Saturday, May 03, 2014

Back to KK Part 1: Hanging around town

Last November, because I was craving for a holiday so badly but had no money or leave days to take, out of fun I asked Suzane if I can go visit her at KK and even crashed at her house. Luckily, she said okay. Without further ado, I contacted my other former roommate, BB and we booked a pretty cheap flight to KK.

But it was a very short trip, more like a weekend trip. We arrived KK on a Thursday and then went back on a Sunday. Since I had done lots of touristy things in KK during my previous trip, I didn't mind. I wanted to experience KK like a local would do, with lots of food in mind nyehehe.

But first, let us take a selfie on board Air Asia.

Our flight arrived at night. Since our tour guide stays near the airport, we didn't have to wait long for her to pick us up. Off we go for dinner! One thing I realized about food in Sabah is how big the portion is. OMG, it took me like a really long time just to finish one bowl of noodles. Besides the noodles, we also bought a burger to share afterwards. Like I say, it is all about the food hehe.


The next day is Friday but poor Suzane have to work. She has pretty much exhausted her work leave because of all the holidays she had. So we hanged out at her house before she came to pick us up during her lunch hour and dropped us off at Little Italy, a famous Italian restaurant we managed to googled while at her jibae.

We had salmon pizza

Instagram spam!

Fusilli pasta with marinara sauce
OMG, the food was so simple but simply orgasmic. It was so delicious! But I might be biased because I love Italian food. Especially the pasta, I could eat two plates of those! I cannot wait to try them again if ever I return to KK.

After that, we walked to Suria Sabah, the shopping mall nearby the eatery. But on the way, we came across some graffiti opposite the mall and photography session ensued.

I always thought graffiti is pretty cool but since it was in a run-down place, it made it look like vandalism instead. Would be nicer if they actually reserve a wall just for graffiti art :)

The view from Suria Sabah's food court. Who knew you can get a view like that from a mall?

Durian cendol from a famous dessert place inside the mall. Forgot its name though. It was okay, maybe just too sweet for my liking. But then again, it was not their specialty.

Shopping in KK is not as great as shopping in KL because things are more expensive here. Nevertheless, still bought a pair of purple skinnies and accessories. But my favourite? This snack with Kim Soo-hyun face on it. OMG, he is so bloody gorgeous. How nice to meet him in real life nyehehe.

After work, Suzane came back and took us out for dinner. A must-do in KK? Eat seafood of course. This was the restaurant we went to.

I only took 2 pics haha because I was famished. It has been a long time since I had crab, really love it.

And my chingoos ordered this. Dunno what it is called but pretty addictive. Although I almost gave up because I freakin' dunno how to use the stick to get the inside part out lols.

When I saw this pic inside Suzane's whatsapp profile page, I made her bring me to this place next time I go KK. It is actually from a cafe at Lintas. I especially love the mural art!

Although we were full, we still ordered some food. The place has a Hong Kong cafe vibe to it, Suzane recommended the crispy waffle to us, reminiscent of my trip to HK. Oh and some durian pancake as well.

I actually took many pics at the cafe but just gonna post the funny ones. A, Because I look like shit after one whole day of going out and haven't had a bath yet and B, because this post is getting too long already.

The big angel and small angel. How cute! I think I want an angel wings wall in my bedroom, sometime in the future. Haha.

Angel? More like the devil, except we have fluffy horns.

To end this post, we do what we do best. Take selfies non-stop. And crazy ones too after we get bored with cute and proper posts. Love my mates~

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