Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 7: The end of a beautiful and wonderful trip

Our last day in Japan. Quite sad because it would mean we have to return to our reality working life. The morning started with breakfast in the hotel. There were 4 choices of breakfast set meal.

Mine was Western
Clara chose Japanese
For our last day, we only have one sightseeing to do and then it was going to be a shopping day. We planned to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Using JR Pass, we went to Tokyo Station to transfer to JR Keiyo Line and stop at Maihama, where Tokyo Disneyland is. The journey there was quite far. And there were many people aboard the train since it was a weekend, some clad in Disney-inspired accessories lol.

But before that, we took some pics in front of Tokyo Station. It is a really beautiful building with wonderful architecture. Reminded me of those colonial-style mansions.

And then it is Disneyland, every kid's paradise!

Clara was queen of aegyo here, right in her element
We didn't buy the admission tickets to enter Tokyo Disneyland. We only visited the area surrounding the entrance. If you would like to enter, the price is 6200 yen (~RM217) for 1 day or 10700 yen (~RM374) for 2 days. They have both Tokyo Disneyland and also Tokyo Disneysea.

We did some souvenir shopping at the humongous Disney Store.

Afterwards, it was off to Akihabara using our JR Pass still. Akihabara is the land of electronics and anime/manga!

Love all the colourful billboards
Since we were not anime fans, so obviously we came here for the electronic gadgets. There were so many shops to choose from.

Outside JR Akihabara Station, you will not missed these 2 famous cafes. Firstly is Gundam Cafe.

Secondly is the AKB48 Cafe which has a really long queue.

I don't really know this group of girls (AKB48) but everywhere we go in Japan, we are bound to see posters or TV shows of them.

AKB48 girls
Maid Cafe
Actually, I had initially planned to go to a "Maid Cafe" for lunch after reading about it in a few blogs. We also managed to find a famous maid cafe - At Home Cafe

However, we found out that we have to pay admission fee to enter and we are not allowed to take pics of the "maids". But what turned us away was the fact that all the patrons in the cafe were guys. So it was kinda creepy.

In the end we settled for this vending machine restaurant. Here we are trying to match the words on the menu to the words on the buttons of the vending machine.

After shopping at Akihabara (where I unsuccesfully found an Iphone case that I liked), we headed to Shibuya for more shopping at H&M. There were sales going on there. After that, I managed to rush to Harajuku for more shopping.

Actually, we separated after Akihabara. Myself, Clara and MC headed for Shibuya but Suzane and BB went to Harajuku instead. After shopping at Shibuya, I went to Harajuku alone whilst Clara and MC went back to the hotel. The reason is because I wanted to visit this huge Kpop shop that I saw at Harajuku the day before. 

pic crdt: flickr

This is the shop. Every Kpop lovers will be like a kid in a candy store inside. I was so excited I forgot to take pic of the shop wtf.

Anyway, after buying my CD from that said shop, I started rushing back to the train station to get back to Shibuya. But fate has it, I saw both Suzane and BB shopping at one of the boutiques nearby my Kpop shop. How lucky, considering it was a weekend and there were so many people at Harajuku that day. So I figured it was better for me to stick to them.

Ah, the struggle to pack my luggage after going back to the hotel. We decided to take the airport limousine to Haneda Airport. But to go to the bus stop, we have to heave our luggage some distance away. And then, to wait for the bus in the freezing cold OMG. Finally, we gave up and seek shelter inside a nearby hotel lobby.

The shopping has not ended. Eager to be rid of all Japanese yen, the rest continued shopping at Haneda Airport.

I bought this wasabi kit kat

A shop that sells all Hello Kitty stuff. So kawaii  but too bad it was closing so I didn't really get a chance to see much.

All our luggages during check-in. My luggages were so heavy when I didn't really buy much, honest. I think we contributed well to Japanese economy lol wtf.

We reached KL the very next morning. I think out of the 7 hours flight, I probably slept for 6 hours so so so tired. Only woke up to eat my onigiri. BB was the first to leave as she took an early train back to Perak. The rest of them - Clara, MC and Suzane loitered around LCCT awaiting for their flights back to Sibu, Miri and KK respectively, as I left them too to get some rest at home.

The last #OOTD from Japan trip 2013:

scarf: Mom's; black jacket: Dancing Betty; pink sweater: UNIQLO; jeans: Mom's
Really love this black jacket I got from Dancing Betty, this new store. I even wore it all the way back to KL. Great to beat the cold inside the plane without being too suffocatingly hot.

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