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bidding adieu

I miss blogging. Period.

Now that a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders, i.e. the stress of studying Pharmacy, I am determined to start blogging properly with lots of pics and updates.

I am thinking of doing a special photo project. I read about it on Sweatlee a long time ago, the Project 365. I guess many avid blogger cum photography lovers will be familiar with it.

First thing on my holiday itinerary is to blog about my memories in my last semester in UKM. So much to blog, I hope I can finish it all. Starting from the latest, which are my 3 consecutive outings, my trip to Sungai Lembing (Ling Ming San) with my Pharmacy coursemates, both my course nights, my Malacca trip with 7 dwarves (finally!), and various other moments, including my clinical life in HUKM.


Right after my exams, I had a brief 2D 1N trip to Sg Lembing with my Pharmacy coursemates, which left me exhausted and lots of bruises on my leg, like I kena abused or something. But more about it on another post.

The day after that, with much rest in the morning, Clara and I left in the afternoon to sort out our upcoming trip to Taiwan. After that, we joined the lovely 7 dwarves and Carrie at Pavilion. First off, we had some yummy dessert at Snowflake's courtesy of Jane Kong. Next it was movie time with the choice being "The Roommate". Clara and Carrie had to rush off for their buddy gathering so I remained with the rest for dinner at Pepper Lunch Express.

Being a huge Gossip Girl fan, Blair Waldorf is my favourite character on the show and Leighton Meester does a brilliant job projecting a snobbish yet shrewd Upper East Side elite girl. So, although I was not particularly interested in the storyline, I am a fan when it comes to Leighton. 

Sadly, the movie really disappoint me. So not scary at all. Watch it if you like 1. Pretty girls - Minka, Leighton, Aly, and even Nina Dobrev, good way to convince ur bf to watch this mv with you or 2. If you like fashion. The main actress is a fashion student and her style is really distinctive and chic. Love her illustrations too. Yup, I only like the fashion aspect of it all. Other than that, the whole movie feels like a modern remake of the movie, "Single White Female", which I feel, is way scarier than this one.

Snowflakes yummy ice
Have to admit it, Snowflakes is like becoming a cultural phenomenon. Everytime I go there, I see flocks of people. By the way, Coco Loco is still my favourite =)

Being a frequent visitor to Pavilion, I am kind of bored making decisions on places to dine. So, luckily Ai Li decided on Pepper Lunch, which is a first for Jane, Janice and Tze Im. Anyway, the 3 of them are super cute lor when it comes to mixing the rice. I know it's not nice to laugh but seriously, the 3 of them are so schematic and

Tze Im and me

Jane, Janice and Ai Li

My order 
Wanted to try something different and ordered the spaghetti instead of the usual rice. Still prefer the pepper rice though. Noodles are just not their forte, I guess.

A nice photo to end the night
The 4 of them were super nice to walk me back to Plaza since I was the only one living there. I always have a good time with the 7 dwarves. Lucky this is not the final goodbye for the 7 of us as we are all meeting up again in July for our KK trip. Well, all of them (except myself and Jia Ying) are also going to Redang next week:)


The next day is my 2nd outing, which is with Wai Kuan, Wei Han, Kah Hang and Ka Wei. It is difficult to juggle time between outing and also packing. Every night after coming back from my outing, I have to pack and pack and pack because our lease for our apartment was only until end of April.

In the morning, I have to first accompany Clara to the post office to deliver some of her belongings back to Sarawak. I also moved a huge portion of my stuff back home via my mom's car.

The 5 of us watched Thor in 3D~! Which I think is a great decision because of all the super effects in the movie. The realm of Asgard is simply breathtaking. But yeah, that is all I love about the movie - the effects. The story is very meh. Predictable and slightly un-creative, I feel. I mean, the sudden change in attitude? And the ending? I was like, wtf? But I will still give props for all the artsy feel part of the movie.

Ka Wei, Kah Hang, Wei Han, Wai Kuan and me
Lunch at Times Square
The boys in their 3D glasses

After the movie, Wai Kuan and myself separate from the boys as we wanted to do some shopping since it was going to be most probably our last outing together. We had dinner at Taiwan Recipe @ Sg Wang and it was really delicious. Maybe also because we were both famished.

Dumplings that tasted really good
I always enjoyed shopping with Wai Kuan, she always never fail to make me buy lots of stuff and spend more than I expected to. Lol~! Thank you for making it a wonderful day:)


On the 3rd day, after a very unfruitful trip in the morning, Clara and I went out in the afternoon to meet up with another friend, Ys, at Pavilion. Actually, the purpose of this trip is really to treat Ys for lunch since we will not be able to celebrate his birthday in June. But I also felt guilty that he had to choose between going out with us and having dinner with his housemates. Hope that they won't blame him for skipping out on dinner with them.

After an unfortunate event, we finally were able to catch the movie we intended to watch, but at a much later time and funnily enough, we all end up sitting together despite buying separate seats (due to weekend movie-goers crowd).

Surprisingly, this was the movie I enjoyed most out of the three that I watched this week. Well, only by a close margin actually. Story is still too simple for my liking and at times, I find myself expecting more and feeling slightly disappointed. But I guess I am a Twilight fan so yeah, maybe that is why it appealed to me. 

Shoes Shoes Shoes at Fahrenheit 88
It was super sales everywhere, so tempting. Particularly the Big Bang Special Edition T-shirt at Uniqlo! I am so tempted to buy it. My friend, Terev Dickxon already bought 3 and I am super jealous. Vincci also had sales and I went shoe-crazy. Luckily most of the designs in my size are sold out and I say luckily because otherwise, I will spend more than I wanted to.

We had lunch at Lamasi Cafe @ Fahrenheit. We did not know where to treat Ys and Suzane saw this offer on for this place. Since we had never tried there before, we decided to go there.

We had two salads, two pizzas, two frescatos and one pasta...they were all really good and tasty. This restaurant is quite hidden on the 3rd floor but yeah, I think it is recommended:)

My lunch companions
After lunch, we played chess to pass the time
We made a mistake with the time, that cost us our reservations T.T. Thankfully, however, we managed to buy tickets for the next screening, which was 2 hours later. To help pass our time, we head on to Gelatomio @ Pavilion for Gelatomio on the rocks.

Omg, do we look alike? >.<
Peppermint + Blueberry cheesecake in choco bowl
I am simply obsessed with buying these charity charm bracelets from Cotton On since Suzane told me about it
Cam-whoring our outfits lol~
Recently, I have been into cut-outs clothes, whether it is on the sleeves or collar. Anyway, I actually saw this blouse with cage cut-outs on The Survival Store but it was sold out. While walking at Fashion City at Sg Wang, I saw the exact blouse at half-price so I copped it. Hehe:) (skirt - P&Co; bag - flea market; bracelets - cotton on).

After the movie, we had dinner at Weissbrau
Sausages! With roesti and the so so so sour sauerkaut (pickled cabbage)
When the waitress told me sauerkaut was pickled cabbage, I told them it was kimchi. Lol~ Anyway, the sausages are delicious;)

Chicken cordon bleu, buttered mixed vegetables and something that I forgot
The very tired Fiona
And so that concludes my 3 days outing which left me tired and broke. But I had so much fun spending these last few moments with friends that I cherished a lot. Words are hard to described how I feel but know that, these will all be memories that will forever be etched in my mind :)

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