Thursday, May 05, 2011

when 33 pharmacy 4th years got together~

I realized it is not easy to plan any trips, especially for a large group of people. It has always been tradition that Pharmacy 4th year seniors go on a trip to commemorate our graduation and the separation from one another. But we all know that the reason we go on this trip is not because of tradition, but really to create fond memories and to bond with one another as it really is the last chance already. Getting everyone to agree on a location, date and time is a challenge, as we are dealing with 41 people's schedules and personal lives. But despite all odds, the trip finally came through and I am really grateful to all the people involved in planning, especially Suet Yin. 

The trip of choice is to Sg Lembing in Pahang. Initially, this trip was planned around Feb 2011 and we were supposed to go in March but due to rainy season, we postponed it. On 27th April, the day of our last paper, we rest for a short while at our respective homes before leaving on the bus departing from Setapak at 12 midnight.

All 33 of us made it to the trip
Thankfully, I was really exhausted due to the mishaps of the day (long story~!). So I slept very well in the bus on the 5 hours journey there. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of my travelling companion, Clara Sia, who had trouble sleeping. Seriously, I don't know how she will survive the 9 hours journey to Pulau Redang (which is another Pharmacy graduation trip that I declined to go since I have been to Pulau Lang Tengah before).

Finally we arrived at our accommodation - a clean small building with many rooms. I shared a room with Jane Kong, Tze Im and who else, Clara Sia. Room 01 - the outermost room, and luckily, the only room with water on our last day lol.

In order to catch the sunrise at Bukit Lembing, we had to leave early for our hiking, in the darkness. They brought us to have breakfast at the local market, where for the next few days, is where we had all our meals. Anyway, word of advice, do not take heavy meals before climbing up the hill. Wrong choice >.<. It left me with painful stomachache and feelings of nausea. 

It is no surprise that many people know I am not the fittest person out there. I don't have any athletic background and the only sport I like is swimming, which I hardly have the chance to do despite having access to a swimming pool for 3 years. So honestly, I did not prepare myself for the task ahead of me. Climbing up those stairs to the peak was a nightmare for me. Not only I had stomachache, but I also had leg cramps, twice. Thankfully, I had friends who helped me along the way.

Group photos, few that we managed to take
Really like this photo - credited to Terev and Fuice
Happy pyramid pose :)
A more formal-like pic, like family photo poses

I really enjoyed the moment on the peak. It really described my feelings. Despite the hardship I went through in life and in my studies, one thing is for sure, although I suck in anything I do, I hate to give up. Reaching the peak was my goal, and despite my legs aching like mad, I was determined to be there together with the others. So it was really a bittersweet moment for me up there:)

Climbing down to the foot of the hill
The place where we stayed had many nostalgic classic b&w photos
Lunch we had their specialty noodles with ketchup sauce
Another thing I suck at is I don't know how to cycle. Ya, now you understand when I say I am not the most physically active person out there. There were 10 bicycles available for use and we were supposed to rotate between each other to use them. But sadly, since I don't know how to cycle, I had to walk most of the time. 

One of the places we visited is the local museum.

vintage books - like!
vintage typewriters - love!
Our next destination was to Crystal House, which is actually the residence of a local who has a huge collection of crystals and rocks. His house was full of cute and vintage stuff:)

I really like the Marilyn Monroe jigsaw puzzle
Our last destination is to one of the many hanging bridges across Sg Lembing.

One of the mode of transports for those of us who walked
I am really thankful to Kah Hang, Mei Chieng and friends who taught me how to cycle lol. I did make some progress but I am not sure if I am still brave enough to cycle, I am glad I had the chance to learn, especially since I don't own a bicycle at home.

Dinner was barbecue, which was all done by the management. Yup, they help us prepare all the barbecued food.

I forgot what this was called but it was spicy and so yummy:)
Few of us who also helped in bbq
One of the pastimes we do here is playing mahjong and jinami, both of which, luckily I know but am not so good in. I really miss playing mahjong during CNY, problem is I am so confused when playing the 3 people kind because I don't know how to make use of my "fei". Haha, mahjong kaki will understand this.

The 3 mahjong kakis who played until 1am 
We ended the night with a cake that signifies everyone's birthdays

After the cake-cutting, some of us stayed on and decided to talk, or in the end, it became a truth-or-dare game. I, being the nosy type, stayed on to listen to what else, love confessions by my coursemates. Little did I know, I ended up being asked =.=!! And worse still, when two of my friends kena me back although they were the ones being asked >.<


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know I am still here reading! (I had my 3rd baby recently so I haven't been keeping up like I normally do.) I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy celebrating all your HARD WORK in school.

-Marie in Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot to say that we have our own K-pop/Asian-pop TV station now in Texas! SO excited about that. :D

Now if only I could find a place to buy CDs without having to buy them online.

Take care!

FIFIONA said...

hi Marie

so glad to hear from you again:) congrats on the 3rd, must be keeping you busy:)

yup, I just completed my studies (finally!)...crossing my fingers that I can graduate:)

I am so glad to hear about Kpop in Texas, most of my friends have now been converted to Kpop fans...they can be addictive;) hopefully soon, they will start importing their albums:)

Frances said...

In the near future, these hospital pharmacy students would definitely extend their helping hand for all patients who need it.



(unless you ask ms blogger first)