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part IX: food in turkey

For all food-lovers, food-enthusiasts or just those who are curious what food the Turkish like to is pics galore of some interesting meals I had there. Although they are mostly situated on Asia, their style is very much European. First comes the appetizers - salad and soup (along with bread), followed by main course and lastly dessert.

Day 8 lunch, Ankara. Turkish pudding is a famous dessert here. Most of them are really sweet but this particular one is just captivating with the right amount of sweetness

Day 2 lunch, Istanbul. This is how a typical main course meal in Turkey is like. Rice, mash potatoes and chicken with gravy. Pork is not allowed as it is a Muslim country.

Day 2 lunch, Istanbul. The restaurant that we went to had these jars of colourful preserved pickles. This is one of my favourite photos.

Night of Day 2, Istanbul. We went to Grand Bazaar and tried their fresh-squeeze-on-the-spot orange and pomegranate juice. You will find these stalls throughout Turkey, not just in Istanbul. I like that it is fresh and they actually don't add water or ice or anything, just pure fresh juice.

Breakfast Day 3, Istanbul. Hotel breakfast is also very European-like here. One of my favourites is pancakes! Topped with strawberry syrup with milk and nuts. I have such a sweet tooth =)

Lunch Day 3, Istanbul. One thing I don't get it is the fact that we were served the exact same salad wherever we went in Turkey. Seriously. I am not a big fan of veggies and worse still, the only salad dressing available is olive oil. Whatever happened to Thousand Island? 

One of those rare moments when we had beef and I love it so much wtf. I was kinda sick of chicken after a while.

I think this one is called Kemal Pasha but I am not too sure. Supposedly made from cheese but I didn't taste any. I thought this was a little too overly sweet.

Breakfast Day 4, Troy. No, we did not have spices for breakfast but rather, they were condiments to our buffet dishes, which consisted of Turkish local dishes as well as typical Western breakfast.

Day 4, at a small restaurant where we made a stop on the way from Troy to Pergammon. If you are an avid coffee lover like I am, you have to give Turkish coffee a try. Very bitter, strictly for hardcore fans wtf. Imagine Americano or Espresso.

Lunch Day 4, Pergammon. Buffet styles are a huge thing here I noticed. More variety of food to choose from but essentially the same kind of food.

Dinner Day 4, we had dinner at a fancy restaurant in our hotel. We did have something different this time around. I think it was a combination of lentils and beans for our appetizer.

Dinner Day 4. This is one of my favourite desserts. Finally something not too overloaded with sweetness. Not too sure about the name but I think it's something like Turkish-style milk pudding.

Day 4 night. The ladies in my tour went crazy when they saw this shop selling all sorts of nuts - almonds, walnuts, even figs! The owner kept letting us sample his products which just prompted more people to start buying haha. I think my mom went broke in this shop because she finish all her Turkish lira here.

Breakfast Day 5, at our hotel. One thing Turkey is hugely famous for is cheese! So many types of cheese everywhere. For someone as ignorant as me, they all look the same actually, and tasted almost the same wtf. 

Day 6, on the way from Pamukkale to Cappadocia. Homemade yoghurt with honey and poppy seeds. This one tasted so so so good I just wanted to have more. Yes, I am aware what are poppy seeds wtf. 

Lunch Day 8, Ankara. Our appetizer was really good, it was some kind of cheese bread. Very delicious.

The waiter went to each person to serve our stew. He was very funny to pose for this photo.

Our last meal in Turkey which is not bad. I think it was lamb stew or something.

Day 7 in Cappadocia. The guy is actually scooping up Turkish ice-cream. It is apparently homemade but I don't really see the difference. It may look bright in the photo but the weather was actually quite cool and I actually bought ice-cream to eat wtf. P.S. there is a stall selling Turkish ice-cream in Sg Wang Plaza now. Not sure how authentic but the lady does look Turkish lol.

Anyway, there are still a lot more pics of food that I am lazy to post here. 

Lokum, is another Turkish dessert that many of us bought back to Malaysia. Baklava is also another Turkish Delight, a term used to called Turkish sweets. 

Their soup is also different. The lentil soup is not so creamy and have something that looks like rice inside. 

Turkish spicy ham is also one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast (although my mom thinks it's too salty for her). 

If you are not fans of coffee, you can try Turkish tea or Apple tea. Both are sweet and have nice aroma. Apple tea is slightly sourish. 

And finally for meat, we didn't always have chicken. We had beef before, and lamb as well as fried fish with rice. 

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