Wednesday, May 12, 2010

just a quickie

Sigh, I don’t know why I always feel so tired every day after coming back from my LI attachment. Honestly, I must be really unhealthy nowadays to get lethargic and fatigue so quickly. And it’s not like I even do a lot of work also. I need to feel refreshed soon. Haih…

I actually wanted to post about my Mother’s Day lunch but that post will have to be delayed as I don’t have the mood to edit the pics yet. Yes, hence this picture-less post… We had lunch at Delicious @ Mid Valley and the food really tasted great. Since it was also Mother’s Day, a waitress came over and took pic of both of us, print out the photo and put into a picture frame for us. She also gave my mom some mango-flavored marshmallows as a present. Lol. So cute.

After that, we went to catch a movie. My mom wanted to watch it ever since she read good reviews about this small local movie in the newspaper. It is a really simple movie, not really the type of movie I usually go for, but it is really touching and so sweet. So highly recommended, very good movie, especially for a local production. If you don’t know much about the movie, you can read the synopsis *here*.

So, the reason I wrote the post here is about my LI attachment. I am working at a small factory called “Natural Wellness Industries” at Midah, Cheras for 6 weeks. Good thing is, it is quite nearby. No more going to the city. It takes about 15mins by car for me to go to work, provided there is no traffic jam. Natural Wellness does not manufacture drugs, only OTC products.

First 2 days were really boring, honestly. Lol. There are 3 of us starting our LI this week. Myself and 2 more boys – Wei Han and Hock Peng. Can you believe they start work at 8am? Aargh, the horror of having to wake up so early in the morning!!!

Day one, we waited for about an hour for someone to attend to us. Finally, they gave us our punch cards and assigned us to production department. Then, they make us wear a jumpsuit that cover from our ankle up to our heads. We also had to wear shoe covers to cover our slippers. Yes, slippers. No shoes allowed in here. Honestly, that jumpsuit can be so troublesome. WH always nag me about how long I take to change into the jumpsuit. Once, I even wore the whole thing inside out. Aargh.

Anyway, the boys were send to do coding, meaning they had to managed the inkjet coder machine, the machine that codes all the manufacturing and expiry dates onto the packages. Of course, they also have to QC the packages and pack them into boxes. Meanwhile, as I am a girl, I am send to do records. Lol. So I have to use my brains while the boys use their brawns.

In records, they taught me how to do job sheets, which means I have to track down what every member of the staff is doing at every single time of the day. I also have to know time they start their work and also the time that ends, the product and batches, as well as which room they are using. It gets pretty confusing as I don’t remember everyone’s names. But I am getting better at it. Lol. Luckily there are not many members in the production team.

Today, Day 3 is more fun and busier as we had to dispensed 4 batches of Femime Plus, a feminine hygiene wash manufactured by Natural Wellness. Because there was no senior staff to do the recording, so I was in charged of recording today, along with a very nice Kak Lia from QC who taught me a lot about dispensing. So I had to record every single batch in the book, plus do all the labels for every ingredient stated in the form. Since we were short-handed with staff today, I also end up helping them tie up the plastics containing the ingredients and check their weighing and once, I even pushed the trolley to the back room. Oh, and help with the washing too. Lol. Because work ends at 5.30 pm, by 5 pm, all work must stop and cleaning is mandatory to maintain good GMP.

It is good that the boys are around. When I get bored and have nothing to do, I go to the coding room and help them. It is fun using the machine. Lol. When they get bored, they come look for me in the records room.

There are still so much to learn. But I understand that everyone is really busy now, trying to achieve targets for this week. And, the paperwork are enough to make me so confused. For every single product, there are so many different batches. And for every batch, there are so much paperwork that really makes me exhausted, mentally. And everything is handwritten! Yes, no computers at all in production room.

I hope I get to learn more new things soon. It is good to get some industrial experience, especially since I was so sick of going to HUKM for my thesis already. Maybe clinical is more interesting but somehow I don’t mind industrial at all;)

Will post more soon:)

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