Sunday, May 22, 2011

sarawak part II: sibu (lunch, dinner and the sun)

@Sparklezane is in my house. Lol. She is staying at my house for 1 week and I am now coming up with plans on things to do and eat:) Hopefully she won't be bored since I am such a boring person at home hehe.


** be warned, lots of photos **

Continuing from my last Sarawak post, we took the morning boat to Sibu and we were greeted by Jane's family, who were so generous to not only cook lunch for us but to also allow us to stay for one night in their house. Jane's family is so large, unlike mine. She lives in the same house with her parents, her 4 siblings plus her brother's wife and daughter. Yes, Jane has a young niece, QiQi, who is the cutest thing ever. She talks non-stop and is so hyperactive. I had so much fun laughing at her because the way she talks is soooooo adorable. She has plenty of "lo" and "oh", like typical Malaysian:) Sometimes her talk is incomprehensible, but nevertheless she is so much joy to have around. 

I miss Jane's niece
After lunch and playing around with her niece, Jane brought us to a local shopping mall to eat sushi. It was a place called, "Sushi Tie", kind of reminiscent of Sushi Tei anyone? Lol.

Our yummy sushi
Our lovely host cum guide in Sibu
Clara and me

After that, Jane's brother dropped us near Wisma Sanyan. This is actually my 2nd time to Sibu, and again it's a brief time, only one day:) Clara is also familiar with Sibu since it is near Kapit.

Horses statue 
Famous Swan statues
It was really hot in Sibu, just like the last time I came here. Instead of taking the same kind of photos, I had a little fun experimenting with the sunlight, making use of the hot burning afternoon sun.

Silhouette of the swan against burning sun backdrop
Swans are such an iconic symbol of Sibu. I am not sure the reason >.<

The small park in the middle of town area
The Rabbit people
The Dragon people
My hair is all messed up in my shot. I am taking this chance to rant about my hair. Huh. I absolutely detest my hair right now because it is not so straight anymore. Short hair or long hair? There are not a lot of options left to do about my hair since my mother forbid me to dye, perm or straighten it. TT.TT

Pintu Gerbang Sibu
After that, we went to the jetty harbour where we took a lot of photos using the sunset as backdrop. The photos turn out really pretty. Even Jane exclaimed that she never knew Sibu was this pretty. Haha.

The harbour in the late evening
This is one of my favourite pics
Us with the swan. Photographed by Jane Kong.
One of the rare shots of the 4 of us together
A stone's throw away is the Tai Pak Kong temple with a tall pagoda overlooking the Rejang River.

Trying to capture the crescent moon with the pagoda
It was almost dark when we walked to the temple. I did not bring my camera to Sarawak, just my iPhone and it does not really capture photos well at night. My camera has gone bonkers already. So sad, now I am contemplating if I should get a new one T___T.

Another one of my favourite photos of the sunset in the horizon
After all the walking, it was time to be replenished and Jane brought us to a prettily-decorated restaurant which was recommended by her sister.

Very beautiful decorations
The restaurant was called, "Baba and Siam Cafe 2"...I guess 1 is also located somewhere in Sibu.

While waiting for our food, we played around with candlelight...

Coincidentally, that day was Mother's day so the restaurant was packed with families. It was unfortunate because we had to wait for a long time for our food. And it was not only us, we saw people leaving and few were complaining as well.

But the food made up for it. The portion is huge, btw, luckily we did not order individually as were forewarned by Jane's sister. Although the waiting intervals for our food to arrive were so long apart, the food was undeniably delicious. The appearance may be slightly meh, but the taste totally make up for it:)

Cheesy grilled chicken with rice
Pineapple fried rice
Dessert was chocolate pancakes with chocolate cherries
Oh dessert, how much I love thee...

I miss my Literature days >.<

Model: Clara ; Phographer: Fiona (me)
Nice chandelier, ugly switches
Every nook and cranny of the restaurant is decorated with a modern touch added with beautiful bouquets of floral arrangements. 

Good night:)

And that ends my 2nd post of Sarawak. Next post will be Kuching!


Anonymous said...

I really like the little black top you are wearing, super cute! The light fixtures were lovely as well. I am a rooster person and didn't find out until afterwards that I should have worn a lucky red string for that year to keep the bad away. Now I know better and wear one all the time. LOL!

You and your friends are always eating the most beautiful food. If I were to start a blog it would mostly be about jewelry and food, my two favorite things!

-Marie in TX

FIFIONA said...

Hi Marie...

Hehe thanks, it is one of my favourite tops too. Yup, there are a lot of fengshui things that must be done at the beginning of every lunar year but I myself did not keep track too. It is a good thing and bad thing when your friends are food fanatics - I get broke a lot too haha;) You should definitely start a can be quite fun...I will be the first to support:)



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