Thursday, August 18, 2011

counting down the days

Happy 24th birthday to my dear friend, Gary. It has been two years since his demise. I miss him dearly.


I have finally decided.

Next Monday I am going to report myself at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to undergo my one-year training as a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) under Ministry of Health. 

Quite psyched to work at HKL. It was after all, my second choice in my application. HKL is the largest hospital in Malaysia and receives the most number of patients than any other hospitals in Malaysia.

I have my work cut out for me, I know. HKL is not exactly the best place to undergo PRP training but with the numerous departments and clinical cases, undoubtedly I am sure I will learn lots of things there.

My biggest fear is that I do not seem to be well-prepared at all. Maybe I am still feeling a little traumatised from my previous training at Guardian, whereby the pharmacists there were really stern and constantly looked down on students. I hope the staff at HKL will be more forgiving and willing to teach us. People make mistakes, and perhaps myself more than others. 

My batch coursemates, Stephanie from Kuching and Carrie from Malacca will be joining me at HKL. Plus, my former Form 6 classmates who studied Pharmacy at IMU, Len Yi and Li Ling also received posting at HKL. 

I have made a list. A to-do list, actually. Things that I want to do before I officially start work. 
  1. Clean up my closet (again!) I did it yesterday yay. Can you believe this is the 2nd time I clear and re-organize my closet in my holidays? The last time I re-organize it was 2 months ago! Lol. All of these shopping has to stop. I am fast running out of storage space. It seems the more stressed out I am, the more impulse shopping I do. Has. To. Stop.
  2. Reading "The Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. Apparently, the reading list I self-made has gone down the drain. I only managed to ever finish reading "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. The Outliers was actually a book recommended by my second cousin, JJ, whilst I was in Thailand. So, when I came back to KL, I went off to buy it. I am only in my 2nd chapter and I am already intrigued by it. I don't really read a lot of non-fiction books but maybe this book might change my mind.
  3. Blog about Bangkok / Pattaya trip. The pics have been uploaded on facebook but I guess the blogging has to wait.
  4. Study. Yes, the dreaded word is back. Being a provisionally-registered pharmacist means you will still be constantly scrutinized by colleagues and supervisors. The student life has not end yet. In other words, I am like an intern right now. I still don't know where to start reading as I don't know which department I will be assigned to:(
Been having some weekly dose of good food lately. Right after coming back from Bangkok on first week of August, we were whisked for a family dinner, a treat by my uncle. The next day, went to The Ship with former roommates and housemate. The second week of August, was actually my Mom's birthday. Every year, I treat her for lunch (or dinner). Buying things for her is a futile effort, as she is indecisive and a fussy buyer lol. 

I try scourging for interesting places to eat online. It is a task because cuisines she enjoy eating, I don't. She likes Chinese, I don't. I like Italian and Japanese, she doesn't. Finally, after coming upon Kampungboycitygal, I decided to treat her at Alexis @ Gardens Mid Valley. I have only ever been here for the cakes, but apparently they also served Asian cuisine for main courses. Perfect for my very Asian mom. Lol.

Lunch at Alexis
I had their Nasi Lemak
Sarawak Laksa
Tiramisu cake with raspberry sauce
The food is not bad and has reasonable prices. I prefer my Nasi Lemak over my mom's laksa btw. I had like ,six different type of side dishes to go with my rice. But my mom still prefers Madam Kwan's Nasi Bojari lol. I would highly recommend the Nasi Lemak, really delicious. The Sarawak Laksa is not spicy, actually, much to us spicy lovers' disappointment. And pretty oily too.

The cake is mainly for me because I have such a sweet tooth. It has a thick coat of walnuts and caramel, so delicious. If you don't like it too sweet, the raspberry sauce is there to give it a hint of sourness. Although I was so full after the rice, I simply cannot resist this lovely dessert. The tiramisu cake is their specialty, btw, and is slightly more expensive compared to the other cakes.

After such a wonderful meal, we were subjected to more delicious food for dinner. 

We went to my uncle's house for a family dinner in conjunction with the Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival. My uncle is an awesome chef, cooking up another one of his delicious dinners.

Fresh from his Phuket trip, he made this prawn dish that he tasted there.
Playing around with the effect in my camera. 
Wonderfully-decorated dishes.
I am really fortunate that my uncle is such a great cook because I get to sampled such amazing home-cooked dishes. I have fear of the weighing machine now after such rich food. Sigh.

This weekend, I am again going out for lunch with a friend who will be departing soon for Kelantan, where he is going to do his PRP posting.

Bought this trenchcoat dress way too long ago and now only I wore it for the first time. Got inspired by my K-dramas I supposed. Got it for sales 50% at a random boutique in Cheras. Just RM25, not bad right:)

yours truly,

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