Sunday, October 06, 2013

Hong Kong July 2013 Itinerary: First Day

This is a very belated post about my Hong Kong trip in July (like 2 months ago?). This is my second time to Hong Kong but I was excited because it was going to be a free and easy trip with friends, unlike the first time whereby it was a guided tour. So my objectives of this trip was to go places I didn't have the chance to go the last time as well as to accomplish some things I have always wanted to do in HK.

Arrived at Hong Kong International Aiport with Yi Won and then we purchased the Airport Express Travel Pass for unlimited travel on the MTR. Coincidentally, we were going to be in HK for 3 days, which is exactly when the card will expire.

Our first stop is to Lan Fong Yuen at Central for food.

We had french toast, milk tea and noodles. Food was just meh but the restaurant culture here is so different. Everything moves really fast and sharing tables are habitual here, so much so they don't even wait for your answer when they asked you if you mind to share tables.

First look of Central from atop the Soho Mid-Level Escalators:

#1: Visiting Soho Mid-Level Escalators.

Yes, that is one of the places I wanted to go on my list. It is the longest running escalator in the world. Plus, it was also filming location for both "We Got Married - Adam Couple" and "Running Man Hong Kong Episode".

#2: Riding the tram up to The Peak.

Although I have visited The Peak the last time I went to Hong Kong, I have always wanted to experience riding the "antique" tram instead of going up by tour bus the last time. We were aware of the notorious queue that the tram is famous for (because there is only one tram). 

Maybe because it was a weekday and we reached the station pretty early so the queue was not as long as we have previously seen in photos prior to our trip. Even Liz who has been to HK a few times noted that it was the shortest queue she has ever seen. Despite the heat and the stuffiness, finally we were able to secure seats on the vintage tram. 

At the Lower Terminus Tram station, we also purchased tickets to Sky Terrace 428 to enjoy a magnificent bird eye's view of Hong Kong. In every trip that I planned, I will never miss the opportunity to visit any place that is able to give me a bird eye's view of the country that I go to. There is nothing that gives me a rush more than looking down at the city with all its beautiful lights and be amazed at how much the country have developed. I know, I am such a city kind of girl. 

But, undoubtedly one of the highlights of my trip.

My mediocre camera did no justice though. Want a new camera so badly.

And of course, a postcard to the future is one of the things I wanted to try. Another 2 more months...

Whilst walking to MTR station to return to our hotel.

-End of a short Day 1-

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