Saturday, May 03, 2014

Back to KK Part 1: Hanging around town

Last November, because I was craving for a holiday so badly but had no money or leave days to take, out of fun I asked Suzane if I can go visit her at KK and even crashed at her house. Luckily, she said okay. Without further ado, I contacted my other former roommate, BB and we booked a pretty cheap flight to KK.

But it was a very short trip, more like a weekend trip. We arrived KK on a Thursday and then went back on a Sunday. Since I had done lots of touristy things in KK during my previous trip, I didn't mind. I wanted to experience KK like a local would do, with lots of food in mind nyehehe.

But first, let us take a selfie on board Air Asia.

Our flight arrived at night. Since our tour guide stays near the airport, we didn't have to wait long for her to pick us up. Off we go for dinner! One thing I realized about food in Sabah is how big the portion is. OMG, it took me like a really long time just to finish one bowl of noodles. Besides the noodles, we also bought a burger to share afterwards. Like I say, it is all about the food hehe.


The next day is Friday but poor Suzane have to work. She has pretty much exhausted her work leave because of all the holidays she had. So we hanged out at her house before she came to pick us up during her lunch hour and dropped us off at Little Italy, a famous Italian restaurant we managed to googled while at her jibae.

We had salmon pizza

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Macau July 2013 (Part III): Jumping off Macau Tower!

Every time I travel overseas, I have a guilty feeling knowing that I will spend a wad of my hard-earned income away. But travelling is one passion that keeps me excited about life. Excited about discovering new things. New culture. New perspectives. So, despite all these criticisms about me spending so much money and work leave on travelling, I will just continue doing what I want to do. If there is anything I learned is the fact that I should live the life that I want to live, not the life that others want me to live. It is my life anyway.

But I will still take to heart the advice and try to keep a better budget and save more money before I start making holiday plans.

On another note, I have finally decided to write the finale of my Macau trip. The highlight of my HK/Macau trip. The highlight of 2013: My first experience with bungy jump from Macau Tower.

Actually it was something I had been thinking about doing. I first got the idea from Running Man (my most favourite show ever) episode 133 where they had to perform missions at Macau Tower, they had to choose between bungy jump, tower climb or skywalk.

pic credited to owner
pic credited to owner
pic credited to owner
Had to insert a little Monday Couple moment there.
Song Ji-hyo made it look so cool and easy. Not long after that, my friends asked me to travel with them to HK and Macau in July. So out of curiosity, I browsed through the website to learn more about the activities offered on Macau Tower.

I was a little disappointed as I saw how expensive it was. It is a known fact that working as a government pharmacist doesn't give you much money. Do I really want to throw away all those money just for a few minutes of fun?

But the idea never left my head. Up until when we reach Macau Tower. I then think, this is it. It is highly unlikely I will get this opportunity again, to visit Macau Tower. It was also our last day in Macau. So I told my friends I wanted to try the bungy jump. They got a shock but was nevertheless supportive. However, they didn't want to "risk their lives" with me.

So I paid the money, and the lady kindly warned informed me that no refunds are allowed in case I decided not to jump lol. I then proceeded to their observation deck where I kept my belongings inside a locker (including my phone and camera so no pics could be taken T.T). They took my weight, gave me a T-shirt and a set of shoes because I was wearing my Fitflops at that time.

I swear, waiting for my turn was the most excruciating one. AJ Hackett uses a system which is weight-based so each time they need to look for someone of similiar weight before you can jump. Not sure I understood it much but you can google about it more if you want. During the whole waiting time, I was so bored alone but the funny thing is I was not nervous at all, just sleepy and bored.



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