Monday, December 06, 2010

day I: KL --> qatar --> istanbul

My roommates made it to Timothy Tiah's blog. Lol. Congrats Suz M and BB. Too bad I wasn't able to join them as I had exams the next day. T.T. *The link that made them famous*Click~!

Overview of our journey from Istanbul to Ankara via tour bus
As you might have read from my previous post, yes, the blogger went to Turkey just around 2 weeks ago. This is the first time I traveled such a long distance, as previously I have only been to countries around Asia. Well, Turkey is Asia too, specifically 97% Asia and 3% of Istanbul is on the European Continent. Overall, this was one of the best holiday trips I have ever had. Turkey is so different from other Asian countries, a fresh breath of air. Furthermore, the history and culture there is so rich and so interesting. I really had loads of fun, seriously :)

I haven't blog a good long post for a while now and have not been doing much reading, either fiction or non-fiction so if my writing bores you, please forgive me. Hey, at least I warn you beforehand right? Lol.

I took gazillions of photos (okay, 1000+, previous was an exaggeration). But to ensure each post is concise, I will only put 15 photos in each post. 15 is also quite a lot, I think.

Bored at KLIA so took pic of my boarding pass
The morning of Nov 25th, so happy to be going to KLIA. Honestly, I am a little sien of taking Air Asia flights. Lol. No, I have nothing against Air Asia, please. Just that I miss KLIA, that is all. The last time I went, was like years ago. 

Qatar Airways 
We first took a flight to Doha, Qatar via Qatar Airways. My first time using this airline. I knew it was around a 7 hours flight but I didn't expect myself to get so bored on the plane. After taking few short naps, I finally decided to watch some movies to kill the time.

My only entertainment up in the air
This small monitor was my life-saver. Without it, I think I would have die and suffer from boredom. I lurve Qatar Airways thanks to this. Lol. Watched two Twilight movies, New Moon and Eclipse. Now I know the reason behind all those Twi-hard fans. Edward Cullen is hot~! Totally Team Edward~!!!

Rice with spicy chicken (which is not spicy at all!)
They served a number of hot meals in-flight, I cannot remember now. Plus, refreshments and tea breaks. But, seriously how can one be hungry when you are just confined to the seat for so many hours. I remember not finishing most of my food. I am sorry, Suzane, I have sinned :(

Awaiting our connecting flight at Doha Airport
We arrived at Doha airport to catch our transit via Qatar Airways to Istanbul, Turkey. 

Scenes of Qatar
We had to wait one hour there. The airport was nice and clean, but quite small so we were bored within 15 minutes. 

Suppose to say "Welcome to Qatar" in the background...Haih...cannot see lor
Surprisingly, it seems like those who work at the airport looks Malaysian. Yes, as in Chinese and Malays. Really. Next time you go there, you will know what I mean.

Bye Bye Doha~!
I saw this view and knew I was going to love this city~!
When we finally arrived at Istanbul, it was around 11pm Malaysian time but at Istanbul, it was 5pm so our tour guide, Erkal or as we like to call him, Eric, took us for dinner.

Straight to dinner upon arrival
Needless to say, no one was hungry. Well, at least I wasn't. Still full from flight meals, I think I only ate the main course - something with chicken. Haha. I was really exhausted and jetlag.

Folk dance performance
We were entertained by Turkish folk dance. Really interesting and the song is really upbeat.

Belly dancing, all the rage here
The highlight, of course, was the belly-dancing. I took a short video clip for Suz M and Clara to learn. Haha.

The square that is always packed with people
Istanbul has really bad traffic jam. According to Eric, the jam is not only during peak hours, but more like 24 hours, all the time. Istanbul is after all, the largest and most populated city in Turkey.

Finally check into Sheraton
After a tired day and my watch showed 4am Malaysian time before we hit the sack. Stayed at Sheraton Istanbul. Love this hotel because they were the only one who offered free Internet out of all the hotels I stayed at Turkey.

Next post: Istanbul attractions - Blue Mosque and St. Sophia


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