Tuesday, August 09, 2011

when the waiting gets tougher

I am now back from my Bangkok trip. Pattaya is bad but Bangkok was a blast! Simply a city I would want to go back again, minus all the traffic jam of course.

I am having the flu. Crap. I attribute it to my mom, who had it in Thailand. Advised her to see a doctor but refused to listen to me. Now, she generously gave me the germ. I feel like shit now, sore throat and runny nose. Hopefully things will be normal soon...

Anyway, I am here to share more depressing news. The placement for my posting is out. The letters have yet to arrive but apparently we can call KKM and ask them now. Fear got the better of me and I have yet to call and ask them. But I know, sooner or later I will have to know. And if they are going to send me to some faraway place, it's better to know soon so I can settle my accommodation, transport, etc.

I guess there are pros and cons to this. Pro is I don't have to go out searching for a job like some of fresh graduates friends do but the con is I have no control whatsoever on the place I want to work in. I mean, KL is after all, land of opportunities. It would be much easier for me to look for a job here but now I have to place my fate in the hands of KKM. 

I am going to call them tomorrow morning and fingers crossed that they will send me back to my hometown. But after looking at facebook on my friends' updates, I have my doubts. Please, let my prayers be answered. I not only prayed in Malaysia but in Taiwan and Bangkok too. Sounds kiasu hor.

Thought this post would look better with a picture so here is the latest pic of me. Taken on Sunday, the day after I came back from Bangkok. Seriously, you cannot imagine how much I have been eating in my travels =( TT__________TT

Dress: Sg Wang; Blazer: market; Leggings, shoes, bag: Bangkok;
Skinny belt: Times Square; Earrings, ring: Forever 21
 I don't know if you can see but I looked really tired in the pic, even had swollen eyes. After arriving at KLIA, my uncle whisked us away for a family dinner at Zui Mao (literally "Drunken Cat"). The very next day, I went out for lunch with my former roommates and housemate at "The Ship". On top of that, I was having cold. So yeah, I was pretty exhausted.

BB's bf, BB, Suzane, Ngiik Ling and me
My former roommate, Beng Beng, was in KL with her bf. We had lunch with Suzane (my other roommate) and Ngiik Ling (now Suzane's roommate) who are working in KL now. 

Sorry for the crappy pic. Iphone does no wonder at all in dark, dimly-lit setting. And no pics of food because I was horrendously late for lunch (like 1 hour late *paiseh*) but now The Ship is offering Ramadhan offer sets, around RM30.90++ per set, comes with soup, bread and drinks too!

Tomorrow is D-Day...keeping an open mind on the whole matter *zen*...

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