Thursday, December 08, 2011

can the truth really set me free? (december)

Can you believe it took me 1 week just to finish this post?


Yes, I am blogging finally.

Just completed my one month at the Pharmacy Store. Not too offend anyone but I felt like it is the place I learned the least from. 

Yesterday I had on-call at outpatient Pharmacy (on a Saturday T_________T). If possible, I don't ever want to do Saturday on-calls anymore. Omg, I have never seen so many patients ever since I started on-call. I was trying to help with filling (which I am awful at) and every time I tried to motivate myself to finish one pile of prescriptions, another pile will come and another and another. Finally I gave up and went to eat lunch. However, fortunately by evening, less people were coming already. Thank goodness.

After an exhausting day, I went to Sg Wang to have lunch with my extended family. The occasion? Relatives from Bangkok were in KL so we had a nice dinner at Esquire Kitchen. But that will be for another post.

Here are some pics from my phone:

#1: Xmas at Pavillion

Seriously, I think Pavilion has really outdone themselves with the Xmas decorations this time around. The place looks like a gorgeous Winter Wonderland. However, with the throngs of Xmas shoppers, it was tricky to get good shots of the decor without getting people inside the shots.

Hate my hunchback of notre dame pose in this pic, but it's the best I got. Must teach mom how to use iphone camera more often;)
If you have read my previous post, maybe you would have guessed which birthday present I went for ;P

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

birthday wishlist 2011

This year, for my birthday, my mom finally agree to buy for me a clothing item from any shops I like (but she did gave me a budget of less than RM200). Excited, I scoured over some of my favourite websites: Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, to come up with a wishlist of clothes I would love to have.

On the actual day of my birthday, we headed on to KLCC for my most guilty pleasure - shopping! But sadly, I could not find my perfect birthday present there and I was so disappointed when I got home.

So, last Friday, we tried our luck at Pavilion and I am so ecstatic that I finally got something on my wishlist:):)

This is my wishlist. Guess which one I bought...hehe...will reveal it in my next post;)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

labelled as: my bday is 22 nov

*strictly for gossip girl fans*
I am sorry
...for losing my temper the night you told me Louie proposed to you
I am sorry
...for not waiting longer at the Empire State building
I am sorry
...for treating you like property
I am sorry
...I didn't tell you I love you when I knew I did
Most of all, I am sorry I gave up on us
...and you never did...
I am still such a fan of this series although some of the episodes from last season have been yawn. But when I heard this excerpt from the script of last week's episode, my heart started fluttering again. I was so touched by how Chuck apologized to Blair, especially when he said he knew he loved her all along.

Don't you just love awesome writers? ^.^


A short update. Still having busy on-calls but fret not, since a whole new batch of PRPs arrived 2 weeks ago, ready to start on-call in January.

Right now, I am at my 3rd station - Pharmacy Store. Apparently, I am supposed to learn about procurement of medicine, invoices, etc. here but thanks to the influx of PRPs in the store, most of the time I have nothing to do. Nothing to do also means nothing to learn. Yes, I absolutely detest this kind of working environment. Now I am just praying that my time in Store finishes quickly. 

I complained a lot, don't I? I was just telling my mom the other day how we should try to just go one week without complaining anything at all.

A really cute "customized" speaker I saw when I was touring the store the other day

On a brighter note, if you didn't know (shame on you lol wtf), 22nd November was my birthday and it also marks the 4th anniversary of this blog. Yes, it has been 4 years blogging now and I am still enjoying every moment of it. This may actually be the only hobby that has stuck with me for the longest time ever wtf.

The weekend before that, my aunt treated me to dinner. Initially, we planned to go to a place called "nine-to-five" or something, a restaurant serving grilled meat and fish. Unfortunately, when we reached there, turns out the restaurant had moved its premise elsewhere. Instead of wasting time searching for its new premise, we decided to settle with one of the restaurants within the vicinity of that area. Lucky for me, I finally saw the place I have been wanting to go all this while - Food Foundry at PJ. The reason? My cravings for Mille crepe cake that I had for the first time at Nadeje, Malacca. Since they also served main courses besides the specialty desserts, we decided to have our dinner here instead.

Thanks to me aunt for dinner;)
My cordon bleu chicken; my mom's grilled sea bass; and my lovely strawberry mille crepe cake! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

forensic exam is finally over...

So exhausted today. Finally my Pharmacy Jurisprudence aka Forensic Law exam is over. I have spend 2 sleepless nights going through the Malaysian Law books hoping that I can pass the exam the first time around. Despite it being an open book exam, it is still so tough and oh well, I will just leave it to fate now to decide if I pass it or whether I will repeat it again next year.

Some few pics to update this boring blog. Lol. There really is nothing much to blog about since I don't go out much during my weekends. My weekends are either my rest days or my work days. But I have been shopping way too much. Must control my spending. I cannot wait to take snapshots of all my favourite shopping buys. #Shopaholic. 

Belle & Stephanie during on-call at OPD
Last weekends, I did my OPD on-call with Belle and Stephanie was the Shift 1 PRP that same day. It was fun doing on-call with friends and an added bonus was that they both had attached to OPD before so I learned so much things from them since I have yet to attach to this super busy department. 

This picture basically summed up what we do during on-call. OPD on-call usually is doing dispensing whilst Shift 1 PRP is in charge of calling regarding Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM). I absolutely detest the TDM part because I has such a nightmare with it the first time around.

Wai Yin driving and her little gift for me
On that same weekend, I went out with dear old friend who survived sitting next to me for 1 and a half years during Form 6. I am so glad to see her again. She is finally graduating and is starting work already! So fast, lol. Had so much fun shopping (but my purse did not have much fun wtf). She also gave me a little doll with handphone pouch. Now I have 2 dolls for my collection. #Super cute.

At Ben's @ Pavilion KL
Fridays are the best days ever. #TGIF that it's the end of the week but best of all, our lunch hour, which is for 2 hours 30 mins. On that particular Friday, I went to Pavilion with Len Yi, Li Ling and Stephanie. We tried Ben's, which was packed with people during lunch. 

But my pasta was too sour for my liking so I was a little disappointed. But the ambience is nice and it was so cute that they have little cards placed in the middle called, "table topics" or something like that. Definitely will give this place another chance next time.

Char Siew Rice and Shio ramen

Roasted pork cheek
Last Friday, my Mom and I went to Tokyo Street @ Pavilion to try one of the Japanese restaurants there. It was a place my mom read in the newspaper earlier, called Hokkaido Ramen. The reviews were not bad and since we always run out of ideas on places to eat after work, we decided to give it a try.

The food is actually quite nice or maybe it was the hunger talking. The rice with char siew was fragrant and so delicious. The noodles were actually so-so but the soup is very good. Apparently, it was their signature soup. We ordered 2 side dishes, i.e. roasted pork cheek (very yummy, love eating it with rice but needed some sauce though) and chicken cutlet (which I am not a fan of, since it has some tinge of ginger taste). 

The prices are pretty reasonable though but next time, we want to try the other Japanese restaurants in the same area :)


Okay, way too tired to continue typing. A short update on my life in HKL would be that today is my 1st day in a new department - Pharmacy Store. I am not sure as to what my work here is since I clocked in at 4pm today (because of my exams in the morning, added with lunch and traffic jam afterwards) but I hope I can gained much experience here. I miss Gallenicals a little though, the people there are so nice. I am going to miss having morning break with the trainees and listening to the PPFs teasing each other. I am also slightly missing Orthopedic Clinic. The work there is a lot and difficult but the people are also nice and I learned so much there. 

But life goes on, and I am just praying and hoping that I will only encounter good things in the Store. Gonna be here for one month before moving on to a busy and super strict department in December:) 

P.S. there is this new stall called Planet Popcorn in Times Square and omg, I am so addicted to their popcorns - especially their cheese popcorn! So freakin' orgasmic...I can eat the whole packet in one go. SO must-try!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today's date is so special I just felt like I have to blog just to commemorate this date in my blog.

But unfortunately, I am way too tired right now to think straight.

Will edit this post soon with pics.

I just finished my 2nd station - Gallenicals. And I love every moment of it. Work is so not stressful and the people are so nice. Too bad it's just for 2 weeks.

Next Monday I am moving on to my 3rd station - Store *crosses fingers*. And on the exact same day, I have my Forensic Law Exam *prays*.

So I am really going to be busy doing last-minute studies this weekends. Boo-hoo.


Happy 11.11.11. <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have always been reluctant to admit this. But I am just going to be honest:


I know, I should be thankful I actually have one and to do the job that was my ambition back in Form 6 (gosh, feel so old with ambition pulak).


Did they not started out like us, being prps and all, making mistakes on the job since we are all new? What the fuck is wrong with them? If you are not willing to teach, just admit it. Stop acting like you are trying to teach when you are not and then expecting me to know what to do. And expecting me to do the job perfectly with zero mistakes. I am not a ROBOT okay?


I know it is offensive to scold people like this but fuck, I am just so sick of these kind of people already.

Just so tired lately... 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

“oh for crying out loud humprey” – b.w.

***The title has nothing to do with the post wtf. I am such a huge Gossip Girl fan and right now I am trying to stream the latest episode of Season 5 but the damn freakin’ line is so slow wtf.***

It seems that when I first started this blog, I wanted to write about everything happening in my life, 24/7. But nowadays just for me to type anything at all is an accomplishment. I am terribly exhausted from my work. But most of all I am tired of making mistakes. The worst kind of feeling is the feeling of disappointment in yourself. This coming week is my final week in Pediatrics. I just pray and hope I can do right by making nil mistakes.

This past 2 weeks and upcoming weeks will be pretty hectic for me, especially weekends since I started my on-call shifts. My first on-call shift was this past Wednesday night and it was a disaster, needless to say. T___________T…with all these catastrophes happening in my profession, I am beginning to have doubts as to whether I made the right choice venturing down this career path.

I am working tomorrow morning, hopefully it will be better this time around…


Just some pics in my Iphone that I have yet to post;)

Some time after my convocation, my aunt treated myself and my mom to Oriental Palace at Jaya33 for dim sum. I absolutely love to eat dim sum since young. I have never been here before but the food was delicious! A big thank you to my aunt:)

Picture 043

Picture 039

This was one of my favourites!

Picture 040

Lo Mai Kai

Picture 041

Picture 047

Super cute earrings – grabbed 2 for myself, courtesy of aunt:)

Recently on Monday, they closed all the clinics at Pediatrics for the MRCP exam. It was an exam for medical officers to become specialists. Each clinic was used as a venue for a station with individual themes. For the theme of Communications, they needed to cast for the role of a 15 year old Chinese girl patient. As luck would have it, myself and Li Ling were asked to auditioned for the role by the officer in the pharmacy. In the end, we each took turns portraying the same role. Myself in the morning session and Li Ling in the afternoon.

All we had to do was act according to the script given and ask the candidates questions as if we were patients ourselves. Last Sunday, we were invited to Le Meridien where all the medical professors slash examiners were having a meeting. After the meeting, the examiners met up with us role players for a short discussion. Best part was after that, we were invited to have lunch at Le Meridien restaurant buffet-style!

There were so much food that I regretted eating such a heavy breakfast. I wanted to take more pics but felt a bit shy as we were sitting at the same table as the other professors. But the food was simply awesome and we didn’t even have to pay a dime for it! 

Picture 070

Dessert – my favourite! There was a chocolate fondue fountain and the stone cold ice-cream booth where they will mixed any flavors or toppings for you (a la Gelatomio style @ Pavilion). I mixed green tea + vanilla + raisins + almonds = awesome but weird wtf.

Picture 050

One of my favourites was the pasta because we get to choose the type of pasta we wanted, the sauce and all the toppings. Then, they will cook on the spot for you. I was observing the chef cooking mine so that I can picked up some few tips wtf.

Picture 060

Some selca shots of me and Li LingPicture 062

Picture 068

Finally wore the blue floral dress that I bought in CNY but only worn once. I seriously need to start wearing my old clothes.

Please wish me luck that I stop making mistakes :(

-yours truly, fifiona-    

Sunday, October 09, 2011

snapshots of my convocation ♥270911♥


I dyed my hair! Well, sort-of. I actually originally planned to just wash and trim my unruly hair. After everything was done, the lady commented that some highlights in my hair would be really nice. Because I was so tired, I kindly declined but my mom was like, okay just do it. So I did! My first experience with hair dye. The smell was pretty intoxicating, to be honest. And then they had this thing rotating around my hair injecting heat. 

But I am super stoked with the final results. It is not so obvious as I only did some orange-coloured streaks at the top of my hair. At least it's not the same boring hair I have had for 20++ years now!

On happier news, I finally got my first paycheck! And I blew some away by shopping this week. I know, I am super inefficient in managing my finances. Must. Control. Spending. 

3 more weeks to go in Paediatrics before I moved on to my next station - Gallenicals. Praying really hard to stop making mistakes already :(


So finally decided to blog about my convocation last Tuesday. Yes, a weekday wtf. Well, I am not really going to blog full-length about it since there is nothing much to talk about. I will just post some of my favourite shots of the day. Btw, not all these photos are taken by me. Some I stole from facebook because those that I took were so fugly (of me, of course wtf). I am also super grateful Tze Im's friend is a pro photographer who captured some really awesome shots. You can visit his facebook for more details.

The Saturday night before, I had some impromptu shots with my extended family of uncles, aunts and cousins in my graduation robes.

I arrived pretty late and omigosh so glad to see Suzane there in her bright pink robes. I had to give FSKB's graduation a miss due to work commitments. So sad I could not be there for their big day.

More impromptu cam-whore shots while waiting to enter the hall

Saturday, October 01, 2011

woke up at 6.30am on saturday morning =.=!!!

I am so ecstatic that it was Friday because the next day will be Saturday. I imagined a Saturday where I can feel relax and de-stress myself from all the troubles I have at work. But instead today I had so much things going on that before I knew it, it is already 11pm and I am too dead exhausted to do anything.

Woke up super early on a weekend morning >.<. Maybe coz I slept super early last night. First time ever I went to sleep at 9.30pm wtf. Even my mom was shocked. This prp job demands so much from me and although I love the complexity and varieties that come with this job, I find it an absolute nightmare to work with people. It seems like no matter where I work, there will be at least one person who gives me such a hard time at work. Sigh. I think I am way too soft is it wtf. That people can bully me so easily. T___T


On a happier note, this week besides all the shit happening at work, outside of work it has been a pretty awesome week. My bad streak when coming to food has ended, well, maybe at least for this week. 

It started with Levain. When anyone asks me to recommend any nice places to eat in downtown KL, Levain Boulangerie always come to my mind. The soup is super nice ok. I almost finish it and it wasn't even mine lol. 

Mushroom cream soup

Rasberry tea or something. Too sour for my liking.

Lasagna! Super delicious :)

I specifically typed the date because it was simply, the #BESTDAYEVER.

The day started with awesome gathering slash lunch with my UKM mates - Clara, Jane and YS. It has been so long since I last saw them. Inevitably as we are all in the same profession, our talk mainly revolves around what else but our new jobs.

The food is not bad really. Quite delicious. Definitely one of those places I will frequent again in the future. The ambience is also pretty, a la Full House restaurants.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

second week of september

I am starting to get into the habit of blogging on a weekly basis now. Yay for me. Just feel like venting out anyway.

So another week in Pediatrics Outpatient. The best thing this week, was the fact that Li Ling came to joined me! Yay, at least I have someone I know around. I became sort of like a "teacher", telling her the ropes of how the department ran. Not that I am any more experienced. 

This week I also started to learn more about dispensing and counselling. The former, they don't really let me do much as it can be a bit tricky if you don't know how the medicine works. I only did it for one day when there were many patients. I had fun but I was also wary because I am afraid I missed some things or tell things wrongly to patients. 

As for counselling, I finally tried it last Friday. It was a Malay couple, with 2 young boys. The 3-year-old son was my target. I was supposed to teach the parents how to use the aerochamber for their son. I slipped up in the beginning, teaching them how to use the inhaler instead (stupid of me), before finally the pharmacist monitoring me corrected my mistake. And that was just the beginning of my disaster. When I tried to demonstrate placing the aerochamber onto the boy, he started bawling. He cried non-stop throughout the whole counselling. I panicked, unsure what to do next. Finally, the pharmacist had to take over for me. Sigh...T________T.


Anyway, back on a happier note. Have been micro-blogging more often on Twitter now. So this is just a summary of my Twitter updates lol. Mostly are snapshots of my latest outing with my former roommate, Suzane (her blog is RIP so no point linking wtf). She finally quit her MUNDANE job in a insurance company and venture back to her hometown of the hill below the wind (geddit?) for a better higher-paying job in a bank.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fangirl mode: I need a life:(

Finally I am awake enough to blog. Been feeling super tired this week but I felt good last Friday since I made less mistakes than usual, albeit I still do the most silliest things.

I have been using Twitter more often than ever now, all thanks to my current obsession with Damian McGinty from The Glee Project. I am hoping he will retweet me but my chances are slim since he has about 165,000++ followers and gawd knows how many mentions a day. But still, I won't give up. Lol, I am in such a fangirl mode right now. I would ask you to follow me on twitter but if you don't want to get spammed by my DM tweets...well, you know *shy*.

Nothing much happening right now. I am still in Pediatrics unit, had my first lunch call on Thursday, where I had to work all through lunch. Other than that day, I usually have lunch with the girls - all the new PRPs. I feel really thankful because here in HKL, I have 2 friends from UKM (my uni); my 2 old friends whom I studied Form 6 with and part of the BF family; and finally my new PRP friends from IMU. Not forgetting the PRPs who are about to finish soon - they are all really nice:) But I wished I can feel less awkward around strangers :(

Been spending lots of time on youtube watching videos on The Glee Project. Some of the videos they made were super awesome. Few of my favourites and those you MUST-SEE are: The Only Exception (Paramore cover), Damian's cover of Beyond the Sea, and Cameron's Blackbird. There are many more but these are the few I can remember off my head right now. 

So now my photo spam begins:

Saturday, September 03, 2011

light blue eyes and baritone voice

the bad food streak never stops...went to Kenny Rogers for lunch and their side dishes were so tasteless! Yesterday we ordered Pizza Hut delivery and for the first time ever, our delivery was late! Came like 40 mins later and our pizza was all cold, tasted horrible. Called them to complain since their policy was 30 mins delivery...I had to call twice before anyone listened. Ugh, hate bad customer service!!!


Something totally random to cheer myself up. Had a rough day at work yesterday. Kept making mistakes and I am just so upset with myself. Luckily, the people were nice but I wonder how long can their patience lasts. I wished I can be less "blur" and focus more on my work. But I tend to panic especially when they expect me to do the work really fast. My mind operates really slow. Just so upsetting...

Go youtube and watch 2PM's necktie dance for "I'm Your Man", their Japanese single. I think it is one of their best choreographies ever. I hope they make a Korean version of that song so they can perform at Korean music public shows. Seriously, love the mv :)

Taecyeon, Junho, Junsu, Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Chansung
Have a huge crush on Damian McGinty, Jr. as mentioned in my previous post. I have finally been catching up on some episodes of "The Glee Project" and the talents on that show are enormous. Seriously, I don't know how they can eliminate anyone. My favourites are definitely Cameron, Damian and Samuel. 

Damian's blue eyes are gorgeous and his voice is unique, the deep kind that I like. Probably because I have always had a soft spot for swingers music, like Micheal Buble and Frank Sinatra. Like his accent too although half the time I seriously have no clue what he is saying. And his humour. Cameron and him are besties. Google CDTV and you can find videos of them together.

Damian McGinty
Damian and Cameron, another huge talent:)
I absolutely love Super Junior's comeback of "Mr. Simple" and finally, after all this while, I have a favourite SuJu member. It's Lee Donghae! Although Eunhyuk came quite close, lol. I like his hair in this comeback and he can dance so well! Lol, I am being such a fangirl. Anyway, he got injured recently, poor thing. I was watching bromance videos between him and funny but cute;)

Lee Donghae
Some days I feel so lazy to blog. It seems like my thoughts are all in a mess and it is hard to convey them through words. Having to face difficulties at work and at home, I look to the web for inspirational words to keep me going. I don't want to quit but when things can really hard, I feel depressed. 

This is one of my favourite quotes, reminding myself (and maybe some friends out there) to not be "desperate" when it comes to relationships. I know, I talk like I am such an expert but I am not okay? ;)

My convocation is on 27th Sept 2011. Finally I am graduating =)

yours truly

Thursday, September 01, 2011

starting work and bad food

This week I start work.

Yes, work. A word I have been dreading. Some of my friends (who never work before, obviously) do not understand the reason I detest this word. Now they do. Lol.

But, everyone grows up. And eventually, we must enter the real world and start earning our own living.

I went to report to HKL on Tuesday and it was so so tiring running around from one department to another. Official documents, forms, cops and signatures.

I was assigned to the Pediatrics unit. The work is not much, but due to my lack of experience working in a hospital environment, I find myself struggling and making mistakes. Thankfully, the people have been great and cut me some slack since I am new but I really wished I can learn things faster and hopefully, not make any critical mistakes that can harm the patients.

Unfortunately, being in Peads also mean I have to walk quite the distance as the building is pretty isolated than the main block, where most of my PRP friends are. It is difficult during lunch hour as we only get an hour break and I find it hard to reach back Peads on time because I have to take 20 minutes to walk to and fro from Peads to the main block. This is a challenge that I must learn to adapt and work on during my 10 weeks attachment here.

I am learning lots of things, although I wish I had more work to do. I am a little worried because it is the 2nd week already and I have not yet started filling in my log book. But I have not been working with enough prescriptions to have anything to fill in. Sigh. How come working life has got to be this stressful as well? T________T

I am so so so so happy that we have this 3 days break in conjunction with the Raya and Merdeka holidays. How awesome is that? I wish every week we only have 2 working days. Lol. It feels so great to wake up late and not having to face the awful traffic jam awaiting for me. And then not having to wait around for work at OPD. And not having to walk under the hot sun for lunch. And not having to face another awful x 10 traffic jam when I drive back home. 

Although I complained so much, I am, in fact, really glad and thankful to get the hospital of my choice for training and to be able to stay in my home sweet home. Just wanted to voice out some stuff. I guess all those prayers I did in both Taiwan and Bangkok really paid. I am so going to pray at Bangkok again after my PRP ends. So I am superstitious. Lol.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

counting down the days

Happy 24th birthday to my dear friend, Gary. It has been two years since his demise. I miss him dearly.


I have finally decided.

Next Monday I am going to report myself at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to undergo my one-year training as a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) under Ministry of Health. 

Quite psyched to work at HKL. It was after all, my second choice in my application. HKL is the largest hospital in Malaysia and receives the most number of patients than any other hospitals in Malaysia.

I have my work cut out for me, I know. HKL is not exactly the best place to undergo PRP training but with the numerous departments and clinical cases, undoubtedly I am sure I will learn lots of things there.

My biggest fear is that I do not seem to be well-prepared at all. Maybe I am still feeling a little traumatised from my previous training at Guardian, whereby the pharmacists there were really stern and constantly looked down on students. I hope the staff at HKL will be more forgiving and willing to teach us. People make mistakes, and perhaps myself more than others. 

My batch coursemates, Stephanie from Kuching and Carrie from Malacca will be joining me at HKL. Plus, my former Form 6 classmates who studied Pharmacy at IMU, Len Yi and Li Ling also received posting at HKL. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

crazy little thing called love

So I called KKM already...and they said I got HKL...ecstatic at the news but I am still waiting for the official letter =)

I have been watching Gossip Girl online, as well as Korean variety shows like 2PM show and We Got Married until I came across this little movie called, "Crazy Thing Called Love" or also known as "First Love". It is a Thai movie, actually, and I have been reading about these great reviews by bloggers online. Their phrase of "Everyone's love story", really got everyone liking it.

So, wondering about all the buzz about this Thai movie, I decided to give it a try. Google-ed it and I found a site hosting this movie in English subtitles. The subs are not that great but it did gave me a gist of the whole movie.

Normally, I would not go all-out and become fangirl over love movies because they can get cliche sometimes and we all know, they are not real (I am a pessimist, bite me). This movie may have a run-of-the-mill storyline but somehow it really got me captivated. 

It stars Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol as Nam, the main character who started out in this movie as a dark-skinned face, geeky and klutzy freshman. She harbors a secret crush on her senior, the charming sweet gentleman, Chone (played by this handsome actor, Mario Maurer). 

He likes photography a lot and is hardly ever seen without his camera

I have been seeing a lot of film cameras lately - Ben's and Mel's in Kenyir and my cousin, JJ's in Bangkok. I am so tempted to play around with one now.

He is just so handsome:)
The movie chronicles through every year of Nam's life as she remains secretly in love with Chone for 3 years. Her best friends, who are just as awkward-looking as she is, helps her to be pretty and to drop hints to Chone through the 9 Recipes for love book. 

Eventually Nam becomes from an ugly duckling to a lovely swan and yet Chone still did not make any moves on her. Instead, his best friend, Top, fell for Nam and pursues her. Nam felt bad as she didn't want to jeopardize Chone's friendship with Top but she cannot hide her feelings for Chone. 

This is my favourite scene from the movie. So beautiful right?
So, she finally breaks it up with Top. Top, upset, tells Chone to not pursue Nam. Now, alone, without her best buddies by her side, Nam studies hard to get first in her class so she can go to U.S. to see her dad. When she gets the courage to confess to Chone, she finds out that he is already seeing someone else and was leaving for Bangkok to train in elite football team.

After that, comes the surprising twist that is slightly hard to believe, in my opinion, but still I am touched by it.

I won't reveal it, you just have to watch the movie.

I think the fact that most will like this movie is because they feel they can relate to it. I know I can, back in my younger years, throughout primary school and a little in secondary school, I remember having this huge crush on a schoolmate for close to 5 years. And the funny thing was, I never even spoken to him before. But I remember just being really happy to see him in class everyday. Later on did I find out that he also felt the same way as I did through a friend of ours. However, regretfully, nothing ever happened between us. Maybe due to the bad decisions I made in my adolescent years. But hey, we all live and learn right?

I can go on and on, writing about this movie but I am so sleepy now. I swear, I am feeling so unhealthy since coming back from Bangkok. I need to rev myself up. I am starting work next month, need to get my brain cells active again after such a dormant lifestyle:)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

when the waiting gets tougher

I am now back from my Bangkok trip. Pattaya is bad but Bangkok was a blast! Simply a city I would want to go back again, minus all the traffic jam of course.

I am having the flu. Crap. I attribute it to my mom, who had it in Thailand. Advised her to see a doctor but refused to listen to me. Now, she generously gave me the germ. I feel like shit now, sore throat and runny nose. Hopefully things will be normal soon...

Anyway, I am here to share more depressing news. The placement for my posting is out. The letters have yet to arrive but apparently we can call KKM and ask them now. Fear got the better of me and I have yet to call and ask them. But I know, sooner or later I will have to know. And if they are going to send me to some faraway place, it's better to know soon so I can settle my accommodation, transport, etc.

I guess there are pros and cons to this. Pro is I don't have to go out searching for a job like some of fresh graduates friends do but the con is I have no control whatsoever on the place I want to work in. I mean, KL is after all, land of opportunities. It would be much easier for me to look for a job here but now I have to place my fate in the hands of KKM. 

I am going to call them tomorrow morning and fingers crossed that they will send me back to my hometown. But after looking at facebook on my friends' updates, I have my doubts. Please, let my prayers be answered. I not only prayed in Malaysia but in Taiwan and Bangkok too. Sounds kiasu hor.

Thought this post would look better with a picture so here is the latest pic of me. Taken on Sunday, the day after I came back from Bangkok. Seriously, you cannot imagine how much I have been eating in my travels =( TT__________TT

Dress: Sg Wang; Blazer: market; Leggings, shoes, bag: Bangkok;
Skinny belt: Times Square; Earrings, ring: Forever 21
 I don't know if you can see but I looked really tired in the pic, even had swollen eyes. After arriving at KLIA, my uncle whisked us away for a family dinner at Zui Mao (literally "Drunken Cat"). The very next day, I went out for lunch with my former roommates and housemate at "The Ship". On top of that, I was having cold. So yeah, I was pretty exhausted.

BB's bf, BB, Suzane, Ngiik Ling and me
My former roommate, Beng Beng, was in KL with her bf. We had lunch with Suzane (my other roommate) and Ngiik Ling (now Suzane's roommate) who are working in KL now. 

Sorry for the crappy pic. Iphone does no wonder at all in dark, dimly-lit setting. And no pics of food because I was horrendously late for lunch (like 1 hour late *paiseh*) but now The Ship is offering Ramadhan offer sets, around RM30.90++ per set, comes with soup, bread and drinks too!

Tomorrow is D-Day...keeping an open mind on the whole matter *zen*...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hello from bangkok


Right now I am at Bangkok, staying at relatives' house. My mother's cousin's family has been very gracious and hospitable to us. Tomorrow we are going to Pattaya and then it's time to go back to the real world, KL...

But for now just enjoying time here before starting prp soon:)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

the difference between a great love and the right love...

As the month of August is approaching, I am getting more and more nervous. Seriously, the waiting and the anticipation is more stressful than I thought.

It has been a wonderful 3 months holiday. Yes, although I realized I should have go look for a job in KL (the city of opportunities wtf), I instead devoted all my time into being a lazy bum. As relax as it sounds, I realized I have been wasting a lot of time. A lot.

So, here I am, wasting my life and time away by catching up on Gossip Girl Season 4 online. I can never get enough of my favourite Upper East Siders. Seriously, everyone is hooking up with every single person. The only two pairs that do not hook up are obviously Dan and Jenny (because they are related) and Chuck and Serena (well, not like he didn't try back in Season 1 but they are technically, step-siblings). Although does anyone else think that it's weird Serena and Dan wanted to hook up? I mean, although they are not blood-related, hello, their parents are married to one another? Admittedly, Season 4 is a little blah compared to its predecessors. But, the fashion is still as fantastic. What I will give for Blair and Serena's closets...:)

I have yet to finish catching up on all the episodes although I already watched the finale. Cannot wait for Season 5 which is supposed to begin in September. Seriously, I am addicted to the fashion and the drama of it all.

Staying on the topic of fashion, I am leaving for Bangkok tonight. I have been feeling a little down lately, because of my nervousness. It's good to get away and enjoy for one last time. But then again, now I am worried as to who will collect my letters for me when I am away. Sigh.

I still have some clothes still brand new and unworn yet. I seriously need to control myself. Anyway, feel like sharing some outfit posts of my new clothes:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

running from Fear

To organize my traveling posts more efficiently, I created a page of all my trips hoping that people might find it useful to plan their travel itineraries. It is under "Travel Chronicles".


I wanted to post something nice initially but I am just feeling nervous to actually type properly here.

The reason? UIA has already received their posting letter and for UKM, the letter will be due anytime in August.

There are still many documents to be sorted out but every time I looked at my file, I just get lots of butterflies in my stomach and feel sick.

I am so worried to death where they will send me. Whether I had made the right choices in my application. Where will I live? How will I go to work? Who am I going to live with? What if my housemates or roommates are rotten?

I realized this is a new chapter in my life now but I am just so afraid to face. So what do I do? I run from it. I keep procrastinating my documents in hope that I do not have to face it.

Feeling like hell right now and so stupid too. Of course, many people have to go through this. I just wish I have the courage to do so.

I have so many fears in life and I just wondered, how long more I am going to run away from them. It would be so much better for me to face those fears, I know, but can I?

I put this quote as my desktop background in hopes it will motivate me. But obviously...

You gain strength, confidence and courage 
By every experience in which you really
Stop to look Fear in the eye
Do the thing you think you cannot do

In happier news, I am keeping myself distracted by planning places to visit in Bangkok. Yes, I will be flying to Bangkok next week via Lufthansa. My first time on Lufthansa wtf. Actually, because it was on such short notice, the tickets to Bangkok via Air Asia became so damn expensive wtf. Even more expensive than my tickets to Taiwan. So, my aunt booked another airline instead, which was only slightly cheaper. I thought my mom will complain about how expensive the tickets were, but surprisingly she didn't say anything. Fortunately.

We will be staying with relatives there. I have not seen them in a decade, I think. My mom's and my aunt's cousin so yeah, distant relatives. Hopefully *crosses fingers* everything goes smoothly. We will also be going to Pattaya as well (sunblock checked...why do I keep visiting hot places? wtf). I am kinda excited as this is my second time to Bangkok and I am itching to do shopping. Not sure how much shopping I can do since my mom tells me I have been using too much money traveling this holidays and also, my mom is not exactly a big fan of my fashion adventures wtf.

But then again, after this trip, I will have to return to reality. My greatest nightmare. I hate you *** for not letting me have a say in my future workplace. This sucks.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

final post: random turkey

So, for my final and last post on Turkey, here are just photos taken throughout my journey there...

A pharmacy in Istanbul

Proton Wira under the tree

Sabah is really famous!

Circus-themed (?)

Interesting place to set up a stall

Ankara railway station

Turkish men in Turkish garments at Hilton Ankara

When he saw me about to snap picture of him, he stopped and posed lol

At the restaurant where we had our last meal in Turkey



(unless you ask ms blogger first)