Friday, July 15, 2011

taiwan escape part II: from kaohsiung to nantou to taichung

The reason we went to Taitung is to enjoy the soaking of our bodies at #Chihpen Goya Hot Spring. The 3 of us had such a relaxing time the night before, enjoying ourselves in all the pools available beside our hotel, including one that had temperature of 31 degrees Celsius!

But alas, in the morning we bid goodbye to the hot springs and start our journey towards Kaohsiung, another big city in Taiwan besides Taipei, located way in the south. Halfway there, we stopped by a mango grove to enjoy some delicious fresh mangoes. The guide explained that the farmers use expired milk to water the mango plantations so these were called 'milk mangoes'. 

One of the attractions we went to is the #Hakka Mei Non Village which consisted of many old traditional buildings and restaurants. You can also play some of the traditional games available. After lunch, despite the rain, we made our way to #Fo Guang Shan. It is this whole large area dedicated to all things Buddhism, including a monastery, museum and even an university!

When we reached Kaohsiung city, we went for some window-shopping at #Dream Mall, the largest shopping mall in Taiwan, renowned for its humongous Hello Kitty ferris wheel. For dinner, we visited #Leo Ho Night Market for some famed Taiwan snacks. 

-day 3-

-day 4-

After Kaohsiung, it was time to depart for Nantou. However, on the way we made a pitstop at a tea plantation center where they let us experience briefly how to pick tea leaves (it started raining again T.T). It was also here they try to sell tea leaves for us. Only Clara bought out of the 4 of us and I copped myself some biscuits made from tea leaves.

At Nantou, we took a boat cruise at #Sun Moon Lake. This lake is famous because it looks like the sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other side. The captain of the boat dropped us at a small island in the middle of the lake for sightseeing and to eat the famous 'tea leaf egg' (cha yeh dan). 

After the cruise, we went to yet another temple - the #Wenwu temple. Because I was the only Buddhist out of the 4 of us, I was the only one who went to make some prayers at the shrine whilst the others waited downstairs at the foot of the temple. Close to Wenwu temple was #Peacock Garden, another attraction that we visited. It houses many species of birds, not only peacocks.

Once we reached Taichung, we had dinner at a very specially designed restaurant, the whole place is cave-like but beautifully unique. However, the food left me quite underwhelmed. After dinner, it was night market time! This time is #Fong Jia Night Market where I shop and shop. Love bargain buys at night markets. No wonder all the Taiwanese girls are so stylish~~

*all pics taken using Iphone 4 
and edited using Photoscape*

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