Saturday, July 30, 2011

the difference between a great love and the right love...

As the month of August is approaching, I am getting more and more nervous. Seriously, the waiting and the anticipation is more stressful than I thought.

It has been a wonderful 3 months holiday. Yes, although I realized I should have go look for a job in KL (the city of opportunities wtf), I instead devoted all my time into being a lazy bum. As relax as it sounds, I realized I have been wasting a lot of time. A lot.

So, here I am, wasting my life and time away by catching up on Gossip Girl Season 4 online. I can never get enough of my favourite Upper East Siders. Seriously, everyone is hooking up with every single person. The only two pairs that do not hook up are obviously Dan and Jenny (because they are related) and Chuck and Serena (well, not like he didn't try back in Season 1 but they are technically, step-siblings). Although does anyone else think that it's weird Serena and Dan wanted to hook up? I mean, although they are not blood-related, hello, their parents are married to one another? Admittedly, Season 4 is a little blah compared to its predecessors. But, the fashion is still as fantastic. What I will give for Blair and Serena's closets...:)

I have yet to finish catching up on all the episodes although I already watched the finale. Cannot wait for Season 5 which is supposed to begin in September. Seriously, I am addicted to the fashion and the drama of it all.

Staying on the topic of fashion, I am leaving for Bangkok tonight. I have been feeling a little down lately, because of my nervousness. It's good to get away and enjoy for one last time. But then again, now I am worried as to who will collect my letters for me when I am away. Sigh.

I still have some clothes still brand new and unworn yet. I seriously need to control myself. Anyway, feel like sharing some outfit posts of my new clothes:)

Shopping with Mom at UNIQLO Fahrenheit. She needed to buy some tees.

Lace dress: gift from Mom; Vintage red belt: Seesaw's Playground ; Wedges: Nautini; Bag: HK;
Necklace: Forever 21; Pearl ring: Sungei Wang
Love this lace dress, a gift from mommy:)

Vintage crochet dress: Mods Boutique (online); Grey leggings: forgot; Brown skinny belt: Sg Wang
Bought this vintage look dress for really cheap online because it was closing down. Really like the crochet collar

I recently had lunch in Bangsar with 2 of my oldest friends ever - Jagdeesh and Stephanie, from primary school. Dr. Jagdeesh finally completed her 6 and a half years in Kursk studying medicine and Stephanie is graduating at UKM this year with me, but hers is a Masters while mine is just degree.

Pink blazer: Taiwan; Polka dot blouse: market; Zipper skirt: Cotton On; Flats: Vincci;
Colourblock bag: Sg wang; Necklace: Sg Wang
I have been looking for a pink blazer for like, forever! So happy to find one I love at Taiwan. Glad that I bought it because after I come back, I realized many online sites selling them for double the price that I bought it for. The Cotton On zipper skirt only RM15. What a bargain. I bought a lot of sales stuff at Cotton On lately.

Just last week, went out with Suzane and Ngiik Ling, both now settled in KL for work. We finally watched the last installment of Harry Potter series. Love the movie!!!

My new necklace
I-City Shah Alam
Also last Sunday, I went to MTV World Stage 2011 concert with Suzane. My cousin Sherli also came with her Mom. They had local band Pop Shuvit, Korean band B2ST / Beast and also Americans Neon Trees and Thirty Seconds to Mars. Of course, it was kinda obvious who we came for:) The tickets were complimentary because Ngiik Ling and her brother won them in a contest and they could not make it...
B2ST Tee that I bought back in January when I went to Digi Kpop Live Party 2011~
Sterling Beaumon
Finally, end this post with a pic of Sterling Beaumon, this really awesome actor who guested on Criminal Minds and Law & Order. I cannot believe he is only 16 years old, even younger than Justin Bieber. He plays a psychotic killer and rapist on both shows respectively. Seriously, he gives me the goosebumps. But on a positive side, he's kind of cute and has really pretty eyes:)

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