Saturday, October 22, 2011

“oh for crying out loud humprey” – b.w.

***The title has nothing to do with the post wtf. I am such a huge Gossip Girl fan and right now I am trying to stream the latest episode of Season 5 but the damn freakin’ line is so slow wtf.***

It seems that when I first started this blog, I wanted to write about everything happening in my life, 24/7. But nowadays just for me to type anything at all is an accomplishment. I am terribly exhausted from my work. But most of all I am tired of making mistakes. The worst kind of feeling is the feeling of disappointment in yourself. This coming week is my final week in Pediatrics. I just pray and hope I can do right by making nil mistakes.

This past 2 weeks and upcoming weeks will be pretty hectic for me, especially weekends since I started my on-call shifts. My first on-call shift was this past Wednesday night and it was a disaster, needless to say. T___________T…with all these catastrophes happening in my profession, I am beginning to have doubts as to whether I made the right choice venturing down this career path.

I am working tomorrow morning, hopefully it will be better this time around…


Just some pics in my Iphone that I have yet to post;)

Some time after my convocation, my aunt treated myself and my mom to Oriental Palace at Jaya33 for dim sum. I absolutely love to eat dim sum since young. I have never been here before but the food was delicious! A big thank you to my aunt:)

Picture 043

Picture 039

This was one of my favourites!

Picture 040

Lo Mai Kai

Picture 041

Picture 047

Super cute earrings – grabbed 2 for myself, courtesy of aunt:)

Recently on Monday, they closed all the clinics at Pediatrics for the MRCP exam. It was an exam for medical officers to become specialists. Each clinic was used as a venue for a station with individual themes. For the theme of Communications, they needed to cast for the role of a 15 year old Chinese girl patient. As luck would have it, myself and Li Ling were asked to auditioned for the role by the officer in the pharmacy. In the end, we each took turns portraying the same role. Myself in the morning session and Li Ling in the afternoon.

All we had to do was act according to the script given and ask the candidates questions as if we were patients ourselves. Last Sunday, we were invited to Le Meridien where all the medical professors slash examiners were having a meeting. After the meeting, the examiners met up with us role players for a short discussion. Best part was after that, we were invited to have lunch at Le Meridien restaurant buffet-style!

There were so much food that I regretted eating such a heavy breakfast. I wanted to take more pics but felt a bit shy as we were sitting at the same table as the other professors. But the food was simply awesome and we didn’t even have to pay a dime for it! 

Picture 070

Dessert – my favourite! There was a chocolate fondue fountain and the stone cold ice-cream booth where they will mixed any flavors or toppings for you (a la Gelatomio style @ Pavilion). I mixed green tea + vanilla + raisins + almonds = awesome but weird wtf.

Picture 050

One of my favourites was the pasta because we get to choose the type of pasta we wanted, the sauce and all the toppings. Then, they will cook on the spot for you. I was observing the chef cooking mine so that I can picked up some few tips wtf.

Picture 060

Some selca shots of me and Li LingPicture 062

Picture 068

Finally wore the blue floral dress that I bought in CNY but only worn once. I seriously need to start wearing my old clothes.

Please wish me luck that I stop making mistakes :(

-yours truly, fifiona-    


Suzane Mah said...

T______________T i totally uds ur feelings bcz i keep making mistakes too in bank T____________T i nvr missed kena marah evyday until now i sudah anaesthetized by the scoldings T______________T evyday i pray b4 i step into d bank that i make fewer mistakes..n evytime "suzane!" is called up, i ody start panicking T___________T but sumhow i knw things happen for a reason! we must leanr form msitakes!jia you my fren!

FIFIONA said...

thanks babes...haih so tired already ler...T___T



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