Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mona lisa and seven songs

Yes, I have been home for a week now since my trip from Sabah. I am just soaking up the whole kpop scene right now. Taking a break from holiday posts to share some of my favourite kpop songs I am listening now...

#1: LED Apple "How Dare You"

Actually I have not heard of this band before, I think it is a rookie band group. Watched KBS Music Bank and saw them performing. I thought their concept is kind of awesome. A band like CN Blue and FT Island but instead of one vocalist, they have two! (who also raps, btw). Not to mentioned this song is pretty awesome too ;)

#2: MBLAQ "Mona Lisa"

I have never been a huge fan of MBLAQ before although I like them. It is hard to distinguish all the boybands out there. But I am super lovin' this song, actually. I keep re-playing it over and over again wtf. Lee Joon is as charismatic as ever, must be all his yeonggi (acting) wtf. But I am most surprised by how good-looking Thunder / Cheondung and Mir are...super like this!

#3: 2PM "Hands Up"

Of course, how can I forget my lovely 2PM boys that I am super HOTTEST fan! I like their concept actually, the whole spontaneous choreography. It is actually harder to do spontaneous choreography than organized one I feel. But the 6 boys managed to bring out some humour and party feel when they performed. Love them, and they are really a class of their own.

#4: 2PM Nichkhun "Don't Wanna Try" (cover from Frankie J)

This one is an old old video of Nichkhun when he performed this song in Osaka, Japan. I watched WGM Khuntoria last night and I somehow remembered this song. I really really love him performing this song. Back then, I used to play this again and again. It was back when 2PM just debuted, you can see Jaebeom was still around back then...

#5: 2NE1 "I Am The Best"

2NE1 is back! I like this song, but I wish it was less electronic wtf. That is because I know the girls have really great vocals and this song totally drowned their voices. But nevertheless, it is a catchy song and I like their music videos mostly because of their fashion and style. It is like watching 4 Lady Gagas!

#6: Miss A "Goodbye Baby"

Miss A comeback is slated for end of this week and their MV has just been released. Awesome, the 4 girls are so talented. Love their dancing and of course, their voices. I think Jia really stand out in this MV, I don't know why, maybe because she is so charismatic in front of the camera. Wish we can see more of Jia and Fei in variety shows. Suzy was in "Dream High" and Min appears in many variety shows. I think JYP doesn't let them on because they are Chinese.

#7: X-5 "The Show Is Over / Don't Put On An Act"

Another older song by rookie group, X-5. I don't usually pay attention to rookie groups coz their songs are usually yawn...but X-5 is an exception. It doesn't hurt that the members are so tall (4 of them are over 180cm tall / 6ft) and the song is really awesome...

I preferred the performance video, btw coz in their MV you can't really see all the members' faces.


I know, I am such a kpop addict wtf =P

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