is the hotel we stayed in. Love the vintage sketches.
We had small birthday celebration for Jia Ying, the last dwarf birthday

Anyway, sad case lor. Because we only booked 2 hotel rooms, so there were only 4 people who can have breakfast. But I totally forgot that the last time I went to Malacca with my Form 6 friends, that we can share breakfast among us. Meaning although they will serve 4 plates of breakfast, actually all of us can share. Thinking that we cannot share, myself, Clara and Ai Li went to Jonker Street for breakfast just to end up starving because there were no shops opened for breakfast. T___________T.

Myself pre-falling down - Grey top (Cotton On); Fedora (Times Sq); cardigan and shorts (thrifted)
Yes, clumsy and flat-footed me fell down on the stupid gravel dirt path of Malacca streets. It is a super funny story lor. We were taking some photos and not wanting the umbrella I was holding to be the center of attention, I placed it on the ground. And then, so happens a strong gush of wind had to blow my umbrella away. Chasing after it and not looking on the ground, I fell down. Plus, the path had these jagged coal tar stones and I was wearing shorts. Needless to say, it was blood and dirt all over my knees and worst of all was the pain which lasted for few days - that was how badly I hurt my knees T___________T

Seriously I get injured everywhere I go. On my recent Sarawak trip, the car booth fell on my forehead and caused a bump T______T...

Along Jonker Walk also saw this beautiful vintage car
The early morning scenery of an old town
The 7 people who are left, at the cannon fort near our hotel 
The historical ship
We need to pay for entry so we decided to just take photos outside the ship. Haha. 

We actually needed to check out from the hotel already but Clara wanted to try the Duck Tours. The hotel could not let us check-out later as they had another customer waiting to check-in later. So, Jia Ying and Tze Im did not join us and went back to the hotel to help us pack and check-out.

Duck Tours is basically a tourist boat-like vehicle that had wheels to move on land but when it reaches the sea, it can be operated into a boat to bring us around. Actually, it was quite fun, especially going to the sea as we can feel the cool breeze and the sea water splashing. The only downside? The boring guy talking and explaining Malacca to us. His voice was so monotonous, he reminded me of my boring lectures and he keep repeating, "Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan" so much I wanted to ask him how much does he get paid to bore me to death =.=!!

The floating mosque on Malacca straits. Really like this shot...
After everything was settled, we had our last lunch at Malacca before taking the bus back to KL. We finally decided to try Jonker 88, which I also went to during my last Malacca trip.

Curry laksa
Durian cendol
Seriously durian cendol is orgasmic...I have been dying to have one since coming to Malacca. I just love all things sweet. There is one shop that I went the last time which had even better durian cendol because the old lady who owns the shop put lots of durian (which I <3) but I don't remember the shop TT.TT

The windmill? Sorry what is this huh =.=
 Here was where I fell down after posing in front of this. Which, btw, I am not sure what exactly this is =.=

Final shot
One last photo before we took the town bus to Malacca Sentral. Anyway, not trying to offend anyone but I really hope that was the last time I take the town bus. It was soooooo long just to reach our destination and the bus driver sempat turned into a corner to order milo ais before continuing his journey. Not only that, he honked ALL the freakin' time (unnecessarily!) making it difficult for me to sleep when every minute or so, the horn starts blaring.

Souvenirs - Chopsticks engraved with my buddies' surnames, a top with my name and an ancient notebook
A very tiring but wonderful trip. I think it was also the first time the 7 of us been on a trip together. The last time was Penang but Clara did not join us. Even the Sg Lembing trip there were only 4 of us and Redang trip only 5 of them. When I get a dslr, first place I want to go is Malacca and take more shots of history ;)


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judging from the sweat symbol...this is yS is it? huh, always so mean although so far...bluek



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