Sunday, September 18, 2011

second week of september

I am starting to get into the habit of blogging on a weekly basis now. Yay for me. Just feel like venting out anyway.

So another week in Pediatrics Outpatient. The best thing this week, was the fact that Li Ling came to joined me! Yay, at least I have someone I know around. I became sort of like a "teacher", telling her the ropes of how the department ran. Not that I am any more experienced. 

This week I also started to learn more about dispensing and counselling. The former, they don't really let me do much as it can be a bit tricky if you don't know how the medicine works. I only did it for one day when there were many patients. I had fun but I was also wary because I am afraid I missed some things or tell things wrongly to patients. 

As for counselling, I finally tried it last Friday. It was a Malay couple, with 2 young boys. The 3-year-old son was my target. I was supposed to teach the parents how to use the aerochamber for their son. I slipped up in the beginning, teaching them how to use the inhaler instead (stupid of me), before finally the pharmacist monitoring me corrected my mistake. And that was just the beginning of my disaster. When I tried to demonstrate placing the aerochamber onto the boy, he started bawling. He cried non-stop throughout the whole counselling. I panicked, unsure what to do next. Finally, the pharmacist had to take over for me. Sigh...T________T.


Anyway, back on a happier note. Have been micro-blogging more often on Twitter now. So this is just a summary of my Twitter updates lol. Mostly are snapshots of my latest outing with my former roommate, Suzane (her blog is RIP so no point linking wtf). She finally quit her MUNDANE job in a insurance company and venture back to her hometown of the hill below the wind (geddit?) for a better higher-paying job in a bank.

This is the present she got for me. Love fashion books and I am happy to add this to my collection!

Bought a new Iphone case! Even before my first salary came out T________T. I am seriously so broke. But it was so so so freakin' cute and they only have one design each! What if when I come back later to buy it, someone else gets it? #Justified 

Yesterday, went to UKM Bangi to get my robes for my convocation. I am actually more thrilled than I expected myself to be. Probably feeling glad that I can finally graduate! I swear, with all the ups and downs I experienced in uni, I actually doubt I would ever be able to graduate. 

Black outer lace top: Cotton On; Top with bowback (worn inside): Ladies Fashion (online); Shorts: market; Envelope clutch: Garde-robe (online); Flats: Vincci

Yes, I finally bought the much coveted envelope clutch lol. I wanted to get one for the longest time ever. Super disappointed when I could not find it in Bangkok and then Garderobe was selling them like super reasonable price I had to grab it before it gets sold out. 

Sushi Tei for lunch (have been here way too many times to be counted)

Printed tee: market; Scallop trim vest: Bangkok; Red bag: Sabah; Rosette tutu: Fashion City@Sg Wang; Wedges: Nautini; Ring: Forever 21

Roomie outfit of the day (let's see if I can remember lol) -  Marilyn Monroe printed top: market; Black cardi: Agenda@Jusco; Shorts: market; Vintage bag: market; sandals: ?
P.S. Actually her shorts here is the same as the one I wore in the first pic. Shopping mates wtf *high five*

Suzane introduced me to this new place located at 6th floor Pavilion, called Tokyo Street.

This was in one of the shops - super cute Beatles right!
Btw, how aptly matching was my outfit with the place. I was wearing a Japanese-printed tee and we went to Tokyo Street! P.S. This will be one of those times I will be proudly bragging this connection and Suzane will give me the =.= #lame face.

And then we headed to Theobroma's

I suddenly had a craving for chocolate fondue

The Belgian chocolate waffle or something

Mah pig pig awaiting to eat wtf
I swear, the bad food streak is just continuing. The waffle looks so pretty right? But worst I ever eaten. I am never ordering that again. Seriously, when will this streak ever ends T_______________T


Anonymous said...

when is your convooo?!!!


FIFIONA said...


My convo on 27th September. It's on a Tuesday, weekday:( Afternoon session.

Anonymous said...

:( i can't make it then :( BOO!!! i've got duty!!!!!

FIFIONA said...

no worries:)



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