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Japan Day 6: Back to Tokyo

Today is Day 6 of CNY. Pretty soon will have to start work. Le sigh. Next public holiday in May. Y we no have public holidays every month lol *troll face*. 

Today went to watch "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters". Freakin' awesome movie love it! Jeremy Renner is also so awesome. Love him since I saw him in Avengers. If you don't mind gory scenes, then you have got to watch it.


Coincidentally, it is also Day 6 of Japan trip lol. In the morning, we decided to visit one last destination at Kyoto before heading for the train station. It was between Nijo Castle or Nishiki Market. In the end, we chose the latter.

Unique shop signboard
Since our train was leaving at 10am, we left really early to walk to Nishiki Market which usually opens at 9am. We actually got lost but a very kind passer-by taught us the directions although her English was not that fluent. Luckily, we managed to find it in the end.

The entrance to Nishiki Market
We actually arrived there before 9am so many of the shops had yet to open. But we just walked around and snapped some pics.


Pickled vegetables
Look at the octopus
We did try some food from the market like sweet dumplings, onigiri, and unagi. There is actually a very famous shop selling tofu doughnuts but it only opens at 10am so sad :(

After our breakfast, we rushed back to the hotel, got our belongings and headed to Kyoto Station for our shinkansen back to Tokyo. At Kyoto Station, we bought a bento lunchbox to eat in the train.

My bento = 800 yen
Clara's bento, much nicer than mine
My bento but not as tasty as I expected
As soon as we reached Tokyo Station, we dropped our luggage at our hotel - Shibuya Granbell Hotel and then headed to Harajuku using our JR Pass. Our purpose is to visit Meiji Jingu Shrine, which we had missed back on Day 1 of Japan.

Entrance to Meiji Shrine

Torii Gate

The sun was setting when we were visiting
There were 4 gates - North, South, West and East. Meiji was actually the name of the First Emperor of modern Japan.

We were really lucky because a Japanese wedding was happening when we were there. Above is pic of the bride that I managed to take. I guess there is a good reason that we missed coming here on Day 1.

Omg, how cute is this small boy!
This is also so so cute
While all my friends were busy taking photos of the wedding procession, I was busy snapping photos of the children in the procession. How adorable are them? There was another small girl in a fluffy white tutu dress but I did not manage to take pic of her front side.

Since we had accomplished our mission of visiting Meiji Shrine, we decided to do some shopping at nearby Harajuku and its shopping street, Takeshita Dori.

But before that, we were hungry so we went to this Takoyaki shop. When we were here on Day 1, there was such a long queue in front of this shop. Luckily, there were not as many people that day.

The takoyaki were so delicious. No wondered so many people were willing to queue up. The shop is called "The Gindaco" and it is a corner shop near the pedestrian bridge at Harajuku station.

We didn't spend too long at Harajuku because we still have some sightseeing to do at Shibuya, nearby our hotel.

The first sightseeing is of course the famous Hachiko statue near Shibuya Station. I did not watch the movie but I was told it is a very touching story of a faithful dog and his owner.

Another thing you have to see upon exiting Shibuya station is the famous Shibuya Crossing. Once the traffic light turns green, throngs of people from all four sides of the roads will all cross at the same time. Real madness looking at the amount of people.

I didn't get a really good shot of all the people walking because the traffic light turns red quite fast and everyone in Japan walks really really fast lol.

There is one place that I really wanted to go in Shibuya and it is this: Shibuya 109 shopping mall. I read about it a lot inside blogs. Also, I really wanted to visit Emoda, this brand that Cheesie and Fourfeetnine always mentioned about.

Actually, I had my eyes on this really cute blouse from Emoda website but to my disappointment, it was not available in the store as they have already launched their new collection. But I still bought a tee and stockings. Everything else was quite unsuitable for our hot weather in Malaysia.

After that, I decided to walk around Shibuya 109 which sells mostly Japanese brands. All their clothes have really special design but it is quite expensive. At that time, I was afraid I would not have enough money lol so I didn't really buy much.

While I shop alone at Shibuya 109, my friends visited nearby H&M as well as Forever 21 stores. I didn't really shop there because I figured I can always shop for these 2 brands back in KL. But the stores are really really big, with 5-storey buildings.

Kimchi and beef rice = 400 yen
After all that shopping, we grabbed dinner at Sukiya. I was told KL also has Sukiya branch. I definitely want to go to one again because my kimchi and beef rice was out of this world. So delicious and cheap too!

I read in a blog somewhere that to get the best view of Shibuya Crossing, you have to go to Starbucks, which we later found out is inside Tsutaya building, a music store. I purchased a Starbucks Tokyo tumbler here and had my free hot green tea latte. I also shopped at Tsutaya for my favourite Kpop albums, they are selling cheaper here in Tokyo. 

Love that they have handwritten description cards for each of the artistes. How refreshing that it is not typed out.

Best pic of Shibuya Crossing that I could take. When we reached Starbucks, the place was packed. Needless to say, all the window seats were fully occupied. However, I managed to squeeze in a spot to take this pic. Wished I could have taken one during the day too.

After Starbucks, we continued shopping again until really late because it was our last night at Japan. I think I slept really late that night too because of all the packing. 

My OOTD for Day 6, which is also one of my favourites:

jacket: Kyoto; stripes turtleneck: unbranded; leather skirt: miss selfridge
One of my favourite jackets that I got from Kyoto. Will talk more about it in my Tokyo shopping post (coming up soon).

Decided to post this pic to show off the new cap I got from Shibuya 109. Was looking for a cap with spikes actually but way too expensive so I settled for this cap with double wordings instead.

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