Saturday, October 01, 2011

woke up at 6.30am on saturday morning =.=!!!

I am so ecstatic that it was Friday because the next day will be Saturday. I imagined a Saturday where I can feel relax and de-stress myself from all the troubles I have at work. But instead today I had so much things going on that before I knew it, it is already 11pm and I am too dead exhausted to do anything.

Woke up super early on a weekend morning >.<. Maybe coz I slept super early last night. First time ever I went to sleep at 9.30pm wtf. Even my mom was shocked. This prp job demands so much from me and although I love the complexity and varieties that come with this job, I find it an absolute nightmare to work with people. It seems like no matter where I work, there will be at least one person who gives me such a hard time at work. Sigh. I think I am way too soft is it wtf. That people can bully me so easily. T___T


On a happier note, this week besides all the shit happening at work, outside of work it has been a pretty awesome week. My bad streak when coming to food has ended, well, maybe at least for this week. 

It started with Levain. When anyone asks me to recommend any nice places to eat in downtown KL, Levain Boulangerie always come to my mind. The soup is super nice ok. I almost finish it and it wasn't even mine lol. 

Mushroom cream soup

Rasberry tea or something. Too sour for my liking.

Lasagna! Super delicious :)

I specifically typed the date because it was simply, the #BESTDAYEVER.

The day started with awesome gathering slash lunch with my UKM mates - Clara, Jane and YS. It has been so long since I last saw them. Inevitably as we are all in the same profession, our talk mainly revolves around what else but our new jobs.

The food is not bad really. Quite delicious. Definitely one of those places I will frequent again in the future. The ambience is also pretty, a la Full House restaurants.

The choice for lunch at Mid Valley

Pretty decor

Jane and her new iPhone were inseparable

I like Jane's latte so sweet (metaphorically speaking)

My grilled barramundi

Clara's Aglio Olio pasta

Ys's Norwegian salmon

The other one is Jane's Chicken Teriyaki

Clara and moi

Ys, Clara, Moi and Jane
The pianist in the cage...looks a bit sad no?

After that, Jane went to join her family whilst the trio went to catch a movie. Due to lack of good seats available, we opted to watch, "Abduction" and we sat separately lol. Yes, blame Saturday morning at Mid Valley. 

The movie was kinda great actually and I am not biased about Taylor Lautner ok wtf. I have always been a Team Edward. At least the storyline was kinda new and fresh. The action scenes are awesome but the ending disappointed me the most. I guess with all the fast-moving pace, I actually expected more from the ending. It turn out to be kinda too predictable and slightly corny.

Next we headed out to Alexis @ Gardens Mid Valley for one of the best cakes I have ever eaten in my life.

Because Clara was in a weird phase whereby she was craving for macarons, we bought a giant one from Delectables.

Salted chocolate macaron - Delectables

Lemon Meringue - Alexis

Tiramisu cake - Alexis

The cakes were heavenly - yum! I know I have a super sweet tooth. Tiramisu is still my favourite cake and a must-try for all cake lovers.

Alas, we did not have much time after chit-chatting at Alexis. Clara joined her family who also came to MV, Ys had to rush back to Klang and I had to rush for family dinner. 

After such a heavy lunch + dessert, I joined my family in 988 Restaurant in celebration of my graduation. Because my convocation is on a Tuesday, my extended family could not make it. So instead, we had dinner to commemorate this event.


After dinner, we went to my uncle's house where my aunt surprised me with another dessert. A cake she made in honour of my graduation. It has 3 layers with the toppings being peaches. The purple layer is grape jelly followed by cheese yoghurt in the second layer. Finally the bottom crust is biscuit.

The cake was simply delicious!

And that was my super tiring but great day. After that, I took some pics with the family in my graduation robes. But I am lazy to upload too many pics here. Everything is posted on facebook nowadays anyways.

Next post will be MY GRADUATION. I had a blast that day and I cannot wait to blog about it! I will always remember the date 270911 wtf.

Polka dot and lace blouse: market (my mom's); Skirt & floral bag: Cotton On; Earrings: Bangkok; Shoes: Taiwan

Super love this new photo app on my iPhone. Makes everything easier lol.

yours truly

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